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35 Real Estate Website Examples for Inspiration in 2023

27 Min Read

In this technological age, the first place people look for information is here, on the internet. That will not change, so real estate agents and businesses have found it necessary to showcase their properties and services online, establishing their brand in the process. Are you also looking to follow suit? You should if you work in real estate as an…

21 Inspiring Lifestyle Blog Examples in 2023

21 Min Read

Amongst the most profitable online blogging niches today, lifestyle/mommy blogs boast a whopping median monthly income of $5,174. From wellness and fashion to travel, parenting, and beyond, lifestyle bloggers have mastered the art of crafting content that resonates with readers worldwide. This niche has a ton of depth, with topics ranging from travel, fitness, luxury living, fashion, beauty, and self-improvement…

Law Firm Website Examples

22 Smartest Law Firm Website Examples in 2023

25 Min Read

The legal industry is rapidly evolving in the digital age, presenting law firms with unprecedented opportunities to connect with clients in new ways. One of the most effective ways to take advantage of the new status quo is by leveraging the power of the internet and creating your own law firm website. To assist you in this new endeavor, we’ll…

Fashion Blog Examples

35 Trendiest Fashion Blog Examples in 2023

30 Min Read

Over the past decade, the fashion industry has changed significantly to cater to a diverse global customer base. This has made it increasingly challenging to identify and recognize individual customers. On the other hand, advancements in communication allow users to easily participate in fashion trends, follow news, and make online purchases.  Blogging has emerged as a popular form of online…

AI Web Design

11 Revolutionary AI Web Design Tools and Trends in 2023

17 Min Read

AI web design is a booming industry that is changing how designers work forever. While you might be excited by the prospect of using AI to improve and accelerate your design work, you may not know where to begin. When looking at AI for website design, the sheer number of tools to consider is staggering. To help you out, we…

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples

11 Successful Affiliate Marketing Website Examples in 2023

17 Min Read

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a lucrative business model in the marketing niche, offering individuals and startups the opportunity to earn passive income by promoting products or services for other businesses and earning a commission for each successful referral. The exciting part of this business model is that you don’t have to fully engage. Some businesses earn extra income by…

Travel Blog Examples

33 Easy and Beautiful Travel Blog Examples in 2023

27 Min Read

Traveling to new destinations is one of the most rewarding experiences with benefits that extend beyond leisure and touring.  Traveling allows us to immerse ourselves and experience new beliefs, cultures, sights, languages, and foods first-hand. These unique experiences allow us to appreciate our planet’s rich diversity, break preconceived notions and stereotypes about other cultures, and enrich our learning experience. In…

Small Business Websites

17 Small Business Websites to Inspire Your Success in 2023

20 Min Read

Did you know that businesses that prioritize their website design and user experience have a 400% higher chance of converting visitors into customers? The internet has changed how businesses operate. Having a solid product or service is not enough – you need to ensure your brand stands out online. Building a great website can help attract new customers and set…

Personal website examples

41 Most Impressive Personal Websites in 2023

33 Min Read

Personal websites have become an important tool for students and professionals planning on advancing their careers. From creating an online presence to differentiating themselves from the sea of static resumes, a personal website can make all the difference when applying for jobs or presenting your portfolio to clients. However, building one can be challenging, with many design, style, and text…

Portfolio Website Examples

27 Best Portfolio Website Examples in 2023

26 Min Read

In the creative industry, an online portfolio website is an indispensable platform. It is a professional website dedicated to showcasing an individual’s skills, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments to enable them to stand out among other candidates and be more appealing to potential employers. For small businesses and agencies, portfolio websites can be used to build credibility, showcase products and services,…

Web Design Best Practices and Trends

Web Design Best Practices and Trends in 2023 (Checklist Included)

24 Min Read

In the digital age, good web design is more important than ever. Understanding and incorporating the latest web design best practices will help you craft a design that effectively communicates your message, influences visitors, and reach your website goals. However, the landscape of web design is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Trying to research all the latest trends can leave…

How to convert Wix to WordPress

3 Simple Steps to Migrate Wix to WordPress in No Time

23 Min Read

You probably started off with Wix as a convenient and beginner-friendly way to launch a website. However, as your business grows, Wix’s limitations can stifle your ambitions. Migrating from Wix to WordPress can be the best way to unlock your online presence’s full potential. Unfortunately, Wix is a closed-loop system, and one of the ways it aims to keep its…