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Website performance and speed can make or break your online business. Website speed optimization is becoming the leading source of online success. High-performing and high-speed sites attract and preserve visitors, enhance user experience, boost pageviews, and ensure conversion. Stay up-to-date on the latest speed optimization tactics, plugins, reviews, tips, and guides. We will guide you to a 90+ PageSpeed score, enhanced Core Web Vitals, and optimized backend.

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How We Achieve a 90+ PageSpeed Score

8 Min Read

We, at 10Web, guarantee that every website connected to our platform gets a 90+ PageSpeed score. Our obsession with helping WordPress websites achieve a high PageSpeed score is something that’s unique to us, which is why we decided to take some time and grant you a sneak peek into our speed optimization service. But let’s first understand why page speed…


10 Video Optimization Tips For a Faster Website!

17 Min Read

Are there many videos and images on your website and want them to load without slowing down your website’s performance? Optimize them not to lose efficiency!

10 steps to make your website faster

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

7 Min Read

10 working ways for making your website much faster, from caching to CDN, from choosing the right host to Image Optimization.

what can i get from 10web

What Can I Get from 10Web?

10 Min Read

Get to know the 10 components of 10Web and the list of the main benefits you’ll get with the company.

WP image optimization plugin

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

11 Min Read

Last updated 12/30/2019 Why optimize images in the first place? Images often account for most of the data downloaded online, so if you constantly use high-resolution images on your website it can cause several issues, all particularly notable for smartphone and tablet users: High-resolution images cause long load times which boost your bounce rate and consequently have an adverse impact…