What’s New: DNS Records and Website Speed

We know how important it is to have a fast loading website. Here at 10Web, we take the load time of your website very seriously.  This is why we ensure that websites hosted at 10Web, have a page speed score of 90+. And this is why we have made scanning and optimizing your website the first automated action in the 10Web dashboard, as soon as you build or migrate your website.

Some minor releases this month with major effects. We have significantly increased the Speed of 10Web hosted websites. You will feel the improvement while working on your website.

PageSpeed Scan

Now your website is automatically scanned to determine its PageSpeed score. Receive the feedback and make all the changes that you need, all within the 10Web dashboard for hosted and connected websites. Click on the page speed score icon to see where you need improvements, and rescan to see the changes and how it has affected the load time of your website.

DNS Records

For your convenience, we have automated adding MX records for Gmail and ZOHO. We have also made the DNS records editable. To add multiple TXT records, click on the edit icon and add your TXT record on a new line. Within this newly redesigned page, enjoy a clean and agile user experience.

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  • Viney Bhatia

    Will try this tool definitely!

  • gaurav

    MARIA all I can say is it was worthy to come to your blog a got good information on SEO… I also want to perform an SEO audit for my website

  • Gnaneshwar

    Nice Development tools

  • Richard Williamson

    Good morning. I need help with WordPress and I’m hoping for one-on-one assistance. I really want to talk with someone who knows wordpress, LIVE. I receive tons of emails from wordpress that offer links to solutions to other peoples’ problems that haven’t done me any good. I’ve tried to unsubscribe from those emails, but I haven’t been able to so now they all go to my spam folder. Again, I’m looking for live support, not some robo link that won’t answer my questions. my blog address is lookingthrualens.com/ricks-hideout/

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    • Ani Barseghyan

      Hi Richard! Thanks for your comment. For live chat support, please go to https://10web.io/ and click “Ask a question” on the bottom right corner of the page. Alternatively, you can join our WordPress Family Facebook Community and start a discussion with fellow WP users.