5 Best Pages Built with Photo Gallery

If you’re a photographer, a painter or an artist, you need to present your art on your website.

If you’re a businessman, your product images need to be showcased on your website. Bloggers also need photo galleries for most diverse reasons.

In short, almost every website owner realizes the need for a photo gallery at some point and the search for the perfect gallery plugins begins.

Photo Gallery by 10Web has everything to become your favorite gallery plugin and assist you with any functionality you need, from choosing the best visual look and style to fully customizing it, from creating the gallery very fast to adopting the gallery to other platforms.

Here you can take a look at a few awesome photo galleries created by the plugin.

Infinite Colors

Infinite Colors

This website is a classic example of travel photography portfolio. The website owner demonstrates travel documentation in a series of carefully sorted galleries and a few reports containing short notes and images.

The photographer used the thumbnail gallery view to keep the overall look simple. At the same time the margins are removed to “give each image space and attention.”

The advantage of the website is that the photographs are broken into categories and placed in separate galleries: Ocean, Woods, etc. Photographs in the same gallery play well with each other in color and shapes (horizontal), which is really important from the point of aesthetics.

Generate Your Website No credit card required
Generate Your Website No credit card required

Apart from the separate galleries, there’s also a page of favorites as well as recent works, which is a nice hack for giving the viewer a brief of the photographer’s activity.

Life Remembered PortfolioLife Remembered Portfolio

Life Remembered is the professional website of baby photographer Rebecca Shamblin. In her portfolio Rebecca showcases her work as a set of beautiful baby photographs.

She took the Masonry view of the Photo Gallery plugin to give a more scattered view to the baby images, placed the images away from each other to separate the territory of each little beauty, as well as took advantage of the watermark option to personalize and brand her photography.

Masonry view was the perfect choice for Life Remembered portfolio because she was able to present both vertical and horizontal images on the same page.

However, one thing worth avoiding is mixing black and white photos with color photos on the same page, like she did.

Fair to point out, though, in this case that didn’t ruin the general serene view of the gallery.

Gray Studios Engagement PortraitsGray Studios Engagement Portraits

Gray Studios is an engagement, wedding, and motherhood photography company. To create their engagement portraits gallery, the company took advantage of the Mosaic view of the Photo Gallery Plugin.

The artists used a few nice hacks.

First of all, they professionally chose a few typical photographs demonstrating their talent, instead of including every single shot taken in a lifetime.

Another pattern is that all the images they included are slightly misted with the help of offset. Since the images match in style perfectly, the artists placed the images very close to each other, leaving very slight spaces between them.

Artis Wedding and Event PlannerArtis Event and Wedding Planner

Artis is another great wedding photography company that chose Photo Gallery plugin as the tool for creating its elegant and beautiful wedding gallery.

The artists chose to go with Mosaic view to display the gallery. All the images on the page are distributed evenly away from each other, since the colors are pretty similar.

One interesting thing about the gallery is that its owners decided to place contextually different images on the same page: there is everything from bridal portraits to wedding food and decoration shots.

However, due to the harmonious symphony of the colors the gallery maintained its elegance.

Below the gallery, the company included all the information, also noting that the photographer is Pierre Atelier.

Animation| Marina BelikovaAnimation/Marina Belikova

Marina Belikova is a creative media artist, who specifically created her page for showcasing her art. She creates contemporary art-animation pieces and uses the Photo Gallery Plugin to display them.

Her minimalistic approach to her blog is evident, since she chose the simple Thumbnails view. Belikova also took advantage of the option of uploading videos to the gallery.

Each small gallery on the page contains a top element, an animated video with the small lightboxes of the shots below.

Marina also included a few lines of information under every gallery, such as the duration, creation date, etc., to make the gallery more complete as artwork.

Did you like the gallery looks you just saw and want to have your own beautiful gallery? You can get the Gallery Plugin here for free and immediately start making magic.

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