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Website Content Planning

7-Step Website Content Planning for Guaranteed Success

18 Min Read

If the different sections of your website do not represent your business’s image coherently, it gives a wrong impression. As a result, website content planning is crucial for the success of any venture that runs on the Internet. But what is a website content plan?  A website content plan is a strategy that guides the development and content publishing efforts….

Need powerful hosting designed for agencies like yours?
Sign up to try 10Web’s AI-Powered Automated Platform, Builder, and PageSpeed Booster today.
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Need powerful hosting designed for agencies like yours?
AI Business Name Generator

5 Best AI Business Name Generators in 2023 (+ Domain Name)

13 Min Read

 With millions of start-ups entering the market yearly, having yours stand out is challenging. The US Census Bureau estimates that 4.4 million new businesses start every year. However, only 25% of those companies go beyond fifteen years. Of course, a myriad of factors exist for a business’s success. And a strong business name is a crucial one. However, generating…

Easiest Way to Build a Website

3 Easiest Ways to Build a Website All on Your Own

22 Min Read

Most people want to make a website easily. So, what is the easiest way to build a website? It used to be that you needed to know, at the very least, how to code and understand technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you wanted to create a website yourself, you needed months, if not years, of cumulative training….

AI Writing Assistants

41 Free to Best Value AI Writing Assistants and AI Editors in 2023

29 Min Read

In the last decade, we have witnessed significant advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The most popular of these developments has been in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subfield of artificial intelligence concerned with giving computers the ability to process and understand spoken or written human language. These advancements have led to the emergence of…

Website Planning

New Website Planning: The Absolute Necessary Steps, Tools, and Ideas

22 Min Read

In an online world, a website is every business’s most important marketing tool, allowing you to compete in a market consisting of the world’s 5.16 billion internet users. However, you need to take website planning seriously to make sure your website cuts through the noise and reaches your audience. Whether you’re new to building websites, or a seasoned web developer,…

AI Assistants

Top 30 AI Assistants: We All Know ChatGPT, What Else is Out There?

25 Min Read

In the contemporary fast-paced world, AI assistants have become a valuable tool in helping us manage our daily tasks. These tools offer many features and benefits, from setting reminders and making appointments to helping us stay organized. But with so many AI assistants available, finding the one that’s right for you can be challenging.  In this article, we will explore…

Serve Static Assets With an Efficient Cache Policy

How to Serve Static Assets With an Efficient Cache Policy

15 Min Read

Websites like GTMetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insights provide suggestions on how to improve the performance of your website. If you are reading this, you are at least aware that every website has opportunities to improve performance, either through manual optimizations or through using plugins like 10Web Booster. In both tools, you may see a suggestion to serve static assets with…

AI in +++Content Marketing

AI in Content Marketing: Benefits, Risks, Tools, and Best Practices

17 Min Read

  In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, users are now more than ever selective about how they spend their time on the internet. In order to attract, engage, and retain an audience, businesses have to turn to content marketing to promote their brands, establish expertise and drive sales in a more organic, authentic way.  However, consistently creating quality content in order…

AI for Small Business

AI for Small Businesses: 19 Ways to Scale Up Using Artificial Intelligence

14 Min Read

 No doubt, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in different industries has been exponential in the last two decades. From software development to marketing to content creation, the potential of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly unfolding. Similarly, AI for small businesses surfaced on the scene. In contrast to conventional methods, AI-powered technology can analyze large amounts of data and churn…

AI in Marketing

AI in Marketing: The Trends, Examples, Tips, and Tools

24 Min Read

Like it’s doing elsewhere, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing marketing as we know it. However, instead of viewing it as a disruptive threat, marketers should leverage it as a tool to continue to adapt to evolving customer expectations. In fact, in consumer-facing industries, AI has the most value to offer sales and marketing than any other field.  At its core,…

Ensure Text Remains Visible During Webfont Load

How to Ensure Text Remains Visible During Webfont Load

25 Min Read

While running performance audits of our website on common tools such as Google PageSpeed insights, we often get some warnings. We usually ignore these warnings and don’t bother fixing them, and as a result, those warnings turn out to be harmful to UX (User Experience), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website performance, and a bunch of other associated factors. In this…


AI in SEO: How Does AI Affect SEO and How to Catch Up With It?

16 Min Read

 From the time of Google’s updates to its search algorithm for developing a more user-centric ranking system, the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space has been on the rise. Before AI, Google primarily considered the occurrence of specific keywords to rank content. The more keywords on your page, the higher the rank on Search…