Get to know all 10web’s essential, innovative attributes and developments. Most of what we do and achieve wouldn’t be possible without you guys and the constructive criticism and ideas you bring to our constantly improving environment. Look into us more to see our growth through you!

What’s New: DNS Records and Website Speed

1 Min Read

Check out 10Web’s latest updates regarding DNS records and website speed.

What’s New: Multisite Support, Backup, and More

2 Min Read

Functionality of our services and supporting our customer needs is a driving force here at 10Web. We like to listen to our users and figure out the best ways in which we can support them to thrive. For that reason, we have two very large releases for this period and some relatively minor but important releases. Read on to see…

What’s New: Account Dashboard Updates

2 Min Read

Here are the latest changes made to the 10Web Account dashboard. We have upgraded the user experience with a beautiful design that is clean, intuitive, and functional.


Visitor and Storage Overages on 10Web: What Happens When You Exceed Your Plan’s Limits

2 Min Read

Elastic scaling allows you to keep your website live when you exceed your hosting limits. Here’s how.

SEO performance dashboard

Products Updated: New Dashboard Features, SEO & Performance Services

5 Min Read

Find out everything about 10Web’s New Dashboard Features, SEO & Performance Services Update 😃. We did a huge amount of work on our WP plugins improvements.