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E-Commerce website creation, AI WordPress Assistant, PHP 8.2 support, new customized Pro Plans, and more

5 Min Read

AI WordPress Assistant for content generation We are thrilled to unveil the 10Web AI Assistant, a revolutionary tool set to transform the terrain of content creation for websites, especially WordPress platforms. Utilizing the prowess of generative AI technologies, including the sophisticated GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer model), our AI Assistant crafts human-like, SEO-optimized text with unmatched speed and precision. Key features…

10Web and Meta Box Partnership

Introducing 10Web and Meta Box Partnership

12 Min Read

Custom fields are an integral part of WordPress architecture, offering a wide range of applications and customization options. Among the many tools available to harness the power of custom fields, the Meta Box plugin stands out as a popular and powerful option. This is why, we at 10Web are excited to announce a partnership with Meta Box. Meta Box is…

10Web AI Assistant

Introducing the 10Web AI Writing Assistant: Ultimate AI SEO Solution for WordPress

25 Min Read

The era of generative AI is upon us. Anyone can now create unique text, images, video, audio, and computer code by simply indicating instructions to computer software.  Generative AI refers to all advanced machine learning models that can create unique and original content simply by using other content as input.  Generative AI is on the rise at an accelerated pace….

10Web and Cloudflare partnership

Introducing 10Web and Cloudflare Partnership

9 Min Read

PageSpeed has become the decisive factor for website success. If a website’s PageSpeed is slow, visitors will abandon it in a heartbeat, regardless of how fascinating or useful the website may be. When PageSpeed is slow, it becomes the most noticeable component of your website, driving your visitors away, but when PageSpeed is fast and seamless, it allows for the…

10Web Booster: FREE Website Speed Optimizer!

Introducing the 10Web Booster: FREE Website Speed Optimizer!

18 Min Read

At this point—whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie to website development, you know the importance of PageSpeed. Google has made it clear repeatedly. Want people to remain on your website, reduce bounce rates, and increase user satisfaction? Your website better be fast. Want to increase conversion rates and bring in revenue? That website better load quickly. Want to…

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What’s New: Activity Log, AI Builder, & Speed Optimzier

3 Min Read

It’s good to be back! Now that you’ve all been using and testing our products, we’ve been listening to what you have to say, what parts work and don’t work for you, and really digging deep and adjusting our products on the nano level. There are some releases in this period that we’d like to share with you. New 10Web…

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What’s New: Speed Optimizer & Dashboard

2 Min Read

Speed Optimizer We have put a lot of effort into improving your site speed and reaching a 90+ PageSpeed score when hosting on 10Web and after migration of your websites. Responsive images In the general settings of the speed optimizer plugin, we have added the option to enable responsive images. This option adds the srcset attribute to your images and…

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What’s New: User & Team Management & White Labeling of 10Web Builder

4 Min Read

Teamwork and collaboration are key components of seeing through a project to its completion. Even one man shows need to collaborate, at the least with the stage crew. Delegating work in a secure way and in a secure environment in the day of cyber everything, is quite the task of agencies and online businesses. As a collaborative platform, security, transparency,…

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What’s New: Full WP White Label, Backup Services, & AI Builder v2.11

2 Min Read

As more and more businesses go online, business owners and consumers alike demand the best quality in the functionality and performance of websites, which guarantees a great user experience. Establishing trust between your business and your customers is hard work. Here is what we have done in this period to bring you closer to gaining that trust. Hosting We’ve talked…

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What’s New: 10Web Speed Optimizer, AI Builder v 2.9, Image Optimizer, & 10Web Builder

3 Min Read

10Web Speed Optimizer Continuous improvements to our speed optimizer are always in the works. This month we had major work done on the plugin in order to improve it’s optimization capabilities. With a special team intensively concentrated specifically on the plugin, here are some of the highlights. Added Web Worker We have added a Javascript Web Worker that downloads async…

10Web dashboard images on green background. AI recreate and dashboard knowledge base

What’s New: Knowledge Base, AI Builder, & Speed Optimizer

2 Min Read

10Web Speed Optimizer Critical CSS Generation With Various Loading Methods Now you have the option to generate critical CSS for specific pages of your websites, choose the page sizes you want to generate for, choose how critical CSS should load, and the stages during which critical CSS should be generated. You also have an option to add custom page size…

What’s New: Mobile Dashboard, Form Widget, & 10Web Speed Optimizer

3 Min Read

With each completed sprint and each milestone reached, the teams at 10Web have one unifying objective, to give you an amazing product which is automated where it can be, generous with it’s tools, services, and pricing, easy to use, and honest. Oh, I’ll just come out and say it, we love you! Here is what we’ve been up to in…