Hosting is a critical part of any quality and high-performing website. Learn the importance of a quality host and how to differentiate quality hostings from lesser hostings. We will get down to the nitty-gritty of hosting features from reliable security measures, regular site backups, advanced customization options, simple data restoration, and more.

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Kinsta Alternative: 12 Reasons to Choose 10Web

15 Min Read

The website hosting industry is a highly competitive environment where only those with an improbable combination of an extensive range of services and low prices will survive. While Kinsta fulfills the requirements for high-quality services, it fails to meet the demand for favorable prices. And the fact that you bumped into this article tells us that you’ve come to the…

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What Is WordPress VPS Hosting: All You Need to Know

13 Min Read

VPS is an acronym for virtual private server, and WordPress VPS hosting means that your hosting provider has one physical server, which hosts several VPS. The significance here is that the server functions of a VPS are similar to those of a dedicated server. This explains why VPS also goes by the alias virtual dedicated server (VDS). What does this…

Introducing the 10Web WordPress Hosting: Fastest Hosting That’s Fully Automated

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Your WordPress hosting can make or break your venture. It is the foundation of your website, and without a strong foundation, you cannot build a stable and successful website or business. Choosing a hosting is no easy feat. The hosting you select will have a huge impact on your website performance and user experience.  10Web is a powerful, reliable, and…

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3 Types of SSL Certificates Explained by 10Web

8 Min Read

This article is here to provide you an overview of the types of SSL certificates you can use for your website. The reasons behind this are very clear: One, in this time and age cybersecurity awareness has been rapidly increasing. People are very well aware of the fact that they might be targeted by hackers at any time, which in…

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5 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022

18 Min Read

It is a commonly held misconception that managed hosting services are expensive. This article is here to debunk this myth by sharing with you our top 5 cheapest WordPress hosting providers that simultaneously offer high-quality services. When it comes to hosting services, people usually automatically choose shared hosting because they believe that it’s the cheapest and only WordPress hosting option…

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What Is Dedicated Hosting? Everything You Need to Know in 2022

8 Min Read

What’s dedicated hosting? Dedicated hosting is an extremely powerful hosting type where a single server hosts a single website. You don’t share the resources of the server – the disk space, the bandwidth, processor, etc. – with any other website. Dedicating hosting is flexible for adding software and changing server configurations, highly reliable compared to shared hosting, and customizable according…

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Web Hosting for WordPress: Which Hosting Type to Choose

23 Min Read

Shared hosting Managed hosting Cloud hosting Dedicated hosting Managed WordPress Hosting VS Shared Hosting Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting for WordPress WordPress Hosting FAQs Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress website is a major decision in the process of your website creation. It’s incredible how much of your success depends on hosting: website performance, security,…

The end of the shared hosting era

The End of the Shared Hosting Era

8 Min Read

What is hosting and how does it work?  Any website hosted on 10Web automatically gets a 90+ PageSpeed score Powered by Google Cloud Real-time differential backups Free SSL Certificates Modern and super friendly all-in-one dashboard Pricing Shared hosting vs 10Web 1-Click Migration & Optimization 24/7 Customer Care Agency Features Ending / Beginning WordPress has been very popular for building…

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Manual or Automatic Backups: Which Route Should You Take?

5 Min Read

The scariest of all horror stories ever told at night around a bonfire — scarier than the strange sounds, blood traces, ghosts, vampires, and other deadly matters — goes like this: “A prominent medical company that holds the health data and trust of millions of people was so sure about its security, it overlooked the need for website backups…” You…

Cloud Computing: Elasticity vs Scalability

6 Min Read

Scalability vs elasticity, horizontal vs vertical scaling, how do they work 🤔? Explore the basics of cloud computing: Elasticity and Scalability.

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your E-commerce Website

How to Choose the Best Platform for Your E-commerce Website

5 Min Read

The best hosting for your ecommerce website won’t be easy to find. Here are the criteria you should consider before choosing your e-store’s hosting provider.

Managed Hosting Platforms Compared 2021

10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms (2022)

28 Min Read

Before we get started, here’s the list of hostings we’ll be discussing: Kinsta 10Web WPEngine FlyWheel SiteGround GoDaddy Pagely BlueHost InMotion DreamHost If you’re a developer and work with WordPress on a day-to-day basis, you might think that the time of managed hostings, that is hosting providers that set up servers and then take care of them for users, is…