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Website performance and speed can make or break your online business. Website speed optimization is becoming the leading source of online success. High-performing and high-speed sites attract and preserve visitors, enhance user experience, boost pageviews, and ensure conversion. Stay up-to-date on the latest speed optimization tactics, plugins, reviews, tips, and guides. We will guide you to a 90+ PageSpeed score, enhanced Core Web Vitals, and optimized backend.

Off Page SEO Checklist

9-Step Ultimate Off-Page SEO Checklist for Lasting Results

12 Min Read

As digital platforms evolve and the online sphere becomes increasingly competitive, off-page SEO is becoming more important than ever before. And if you’re looking for the ultimate off-page SEO checklist, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the nine key elements of successful off-page SEO and some common mistakes to avoid along the way. The Relevance…

WordPress Optimization Plugins

WordPress Optimization Plugins: The Best for 2023

17 Min Read

WordPress optimization can be confusing for many website administrators, regardless, it is important to understand optimization techniques to run a successful website. Whether you are running a blog, eCommerce store or site to promote your small business, optimizing your WordPress setup is crucial for better performance, speed, and overall user experience. In this article, WordPress optimization refers to the process…

Blog Post SEO Checklist

Creating High-Value Content: 23-Step Blog Post SEO Checklist

24 Min Read

Producing SEO-friendly high-value content on the web is one of the best ways of organically attracting visitors to your site and enhancing your brand reach. The SEO-friendly content helps you rank higher in search engine rankings which eventually helps generate traffic (lead generation) on your website and can also help increase your revenue.  This article will provide a comprehensive 23-Step…

Make Fewer HTTP Requests

9 Tips to Make Fewer HTTP Requests on WordPress

18 Min Read

You noticed that your website is slow, and you decided to figure out why with a speed testing tool, for example, Pingdom. Part of the diagnosis is “make fewer HTTP requests” and it is regarded as critical. How do you make fewer HTTP requests and boost your website speed? This article will address the most critical questions in making fewer…

Best WordPress Themes for SEO

36 Best WordPress Themes for SEO: Free and Premium

36 Min Read

Choosing the best WordPress theme for SEO is fundamental to the success and performance of your WordPress site. A good theme can make your site aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, and, most importantly, SEO-friendly. Besides usability and attractiveness, WordPress themes allow you to quickly set up your WordPress site, extend functionality, and customize it even without any prior coding or web design…

Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats

How to Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats on WordPress

23 Min Read

In today’s modern world, website loading speed is very important for an excellent user experience and boosting conversion rates. Supporting next-generation image formats such as WebP, JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR is a key component of modern website performance optimization. If you serve images in Next-Gen formats, you get faster loading time for your users, increased engagement time, and improved…

WordPress SEO Audit Checklist

WordPress SEO Audit Checklist: 11 Vital Areas to Inspect

24 Min Read

A WordPress SEO audit is the best way to identify technical issues affecting your site’s performance on search engines and areas that need improvement. Maintaining a regular SEO audit can keep your site visible on search engine results pages (SERPs), drive more organic traffic, and ultimately boost your conversion rates and revenue.  Typically an SEO audit includes an analysis of…

Reduce Initial Service Response Time WordPress

How to Reduce Initial Server Response Time in WordPress

21 Min Read

If you’re struggling with the Reduce Initial Server Response Time error displaying on Google’s Pagespeed Insights or some other page analytics tool and want to fix it now, you’ve come to the right place. Though the message seems innocent, a lot can go on behind the scenes that might need fixing. The message usually refers to the Time to First…

Speed Up WordPress Website

31 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 2023

31 Min Read

WordPress is the leading content management system which works great out of the box. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require speed optimization as many factors can slow down a site. To stay competitive, you need to speed up WordPress site. After all, a faster site improves user experience and gives search engines positive SEO signals. So by optimizing…

Elementor Speed Optimization featured image

11 Essential Elementor Speed Optimization Tips

27 Min Read

Elementor is an open-source website builder with a drag-and-drop interface that allows creators to easily create stunning and professional web pages without much hassle. Whether you are looking to spin up websites quickly, create picture-perfect designs, or boost your conversion rates, Elementor gives you various tools to build fast-loading and responsive pages on all devices. In today’s fast-based digital era,…

Reduce DNS Lookups

How to Reduce DNS Lookups to Improve Website Performance

22 Min Read

If you want to optimize the performance of your website and ensure it is fast loading for both visual and technical reasons, then reducing DNS lookups is a critical factor in this equation.  By reducing DNS lookups, you can boost user experience and reduce page loading time – both of which are integral elements for any successful website. With this…

Font Loading Optimization

2023 Guide to Font Loading Optimization on WordPress

32 Min Read

A blazing fast loading WordPress website with aesthetically pleasing fonts and an excellent user interface that makes your site visitors fall in love at first sight with your website. It sounds like a dream website, right? But dreams come true, and we must take the necessary steps to make our dream website. Font loading optimization is an important step that…