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Ani Barseghyan

Ani Barseghyan

Ani is a content strategist and writer at 10Web. She's been managing WordPress websites since 2011. Ani believes in user-centric content, Oxford comma, and avocado burgers. Read Ani's articles if you're interested in content marketing, SEO, and everything WordPress. You can always have a chat with Ani in our WordPress Family Facebook community.
website caching option against a blue background

What Everyone Should Know About Website Cache

8 Min Read

What is cache, why you need it and how to use it: a brief summary.

construction company website banner

Creating the Ideal Homepage for a Construction Company Website

11 Min Read

Want to create an ideal ✅ homepage for a construction company? Explore 🔎 the best examples of construction companies’ homepages and see what you could improve.

Where Should You Store Your WP Website Backup Files?

Where Should You Store Your WP Website Backup Files?

10 Min Read

Are you sure you know where to store your WP website Backup files? Explore this article and know where exactly it’s better to store your WP website backup files.

Comlete list of 42+ SEO tools

Complete List of 47 Most Powerful SEO Tools (2022)

26 Min Read

Looking for the best SEO tools that SEO experts use in 2020? 🤔 Here is a list of the most powerful ⚡️SEO tools that will help your website rank better.

"How to calculate digital marketing budget for 2021" written in white over mustard yellow background. To the right a picture of a laptop, some papers, and a calculator.

How to Calculate Your Digital Marketing Budget for 2021

15 Min Read

Marketing costs more than your ad budget. Let’s calculate together.

choose wordpress web hosting

Web Hosting for WordPress: Which Hosting Type to Choose

23 Min Read

Shared hosting Managed hosting Cloud hosting Dedicated hosting Managed WordPress Hosting VS Shared Hosting Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting for WordPress WordPress Hosting FAQs Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress website is a major decision in the process of your website creation. It’s incredible how much of your success depends on hosting: website performance, security,…

Learn Photo Editing Online - 10Web

Top 10 Resources to Learn Photo Editing Online

9 Min Read

Want to learn photo editing? Here are the top 10 👍 websites you can learn photo editing 📸 at any level from beginner to advanced.

How to Use SFTP to Connect to Your WordPress Site

How to Use SFTP to Connect to Your WordPress Site

5 Min Read

10Web supports SFTP for secure data transfer. Here are 3 simple steps to connect to an SFTP client and tips for choosing the client.

Blog vs Online Magazine: Which One’s Yours?

6 Min Read

Set your priorities and decide whether your new WordPress publication is a blog or a magazine. This article will help you find the key differences between blogs and online magazines and give the right name to your website.

Best Online Tools for Any Business: Content Generators

How Content Generators Work and Why You Need One

11 Min Read

What do you do when “lorem ipsum” is not enough? Automated content generators are the rescue sometimes! Let’s see what you can generate.

How to Grow Your Tech Business When VCs Refuse to Invest in It

How to Grow Your Tech Business When VCs Refuse to Invest in It

5 Min Read

Want to grow your new tech business but don’t know how? Here’s how entrepreneurs manage to get alternative funding.

Schema Markup: How It Can Boost Your Traffic and ROI

Schema Markup: How It Can Boost Your Traffic and ROI

11 Min Read

Schema markup is a crucial part of technical SEO. It helps search crawlers identify thousands of data types and offer the best search results to the users. Both search engines and their users love it when you help them skim your pages and understand if you can offer what they want. That’s why schema markup can immensely increase your pages’…