Ecommerce WD Extensions

Get even more out of your Ecommerce WD plugin with the help of advanced extensions.


Ecommerce Filters

This extension is designed for advanced product filter and browsing. It will display multiple filters, which will make it easier for the user to find the relevant products.

Ecommerce Minicart

This extension is designed for displaying shopping cart information including products and their details to widget area.

Latest Products

Ecommerce Latest Products extension allows displaying latest products based on a single item (narrow reach) or multiple categories of your choice (wider reach).

Top Rated Products

This extension will allow displaying top rated items of single or multiple categories, depending on the setup.


Ecommerce Bestsellers extension will allow you to display best-selling items and products in demand in a featured position.


Stripe extension is a tool for adding Stripe as a payment method for purchasing items from Ecommerce WD.

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