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Ecommerce WD

4.4 14 reviews

Get our straightforward and feature-packed plugin to build a robust online store for your website.

Free version of the plugin is available for download on wordpress.org


Everything about starting an ecommerce shop – adding products, setting up payment gateways, shipping methods, and email notifications, getting reports – is as easy as possible.


Add your products, providing details like market and final prices, discounts, taxes, shipping rates, images, videos and keywords to make the product page SEO-friendly.

Payment gateways

The plugin supports PayPal Payments Standard or PayPal Express payment gateways. You can also opt for Stripe, which is available as an extension.

Manufacturers and Labels

Add designated pages for product manufacturers. Add labels and show them on the product images as an overlay.

Shipping Methods

Create multiple shipping methods and tax rates depending on client location, product price or weight.

Email Notifications

Create custom emails using templates and advanced email options for sending order details, notifications about order status changes, completions, failures or refund requests.

Fascinating Themes

Change the styles/colors of the navigation bar, buttons, headers, pagination and other parts of the layout. Enable or disable certain content elements, configure the themes and see the corresponding changes in live preview on the backend.

Customizable Layout

Create your own layout and make adjustments in Products, Manufacturer and Category custom pages, editing the default templates. For the sake of convenience, you can use your theme template or any other custom template as a base.

Multiple Views

Arrange, filter and display groups of products using one of the stunning views - thumbnails, masonry, list, blog style and chess.

Advanced Reports

Monitor your business performance and analyze the results with Tracking orders and Reports. Track sales for selected periods, check out the averages, bestseller items and so on.

Get even more functionality with advanced extensions

Ecommerce Filters

This extension is designed for advanced product filter and browsing. It will display multiple filters, which will make it easier for the user to find the relevant products.

Ecommerce Minicart

This extension is designed for displaying shopping cart information including products and their details to widget area.

Latest Products

Ecommerce Latest Products extension allows displaying latest products based on a single item (narrow reach) or multiple categories of your choice (wider reach).

Top Rated Products

This extension will allow displaying top rated items of single or multiple categories, depending on the setup.

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