Gayane Vardanyan

Gayane Vardanyan

Majoring in Computer Science and having a creative soul of a poet, Gayane found her balance as a content writer at 10Web, where she mainly creates articles about technology, WordPress, marketing, business, publishing, photography and blogging success. Photography, literature and music are her biggest passions.
Famous WordPress Websites

11 Awesome Websites Made with WordPress

11 Min Read

Searching for πŸ” the Most Awesome WordPress Websites? Let’s explore the world’s 10 most amazing websites made with WordPress πŸ‘‰.

manual or automatic backup banner

Manual or Automatic Backups: Which Route Should You Take?

5 Min Read

The scariest of all horror stories ever told at night around a bonfire — scarier than the strange sounds, blood traces, ghosts, vampires, and other deadly matters — goes like this: β€œA prominent medical company that holds the health data and trust of millions of people was so sure about its security, it overlooked the need for website backups…” You…

10 Biggest Problems Bloggers Face and How to Tackle Them

13 Min Read

Surfing some of the biggest blogs out there, for example those of Kate McCulley and Daniel James (from Dan Flying Solo), and reading about how they gave up full-time jobs to start traveling and ended up living a life of luxury, earning a fortune writing about their adventures is guaranteed to be either a highway to hell or a stairway…

How often you should revise your website seo

How Often You Should Revise Your Website’s SEO Strategy

8 Min Read

Wondering how often to revise your website’s SEO strategyπŸ€”? Here’s how frequently your website SEO should be updated πŸ”Ž to improve rankings.

website conversion rate

10 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability & Conversion

9 Min Read

Wondering how to improve the usability and conversion rate of your website? Explore the top 10 tips for increasing your website usability and conversion rate.

5 Best Pages Built with Photo Gallery

5 Best Pages Built with Photo Gallery

4 Min Read

Looking for πŸ”Ž the best πŸ‘ pages built with a photo gallery? Take a quick look at the beautiful pages created with the WordPress Photo πŸ“· Gallery plugin.

10 Design Requirements for an Effective Business Website

10 Design Requirements for an Effective Business Website

5 Min Read

What are the main βœ… design practices you absolutely need to have for a successful business website? Explore πŸ”Ž the main 10 rules to build a perfect WP website.

10 steps to make your website faster

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

7 Min Read

10 working ways for making your website much faster, from caching to CDN, from choosing the right host to Image Optimization.

A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up WordPress Backups

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up WordPress Backups

4 Min Read

Backup, backup, backup!!! You’ll endlessly hear this word when it comes to website maintenance and that makes a lot of sense. In the end, when you build something, whether physical or virtual, you need to find means to making it last. Backup is the process of regularly creating copies of your website and its content to protect it. If you’re…

Which WordPress files should you backup

Which WordPress Files Should You Backup and Why?

4 Min Read

Which files are there present in your WordPress website and which ones should you backup ⏱️? Know the advantages πŸ’ͺ that 10Web backup service provides.

Which WordPress files should you backup and Why

Configuring Sendgrid SMTP on Your WordPress Website

5 Min Read

What is Sendrid? How can it be used as a third party email provider? How do you configure it with the aim of sending emails from your WordPress website?


How to Install SSL and Enable HTTPS

4 Min Read

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS πŸ€”? How is https supported? How do you enable https πŸ”’ with your 10Web dashboard?