How to Use SFTP to Connect to Your WordPress Site

How to Use SFTP to Connect to Your WordPress Site

At 10Web, we always pay attention to the security of the services you use. That’s why we only support SFTP connection for transferring your files.

What is SFTP and why do I need it?

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol and was designed as an extension of SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) version 2.0. Unlike the standard FTP, SFTP adds a layer of encryption to your files so they are secure on the interim stages of transfer.

Now let’s see how you connect to your WordPress website with an SFTP client.

1. Choose a client

First of all, you need an SFTP client supported by your operating system.

Then you can determine what additional services you want and decide whether you’re ready to pay for a premium client.

Take a look at some of the most popular clients:

Client Windows Mac Free Version Premium Price
FileZilla $19.99
Transmit $45

2. Locate your SFTP credentials

After downloading the client you’ve chosen, you need to enter the following credentials to connect:

  • IPv4
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

To find these credentials on your 10Web dashboard, select the website and click “Info” in the left menu bar.

3. Connect to the client

So, you’ve downloaded the client, located your credentials and want to connect them.

Many clients will offer you the option to enter them with “Quickconnect” which is really quick and easy. But in some cases you can’t select SFTP here if the client’s default protocol is FTP.

Here’s how you should connect to FileZilla and CoffeeCup FreeFTP with SFTP.

Connect to FileZilla

1. Select “Site Manager” from the “Files” menu.

2. Select SFTP as your protocol.

3. Fill in the fields with your credentials from 10Web dashboard.

4. Press Connect.

Connect with CoffeeCup FreeFTP

1. Select “Manage Servers” from the “Files” menu.

2. Choose a nickname.

3. Fill in the fields with your credentials (“Server” here is the same as “SFTP Host” on your 10Web dashboard).

4. Click “More options” to select SFTP protocol and insert port number.

5. Click “Connect.”

Enjoy your secure transfers with the extra layer of encryption! If you liked this tutorial, you’re bound to love our amazing 10-component platform, too.

The Most Reliable WP Hosting
The Most Reliable WP Hosting

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