What’s New: Multisite Support, Backup, and More

Functionality of our services and supporting our customer needs is a driving force here at 10Web. We like to listen to our users and figure out the best ways in which we can support them to thrive. For that reason, we have two very large releases for this period and some relatively minor but important releases. Read on to see what we have changed, added, and optimized.


With the growing demand of our users and the excitement of growth opportunities, we at 10Web have released, Multisite Support for websites connected to our user friendly and intuitive 10Web Dashboard

Here are some of the highlights of the 10Web Multisite Support for the WP Multisite Network. 

  • Connect and manage third party Multisites.
  • View and manage single sites within the user friendly and intuitive 10Web interface.
  • Manage plugins, themes, and version updates for all single sites.
  • Activate plugins for one site or the whole network. 
  • Enable Backup and Security services for the whole network only.
  • 10Web Care, we’re always ready to help.  

Backup Services

We have fixed and dusted off the old and optimized our Backup Services for a smooth backup system that doesn’t leave your data hanging. 

What have we done? 

We figured out that the logic by which our backup was functioning was not so “functional”. So we made some structural changes, asked the backup system to backup only the files that have changed and to archive them to be sent and stored for whenever they will need to be retrieved. Some major changes with major impact on how fast and smooth the service has become. 

Exclude from Caching

Sometimes, there are dynamic pages that don’t need to be cached. We’ve added the option to exclude pages from cashing. You can exclude these URLs either from your 10Web Dashboard or using the 10Web Cache plugin from your WordPress Dashboard. 

User Profile: Personal Information & Security  

Two sections of the User Profile page has been redesigned to correspond to the standards of 10Web’s intuitive and functional website design. In addition to the design changes, in the security tab, you are now able to change the user email allowing for flexibility.

Login Attempt Limitation

To prevent Brute Force Attacks, we have added a WordPress login attempt limitation to 10Web hosted websites. You can now configure the number of fails until the user is blocked, how long the user remains blocked, time frame within which user must fail to be blocked, and the message the user gets when blocked. To adjust login attempt parameters, you will need to define constants in the wp_config.php file.

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