Best Social Feed Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Social media is an inseparable part of our lives and a very large source of traffic and an important part in the success of any business. Social feeds refresh your website regularly, keeping your website relevant and constantly updated with content. Also, displaying social feeds on your website will give the visitor a more holistic view of your brand, additionally engaging the user and inviting feedback.

Integrating social feeds to websites is a widely popular practice, so in this article we’ll look at the best WordPress social media feed plugins so you can make the best decision for your website. This is what we’ll go over:

  1. Best social media feed plugins for WordPress
  2. 10Web Social Photo Feed
  3. 10Web Social Post Feed
  4. Feed Them Social
  5. Social Feed
  6. Flow-Flow Social Stream
  7. Appreplica Social Feeds

Best social media feed plugins for WordPress

To come up with this final selection of the best six WordPress social feed plugins – 10Web Social Photo Feed, 10Web Social Post Feed, Feed Them Social, Flow-Flow Social Stream, and Appleplica Social Feeds – we have taken account these main aspects:

  • Degree of specialization. Some of these social feed plugins are more specialized in specific platforms than others. For example, 10Web Social Post Feed is created specifically for integrating your website with curated Facebook feeds, while Appreplica Social Feeds includes a fuller range of different social media platforms. The choice largely depends on your needs: If you want more choice of customization and performance optimization for a specific social media site, go with more specific plugins, and if you’re planning on integrating many different platforms, go with more general plugins.
  • User experience. All six of the chosen plugins are super intuitive and easy to use even if you’re a complete newbie.
  • Customization of display options. We’ve taken into account to what degree you can customize the design, layouts, and other features to determine the plugins with more flexibility.
  • Social feed customization. The selected plugins, especially the 10Web ones, allow you to customize the content of the feeds more, choosing select hashtags and social media trends.
  • And finally, the best social feed plugins for WordPress also give you the option to easily interact with the content, follow or like or share.

10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed is a free and user-friendly plugin for Instagram. It allows users to share Instagram posts of their choice on their WordPress website, whether it is one particular photo, an entire timeline or just hashtags.

This easy-to-use social feed plugin can be customized and has an extensive range of features, such as:

  • A variety of customizable layouts
  • Conditional filtering to setup special parameters that will select or skip specific types of posts
  • Powerful lightbox feature that adds support to HTML5 video, filmstrip, and transition effects
  • The user can choose from the default themes, or customize and create their own
  • Customizable options and display settings for each individual post
  • Sidebar widget that allows the user to display posts on the sidebar in a quick and easy manner

10Web Social Post Feed

10Web Social Post Feed is a plugin that allows the user to show content from the world’s biggest social media site Facebook directly on the user’s website. Making any site more integrated with social media has become a lot easier with the help of this plugin which lets the user feature unlimited feeds from any Facebook page, public group or account along with captions and tags.

The main feature of this plugin is that Facebook feeds on the user’s site are completely customizable and responsive. There are options to update the content by deleting older feeds and adding new ones or just replacing them. The feeds can be viewed in customizable lightboxes with 15 transition effects.

For more in-deep Facebook experience, check out this list of 21+ best ad spy tools for Facebook.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is an easy-to-setup social feed plugin that allows the user to share feeds from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Simple and easy to set up, this plugin comes with many features and is backed by great support. It has a wide range of customization options and it also has a very handy shortcode generator for any Facebook feed the user wants to share on their site.

Feed Them Social allows the user to share any number of feeds whether photos, videos or other posts, all of which are responsive, along with ‘like’ or ‘follow’ options. It provides a variety of extensions, one of them being the premium extension which adds YouTube feeds to the user’s website.

Social Feed

Social Feed is a plugin that allows the user to very easily share social media feeds. The user can share feeds from any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, even Pinterest boards, etc. With options like custom feeds and merge management, and a wide range of feed templates to choose from, this plugin is quite user-friendly.

It lets the user display social feeds in a vertical style using widgets or in a blog or masonry format, alongside descriptions of the feed. It also provides security features like hiding display pictures, post dates, and captions. There is a built-in shortcode generator which allows the user to effortlessly embed social feeds into their pages and posts.

Flow-Flow Social Stream


Flow-Flow Social Stream allows the user to share social feeds from the 4 biggest social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This user-friendly plugin works effortlessly across many browsers, featuring AJAX and PageSpeed optimization, fast CSS3 transition effects and animations.

Compatible with several third-party plugins, and it’s optimized to work on all screen sizes and touch devices. The pro version of the plugin enables the user to feature feeds from other sites such as Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Appreplica Social Feeds

Appreplica Social Feeds plugin allows users to add entire third-party website content to WordPress. For example, a user can add their entire youtube channel to their WordPress site, and it will appear to visitors as if they were on youtube itself. Adding other websites’ content to WordPress will not slow down the user’s website as the content itself is hosted in the cloud and displayed remotely on WordPress.
It is a lightweight plugin that works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme and has virtually no negative impact on website performance.

Social media’s key to the success of any venture, and correctly integrating and utilizing the above-mentioned social feed plugins will provide the social boost your website needs to succeed. If there are any social feed plugins that you personally recommend, leave them below in the comments and tell us why it works for you best. And while we’re on the subject of plugins, I’d also recommend checking out this article on what strategy regarding plugins will work best for your WordPress website.

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