Introducing the 10Web AI Writing Assistant: Ultimate AI SEO Solution for WordPress

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing many aspects of our lives. With the vision to automate and assist in mundane and routine tasks, empowering WordPress users and businesses to prioritize growth, productivity, and creativity, 10Web has developed an AI specifically for WordPress, alleviating the never-ending demand for SEO-optimized content generation.

The era of generative AI is upon us. Anyone can now create unique text, images, video, audio, and computer code by simply indicating instructions to computer software. 

Generative AI refers to all advanced machine learning models that can create unique and original content simply by using other content as input. 

Generative AI is on the rise at an accelerated pace. From DALLE text-to-image models to GPT-3 large language models to ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion to Midjourney, and numerous AI models, many predict industry disruptors to be on the rise. 

10Web has been in the AI arena from the outset.

10Web and AI 

Image Displaying Human and Robot Hands

10Web’s vision has always been to create an automated WordPress platform fused with AI that automates and assists in mundane and routine tasks, empowering WordPress users and businesses to prioritize growth, productivity, and creativity. And so, 10Web has brought the best, cutting-edge technologies to WordPress, making them available to millions of WordPress users and communities. 

Over the years, 10Web has developed several AI-based and no-code technologies to ease website development and management, the most famous of which is the industry-leading, next-gen, no-code website-building technology powered by Neural Networks, the 10Web AI Website Builder. The AI Builder has disrupted the way WordPress users develop their websites by automating a major part of the development process. 

10Web AI Builder Landing Page

At 10Web, we wholeheartedly believe that creating, optimizing, and maintaining WordPress websites should be easy, and this also includes creating and editing content within WordPress sites. Accordingly, 10Web has developed an AI specifically for WordPress, alleviating the never-ending demand for SEO-optimized content generation.

Why Do We Need an AI Content Assistant Solution for WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, yet WordPress users continuously struggle with the ongoing task of content creation, editing, and optimization. Not to mention the struggle for full SEO optimization with its time-consuming, knowledge, and resource-intensive processes. An AI content assistant within the WordPress environment would deliver the automated content generation capacity needed to alleviate countless hours of work for millions of WordPress users, saving valuable resources. 

Of course, there are AI content assistants and AI content generation tools out there, the best of which use the top generative AI technologies including GPT-3 and DALL-E. Unfortunately, these tools often exist externally from WordPress and require copying and pasting of text and content, not a very user-friendly or automated solution. Oftentimes, AI assistants provide general solutions and content without taking into consideration the industry. They typically offer a broad variety of use cases, which are out of the context for WordPress website owners. 

Furthermore, common AI assistants do not take into consideration that millions of content writers, bloggers, SEO specialists, and business owners create content and conduct SEO optimization within the WordPress dashboard and editor. This is a huge submission, which causes quite an inconvenience and greatly reduces efficiency. 

Another gap in the common AI content assistants is the exclusion of SEO optimization. SEO optimization goes beyond simple content creation, and because of this AI assistance and AI content generators fail when limiting content only to the generation of textual and visual content as if quality content is only a single-step action. 

Introducing the 10Web AI Writing Assistant

We are more than thrilled to introduce the 10Web AI Writing Assistant. 

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress employs the leading generative AI technologies like GPT-3, ChatGPT, DALLE-2, Stable Diffusion, and 10Web’s own AI algorithms to deliver the best AI product in the market, surpassing other AI tools for content generation, editing, and SEO optimization. 10Web AI Writing Assistant helps write SEO-optimized content 10 times faster right in WordPress block editor and Classic Editor. It also enables SEO fixes and resolves readability issues within Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins.

With the 10Web AI content assistant, you can now automatically write and improve your website content, making it SEO-optimized in minutes with your in-house team. Our AI content writer will save you time, money, and resources. If you are an agency, the AI Assistant will provide your customers added value in the form of SEO-optimized websites. The 10Web AI content optimizer will automatically improve content SEO and readability. 

The 10Web AI content writer employs a simple intuitive UI embedded directly within the WordPress editor environment for enhanced user experience. This means you can generate and edit content right where you work. 

Let us review what SEO optimization entails, for example when one writes a blog. SEO optimization starts with keyword research, continues with the generation of the most effective blog post outline, follows with content draft creation and editing, and concludes with keyword and readability optimization. All these steps require manual, time and knowledge-intensive processes. The AI Writing Assistant helps during all these procedures starting from content creation and editing to the final optimizations. Many of these steps, if done manually, would require several iterations of reading, writing, paraphrasing, and editing. AI Writing Assistant automates and assists in all this manual work and helps to deliver ready-to-publish SEO-optimized content 10x faster.

The 10Web AI content assistant generates the best relevant SEO-optimized content, which typically demands a great deal of time, in minutes. You can create copies of content, paragraphs, outlines, full blog posts and other content specifically needed for WordPress website owners, blog owners, and SEO specialists. Say goodbye to the copy-paste, back and forth between different AI tools fiasco. We offer an all-in-one text and image generation solution. 

For agencies, we have created content templates specifically for business workflows, and even offer collaborative content editing to allow you content creation flexibility. 

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant provides contextually on-target content. How does it achieve this task when so many other AI Assistants fail? It is all about the AI Assistant’s capacity to effectively leverage the best input content. The more specific and detailed the input, the better the output content, and likewise, the more generic the input, the more general and vague the output. Moreover, the environment and context are even more crucial for quality content generation. When you place the AI content assistant in the WordPress environment – which is where you will find the 10Web AI Writing Assistant –  this boosts and enhances the AI capacity, ensuring that the delivered output and content are most relevant not only to your website but also to each blog post or page specifically. Such content is context-aware. Being context aware is also crucial when AI is optimizing the content for SEO, following the recommendations of popular SEO plugins.

As you can see, the 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress presents a much-needed solution to numerous problems while offering added benefits. 

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Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of handing over your content generation and editing to the 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress. 

What Are the Benefits of Using 10Web AI Writing Assistant?

Improved SEO using AI

The 10Web AI content optimizer creates content optimized for SEO. We all know how important SEO is for search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions. With the AI content optimizer, you will no longer have to worry about keyword and keyphrase errors and other content-related SEO elements. You can rest assured that your content is always optimized for SEO with the 10Web AI content optimizer assistant.

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant supports professionals to generate SEO-optimized content automatically in their WordPress environment by fixing SEO and readability issues. Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins provide suggestions and recommendations to be conducted for content optimization. The AI Writing Assistant helps in implementing these changes. Of course, you can take the manual road and spend hours fulfilling these suggestions or you can get on board with the AI Writing Assistant and do the work faster and better. Through these processes, the AI Writing Assistant makes the work of professionals 10 times more effective. It also democratizes the entire SEO process significantly by lowering barriers for those who are not professional content writers or SEO specialists.

Besides being effortless, the 10Web AI content writer creates SEO-driven content optimized for engagement, increasing the number of visitors to your website. The AI Assistant assures that SEO optimization and improvements are done by utilizing the context and by following Yoast and other plugins’ recommendations and specifications. This process also ensures that the content created resonates with your audience, enhancing visitor retention and engagement. 

Writing better content in WordPress 10x faster

There are two main WordPress editors and numerous website builder plugins, with the default being WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). Professionals have their preferences, whether it’s utilizing classic editor or page builder plugins with their various widgets. While the content creation and editing experience may be different from one editor to another, the challenges that come with content creation remain the same. The AI Writing Assistant allows for content creation in different editing environments within WordPress. Your editor may be different, but the solution is the same. 

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress offers highly efficient and effective content creation, editing, and optimization. With the 10Web AI Writing Assistant, WordPress users can generate SEO-optimized content 10 times faster compared to content writing manually.

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant easily and seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website. 10Web provides a no-code integration, once again easing your processes. With just a few simple clicks, you can start generating content within your WordPress environment.

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress works where you do, so you can do more with less time.

To attract, retain and impress your visitors, the quality of your content is key. What is quality content and why is it important? Quality content is content that delivers the desired result, not just for Google, but for your visitors, the humans you work so hard to engage. Accordingly, quality content engages website visitors, and guides and inspires them to take the next steps; it ultimately nurtures visitors to becoming conversions. The 10Web AI Writing Assistant produces such quality content. It gauges context, need, and purpose from the given input and delivers messaging that is impactful, increasing your website engagement and conversion. 

Collaborative content creation in the 10Web dashboard

With the 10Web AI Content Assistant, you can generate SEO-optimized content in the 10Web Dashboard as well through content templates and document editor (coming soon).

The Document Editor will be the ultimate collaborative document editor with an automated content creation solution. This powerful tool will provide an environment for your entire team to work together on content generation. It will ease and stimulate content creation by providing access to the AI Assistant, which, if desired, guides your collaborative process of creating high-quality, SEO-optimized, unique text catered to your needs and audience.

Within the 10Web Dashboard you can collaboratively produce anything from article outlines to entire blogs, introduction or conclusion paragraphs, descriptions, and more for e-commerce, web design, and marketing, automatically and perfectly. 

What the 10Web AI Writing Assistant Is Capable of

SEO improvements through AI Assistant SEO Pack

Fixing SEO Errors with 10Web AI Assistant

Generate Meta Descriptions

Resolving Yoast SEO analysis errors is easier than ever with the 10Web AI Writing Assistant. The AI Assistant will help you generate meta descriptions with a press of a button, providing Yoast- approved content in seconds. Simply, indicate keywords, keyphrases, titles, or text to the AI Assistant and receive meta descriptions for pages and posts to rank higher and drive more traffic to your site. 

Introduction keyphrases 

Improve your SEO score with the AI Assistant SEO Pack. Once again, by merely providing the necessary keywords and keyphrases to the AI Assistant, you can obtain an introduction paragraph that is optimized and resolves any SEO analysis errors. You can also paraphrase your introduction paragraph with the AI Assistant SEO Pack, easily increasing your SEO score. 

Keyphrase length

The AI Assistant will resolve any issue related to keyphrase length. We all know that long-tail keyphrases are critical for score improvements and conversations, now with the AI Assistant you can include long-tail keyphrases in your content automatically, without worrying about keyphrase length errors. The AI Assistant SEO Pack will consider Yoast recommendations and will rewrite your keyphrase with the appropriate length.

Meta description keyphrases

The AI Assistant by 10Web – SEO Pack will resolve any meta description errors automatically. Let the AI Assistant paraphrase and rewrite your meta descriptions by following Yoast SEO standards and suggestions. This will allow your webpage to rank higher on the Google search results page.

Title keyphrase 

Generate the perfect titles with the AI Assistant. The AI Assistant will include all the necessary keyphrases in your titles while securing the approval of Yoast. Say goodbye to Yoast errors in your title and get higher search rankings.

SEO title width

Having difficulty with your SEO title width? The AI Assistant by 10Web – SEO Pack will generate and resolve your SEO title width errors, allowing you to optimize the click-through rate on the Google search results page.

Meta description length

Google needs specific meta description lengths, which allow it to showcase the website in the search results page in the most attractive way. Yoast follows these length guidelines and delivers specific meta-description length recommendations. Any meta descriptions above or below this recommended length receive an error or warning, helping to optimize the click-through rate on the Google search results page. Allow the AI Assistant to paraphrase your meta description to provide text with the recommended lengths. 

As promised, 10Web presents another ingenious product with an automated solution to relieve you of repetitive tasks, empowering you to prioritize growth, productivity, and creativity.  

Content generation in WordPress editor

10Web AI Assistant in block editor

Blog post paragraphs

The 10Web AI content optimizer generates unique text, including full paragraphs based on any phrase or sentence you provide as input. The process is automatic, requires a few seconds, and delivers SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content with the quality to set you apart from your competition. 

Introduction paragraph

The introductory paragraph of a post or a page is crucial. Having the right introduction allows one to capture the attention of a reader, build anticipation, and provide a solid start for a reader’s journey. 10Web AI Assistant allows you to generate such introductory content in seconds based on the title and keywords.

Conclusion paragraph 

Create content faster with AI by automating the creation of your concluding paragraphs. Allow the 10Web AI content optimizer to utilize the provided keywords and suggestions to generate a conclusion with the same tone, strategic use of keywords, and relevant messaging. Save valuable hours of writing while receiving quality, SEO-optimized content in return. 

Outline generation

Exploit the potential of AI to generate new, creative, and diverse ideas and outlines, and use the freed-up human capacity to assess and explore the provided outlines’ potential to meet your website content needs. Explore and evaluate countless outlines for posts, articles, blogs, ads, descriptions, landing pages, and more.


10Web’s AI content writer can be used as a potent tool for paraphrasing. You can generate countless copies of unique, high-quality, plagiarism-free content that is also SEO-optimized directly within your WordPress environment by simply providing a sentence or entire paragraph. The AI uses the input content and paraphrases it into SEO-friendly easy-to-read text. Paraphrase and generate one-of-a-kind text for ads, product descriptions, posts, blogs, and any other content right where you work. 

Image generation (coming soon)

10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress not only generates relevant and engaging text but can also create meaningful and captivating images. The images generated by our AI are unique, original, and plagiarism-free. Input a text or prompt describing the image and let the AI generate your one-of-a-kind image. 

Content generation in the 10Web dashboard

10Web AI Assistant in 10Web Dashboard

With 10Web AI Writing Assistant, you can now access the power of automation to create, publish, and manage your content more effectively and efficiently. AI Assistant is available also as a 10Web service within the 10Web Dashboard. The 10Web Document Editor (coming soon) offers a collaborative experience of content writing and editing. Your entire team can now work together under the support of the AI Assistant to easily and effortlessly create quality, SEO-optimized content faster than ever before. Similar to the AI Assistant, you can also utilize versatile content templates and features to ensure your content creation process is enjoyable and productive. 


Document Editor (coming soon)

What if you could harness the power of AI to boost your content engagement, gain new leads and turn your website into a revenue-generating machine? What if I told you that instead of going through all the hard work of researching every topic and writing every single word yourself, you can just sit back and let the AI Assistant take care of it all for you? What if I told you, you could do all this with your team, simultaneously, in a collaborative environment? 

The 10Web Document Editor is the ultimate collaborative experience guided by our AI content writing Assistant. Your entire team of professionals can access and work on content writing and editing simultaneously within the 10Web Document Editor. Whether it’s collaborative manual writing directly within WordPress or AI-assisted content generation and editing, the 10Web Document editor takes a real-time, collective content generation to the next level. Now your entire team can view, agree upon, edit, and optimize the AI content writer-generated text. 

You can employ the AI Assistant service within the 10Web Document Editor to write and edit articles for you and your team. It is a simple, yet powerful tool for those who want to create or update their website’s content without having to put in any effort themselves or to do so in a collaborative environment. You can compose, paraphrase, automate, and format content as needed. Best of all, the content will be unique, error-free, and plagiarism-free. The AI Assistant within the Document Editor will also ensure that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a thing of the past. It will allow your team to focus on quality, targeted, and creative writing faster than ever before. 

Let the AI writing assistant for WordPress do the heavy lifting of creating high-quality content for you. All you and your team will need to do is agree on the created content and at times perfect it. 

For agencies, the 10Web Document Editor ensures constant and flawless communication with clients. Content generation and editing can happen instantaneously. Website professionals and clients can, on the spot, consider and choose from the many content options generated by the AI Assistant, edit it, and perfect it, eliminating the back-and-forth dispatch. 

Better suited for long-form content 

10Web’s Document Editor allows you to easily create high-quality long-form content in seconds.  Your long-form content will be tailored based on your audience. It will help improve your messaging and adjust your text based on your audience. Create article outlines, introduction or conclusion paragraphs, entire blogs, descriptions, and more, effortlessly. 


Content Templates 

10Web AI Writing Assistant Dashboard hosts various content templates for blogs, e-commerce, and web page content generation. Simply, select a relevant and suitable content template, provide some specifications, and in seconds, you will receive content that is of high quality, eloquent and engaging. 

10Web AI Writing Assistant Dashboard content templates include 

  1. Blog post conclusion paragraph
  2. Blog post intro paragraph
  3. Blog post outline 
  4. Content enhancement 
  5. Explain it to a child 
  6. FAQ generator 
  7. Listicle 
  8. Complete blog post 
  9. Paragraph generator 
  10. AIDA framework 
  11. Feature to benefit 
  12. PAS framework 
  13. Product description 
  14. Company About us 
  15. Persuasive bullet points 
  16. Text summarizer 
  17. Unique value proposition 
  18. Website sub-headline 
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Coming Soon 

At 10Web, we continuously work to deliver more and more possibilities for content generation through the AI Assistant. Moreover, we will continue to develop and bring more AI Assisted automation to the routine and common tasks conducted by millions of people in the WordPress community every day.

Soon, with the AI Assistant, you will have the capacity to automatically resolve any readability errors and enhance content readability. You will soon be able to rest assured that your content is perfect and error-free without employing expensive editors. For example, the AI content editor will assist in rewriting passive voice sentences on your website, ensuring that your website visitors find your website text enjoyable and easy to read. 

We will continue to enhance your website’s SEO-optimization potential. The AI content optimizer will also fix any paragraph and sentence length errors by automatically rewriting paragraphs or sentences according to Yoast’s recommended length. Subheading distribution error fixes will also be possible with our AI assistant very soon. 

Currently, you can employ the 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress for content generation through the Gutenberg block editor and Classic Editor and generate SEO-optimized content with our AI Assistant by 10Web – SEO Pack addon. In the future, we will integrate AI Assistant into popular Page Builders as well.


The AI Writing Assistant for WordPress is a freemium product. You can always use the AI Assistant free of charge. Employ its features and generate up to 2000 words per month with your free account in both WordPress admin and 10Web Dashboard environments. For a content generation of more than 2000 words per month, premium plans are available through the AI Assistant Pro

Price varies based on your needs and plan specifications. For a mere $10 a month, you will receive automatic SEO-optimized content generation of up to 10,000 words. For $30 a month, you can create content of up to 30,000 words, and for $100 a month, you will be able to create unique optimized content of up to 100,000 words. Custom plans are available for those who need more words. With all our plans, you can connect to as many websites as you like. 

AI Assistant Pricing

How to Access AI Writing Assistant?

Accessing the AI Assistant for WordPress (AI Content Writing Assistant and SEO Pack) is a simple and user-friendly experience. Merely download the plugin from, and install it. Activate the plugin and connect your website to 10Web. Through the 10Web account, you will also gain access to the 10Web AI Writing Assistant dashboard. 

The AI Assistant freemium product is available for the 10Web platform and 10Web Booster users. If you have any of our products, even the free versions, you will automatically gain access to the 10Web AI Writing Assistant from the 10Web Dashboard. 

10Web AI Writing Assistant: Outstanding Product Development and Support

Expert team excellence and experience

At 10Web, we are committed to providing the best, most cutting-edge automated products possible. Thanks to our excellent team of experts who have been providing outstanding services for more than 10 years, we can continuously achieve new heights. We have developed industry-leading solutions for the WordPress community, including 10Web AI Website Builder, and now, the 10Web AI Writing Assistant. Our team is available 24/7 to help you with any type of problem or question that you may have.

Documentation and support

The 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress has several tutorials and demos to guide you into harnessing the most out of our AI product. We also provide personalized assistance through our 24/7 live chat service for all tier customers, even those under the free plan.

At 10Web, we take support seriously. We have systems in place to ensure our customers receive the best possible customer service. All members of the team actively engage in resolving inquiries within chat and ticketing systems. Our customer feedback has always been a critical component of our efforts and guided our understanding of our products’ performance and future improvement. 

We also ensure that individuals have a respectful and safe environment to present queries, share updates, and techniques, and discuss news and announcements. We have two communities on Facebook and Slack where you can discuss anything WordPress-related. Whether you are a developer, designer, or just a fan of WordPress, these communities can provide added value for you and your business. Our 10Web community is your virtual lounge where you can request assistance, share ideas and news, and discuss upcoming changes in the WP world, all while having fun with like-minded people!

Fast delivery and iterative improvements 

At 10Web we value qualitative and quantitative user feedback from both paid and open beta testers to ensure that we are building the most valuable product possible. By having a daily ritual of feedback collection, and regularly conducting closed beta tests, we ensure that our product improvements are accurate and up to date.

We love tech and creating new environments where new ideas can be born, so we continuously process and test the efficiency of the AI Assistant. This is how we provide the best, most customizable, and most accurate product improvements possible.

The AI Assistant is also constantly evolving. Our engineers, artificial intelligence experts, and designers constantly test our algorithms, developing and improving the AI’s cognitive capabilities. We also continue to create new features that make our product more efficient and simple in operation. 

Customer-centric roadmap

We have developed one of the best AI content writers, editors, and optimizers in the market. The journey is ongoing. Through our comprehensive roadmap, we plan to continue strengthening, improving, and enhancing our AI Assistant’s algorithms, capacity, and features. Additional add-ons are on the way to ensure that everyone has access to the most powerful AI content writing assistant for WordPress. 

We have been working tirelessly to improve the overall user experience of the AI assistant service on the 10Web dashboard. As always, we’re continuing to monitor performance and any conflicts with third-party plugins.


Nowadays, website owners face the same challenge: creating content that is not only relevant to their target audience and engaging but also optimized for search engines. 10Web’s AI Writing Assistant for WordPress offers the automated solution you’ve been seeking. Use our excellent tool to exploit the capacity of AI to write and optimize content. Do so while ensuring that your content is of high quality and targeted to the relevant audience.

As you can see, the 10Web AI Writing Assistant for WordPress is a tool that can be used to generate high-quality SEO-optimized content faster, thus freeing up more time for you to concentrate on growing your business.

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Is the content generated by AI Assistant original and plagiarism-free?

The Answer

The FAQ question?

Absolutely. The 10Web AI Assistant creates unique, original, and plagiarism-free content. By utilizing the leading large language models, including GPT3, we ensure that the content generated by the AI Assistant is plagiarism-free and one-of-a-kind.

Is there any limit on how much content I can generate with AI Assistant?

There are limitations to the freemium product. With the 10Web AI Assistant free version, you will have the capacity to generate up to 2000 words per month. If you need more than 2000 words per month, visit our paid plans and pricing page to choose a plan that meets your needs.

Is there a free trial available?

You can always use the 10Web AI Assistant free of charge, it is not a trial product. Our freemium product can be accessed by opening a free account with 10Web for 10Web platform or 10Web Booster. Our freemium product is limited to generating 2000 words per month.

How does the AI Assistant work?

After Installing and integrating the AI Assistant within your WordPress website, you will be able to develop posts, pages, ads, landing pages, and other types of content, including images right in your WordPress environment. The AI Assistant requires some input before it can generate unique, high-quality content for you. The process is quite simple. You provide text, keywords, and keyphrases, indicate the tone, select a few other criteria, and click on a button. The AI Assistant does the rest for you by creating new, one-of-a-kind, plagiarism-free content. Moreover, with Ai Assistant you can fix all the SEO and readability errors directly in Yoast SEO.

What technology does the AI Assistant use?

The 10Web AI Assistant utilizes various language models, like the GPT-3, including its most advanced Davinci model, and 10Web’s custom AI algorithms.

What are the benefits of using 10Web AI Assistant for content creation?

There is a wide range of benefits to using the 10Web AI Assistant. The 10Web AI Assistant enables the fast and easy creation of targeted content that is specific to your audience and business. Additionally, the AI Assistant saves time and resources and allows you to concentrate on other valuable areas of business.

How much does 10Web AI Assistant cost?

Please visit the pricing section of our website. We have several offers with varying details and specifications to choose from.

Is 10Web AI Assistant compatible with other plugins and themes?

Absolutely. We ensure compatibility with the most popular WordPress plugins and themes. Often its UI is embedded into the interfaces’ popular plugins. Our excellent team and experts are always available to assist you in case of concerns or issues.

What will I get from AI Assistant Pro?

With the 10Web AI Assistant Pro you will receive a connection to unlimited websites, generation of 10,000 words per month or more (see plans), short and long writing and input lengths, long-content templates, and more!

How is the usage of words calculated?

Our word calculator is similar to the majority of generative AI models. Both input and output words are taken into account and calculated as word usage. We assume that every 5 characters make a word. If the AI generates a text based on a sentence provided by you as an input, your usage will equal the sum of all the characters in the input and output text divided by five.
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