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Website performance and speed can make or break your online business. Website speed optimization is becoming the leading source of online success. High-performing and high-speed sites attract and preserve visitors, enhance user experience, boost pageviews, and ensure conversion. Stay up-to-date on the latest speed optimization tactics, plugins, reviews, tips, and guides. We will guide you to a 90+ PageSpeed score, enhanced Core Web Vitals, and optimized backend.

Autoptimize Alternative – How 10Web Beats Autoptimize

31 Min Read

In today’s world, the speed of the website plays a significant role. Everyone wants instant results. No one likes to wait while surfing the internet. It does not matter how cool your website looks if it’s not performing and optimized well then your website will not be ranked higher in search results by search engines like Google and it will…

wordpress cdn

WordPress CDN – How to Improve Website Load Times with a CDN

28 Min Read

Improving your page load times and site speed is key if you want users to spend more time on your WordPress website, build an audience, and get them to try some of your products. Back in 2010, the Google search team announced speed would be a ranking signal for desktop searches, and as of July 2018, this was extended to…

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Why is WordPress so Slow? 7 Reasons Why and How to Fix Them

28 Min Read

The page speed of any website largely determines the success of its purpose. If websites are a critical source of web presence, and WordPress websites constitute the majority of websites on the internet, then why is WordPress so slow? When you grow your website with more content and your site engagements increase, you will end up with that question. Truthfully,…

How to Inline Critical CSS & Defer Unused CSS in WordPress?

26 Min Read

The “Eliminate render-blocking resources” warning can be a frustrating and alarming sight, and it can also signify that your website speed is suffering. To enhance your website speed, we must first identify the cause and the factors behind the “Eliminate render-blocking resources” issue.   One factor may be the myriad of plugins and themes that are installed and used on your…

How To Optimize a WordPress Website for Mobile Devices?

18 Min Read

54.4% of all internet traffic on the planet was generated by mobile devices in 2021. DataReportal reported that 55.4% of internet users made online purchases using their mobile devices in the same year. To top it off, 73.1% of web designers discovered that mobile optimization or responsive design is the main reason why visitors switch to another website. These figures…

How to defer parsing of JavaScript in WordPress?

7 Min Read

Deferring JavaScript is a key optimization technique used to enhance the performance, speed and SEO rankings of the website. Deferring and parsing are two different things. Parsing means compiling, executing or rendering the JavaScript files by the web browser. Deferring means preventing the script files from executing till the contents of the web page are completely loaded. Before understanding why…

What Is Time to First Byte and How to Reduce It?

31 Min Read

Webpage loading and server response times are crucial elements of website speed and performance and add to its user experience. The benchmark of various website metrics, including speed, performance, user experience, and SEO, has risen to great levels. Webpages that take more than 3-5 seconds to load due to significantly slower response time from the server lead to poor user…

WP Super Cache Vs. W3 Total Cache Vs. 10Web Booster

29 Min Read

Speed is crucial for building an effective, conversion-generating WordPress website. A myriad of caching solutions are available to improve website speed and performance. The real challenge is to determine which one will effectively meet your requirements. Let’s compare WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and 10Web Booster plugins side by side and ease your decision-making.  The Need for a Cache…

WP Rocket Alternative – How 10Web Booster Beats WP Rocket

32 Min Read

Since its introduction in 2004, WordPress has been and continues to be the top platform for building websites. Its popularity has paved the way for add-ons, plugins, and expert marketplaces that cater to almost any need.  With a rise in popularity and growth of the product comes an increase in complexity. Plugins can help address some of these complexities. Implementing…

Autoptimize vs WP Rocket vs 10Web Booster: Which plugin is best for WordPress?

15 Min Read

A website’s speed affects much more than just a website’s performance. The speed directly impacts the bounce rate, user satisfaction, conversion rate, and revenue. Surface fixes no longer make the cut to improve website speed, and not every speed plugin provides the optimal optimization for a website. To better understand plugin performance and effectiveness, let’s compare the features and functions…

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What is Google Lighthouse? Improve the Lighthouse Score For WordPress Site

13 Min Read

Ready for a harsh truth? No matter how great the content of your website is, or how unique and amazing what you’re selling on your website is, it doesn’t mean much if your website is not performing on par with Google’s standards. To understand the importance of WordPress website performance, just consider the fact that Google continues to introduce metrics…

Frontend Optimization for WordPress Website Speed

Frontend Optimization: 10 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

21 Min Read

Three seconds. Three seconds of loading time on your website and your visitors will leave and never come back. These days, speed is at the forefront of everything web related. The Core Web Vitals, the new metrics in town, which has a significant impact on page quality scores and Google search results, is made up of three essential metrics related…