How to Change GoDaddy Nameservers

GoDaddy is an ICANN accredited domain registrar that manages more than 40 million domain names and has over 17 million users.

If you’ve become one of those users and want to point your domain to 10Web hosting, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1. Sign in to GoDaddy

Enter your credentials to log in. Note that GoDaddy requires your username or customer # and doesn’t log you in with your email.

Sign in to GoDaddy

Step 2. Go to “Manage Domains”

Click on your # on the top right corner to go to “Manage Domains” from the quick links menu.

Go to manage domains GoDaddy

Step 3. Select the card view and go to “Manage DNS”

In the domain management page, GoDaddy offers 3 layouts for your domains (and is testing the 4th option). You can use any to change your nameservers. However, we’ll proceed with the simplest option, which is “Card View”.

Now you’ll see the domain name you want to proceed with. Click the settings symbol and go to “Manage DNS”.

Go to manage DNS GoDaddy

Step 4. Change default nameservers

Scroll down to the Nameservers and click “Change” you’ll see the fields for your addresses.

Go to Change Nameservers GoDaddy

Step 5. Fill in your premium nameservers’ addresses

You’ll first need to locate your new nameservers.

Go to 10Web dashboard, click “MANAGE DNS” on the “Domains” page of your dashboard, and you’ll see 4 addresses.

DNS addresses 10Web

Copy those addresses and go back to GoDaddy. Choose “Custom” in the newly-opened field, and paste the addresses below and click “Save”.

If other are only 2 fields for nameservers, click “Add nameservers” on the right.

Now 10Web automatically generates A and CNAME records for you. So now you only have to sit back and wait for your website to go live.

We have a separate article about pointing your domain to 10Web here.

Have any questions? Contact our customer care or leave your feedback in the comments below!

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