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27 Best Portfolio Website Examples in 2023

In this digital era, a remarkable portfolio website is vital for standing out in a competitive market and leaving a lasting impression on clients or employers. Whether you are a seasoned expert or aspiring artist, it serves as your virtual business card, showcasing your talents and achievements to a global audience. In this article, we will explore some of the best examples of portfolio websites to inspire you.

In the creative industry, an online portfolio website is an indispensable platform. It is a professional website dedicated to showcasing an individual’s skills, qualifications, experience, and accomplishments to enable them to stand out among other candidates and be more appealing to potential employers. For small businesses and agencies, portfolio websites can be used to build credibility, showcase products and services, demonstrate expertise, and attract new leads. 

Besides a visually captivating design, a portfolio website typically includes the following elements:

  • Testimonials or recommendations from previous clients, 
  • Projects or work samples,
  • Contact information such as email and social profiles,
  • A downloadable version of your resume (optional),
  • A section that showcases written content such as articles,
  • An about section.

We understand that it can be challenging trying to build your portfolio website from scratch. Getting ideas about where to start and what skills are required can be intimidating, especially if you’re not a web designer or programmer.

However, you can use the 10Web AI Website Builder to build a professional portfolio website for your personal, photography, servicesmusic, architecture, interior design, and many other purposes with artificial intelligence (AI).

In this article, we have compiled a list of portfolio website examples to help inspire your creativity and learn the best practices. You’ll also discover how individuals from different professions and businesses in different domains present their work.

Example 1: Joao Verissimo – Interaction designer portfolio

Joao Verissimo Portfolio Website

Motion and interaction design entails creating engaging user experiences through using movement, animation, and interactivity. Joao is a motion and interaction designer based in Portugal, and his focus is on animation and Webflow development.

Joaos’ portfolio website is one of the best portfolio websites about motion and interaction design. If you visit Joao’s portfolio, you’d easily find out why we have listed it among the top portfolio website examples. 

Starting from the homepage, the website brings dynamic visuals to life, showcasing his animation and visual effects expertise, including a motion and interaction reel and a video simul media reel. Alternatively, you can click on the All Projects button to see all his projects. 

Navigating further down the portfolio reveals more information about Joao, the services they offer,  some of his clients, contact details, and his social media profiles.

Example 2: Michael Langley Architecture (MLA) – Architecture firm portfolio

Michael Langley Architecture Portfolio Website

MLA’s portfolio website effortlessly demonstrates why we have recognized it as one of the best portfolio website designs for an architectural firm. The Northamptonshire-based design-led firm is an award-winning architectural firm that believes in the value of well-considered design and how it can positively impact lives, communities, and the broader environment. The firm is committed to providing highly functional, beautifully crafted spaces that transform homes.

The site’s elegant layout and thoughtful use of high-resolution images allow visitors to immerse themselves in MLA’s architectural vision. The slider on the home page quickly enables you to marvel at some of the projects that the firm has worked on. 

An About section with more information about the firm ‌follows the home page ‌where we are introduced to even more projects. You can find a contact form at the bottom of the page.

Example 3: Ling KGraphic designer portfolio

Ling K Portfolio Website

Ling is a graphic designer, and her portfolio is one of the best portfolio websites due to its generic grid layout that makes the site unique and easy to use. When you visit Ling’s portfolio website, you’re greeted with an elegant and minimalistic layout with a striking header categorizing her work into different categories.

On the first page, you can find her latest work, and clicking on each of the projects opens a page with further details about the project. Using the easy navigation bar, we can also navigate to the branding and marketing section to find projects she’s worked on. 

At the bottom of Ling’s portfolio site, you can find a link to her Instagram page where anyone can contact her for services.

Example 4: Gaia Lina – Fashion designer portfolio

Gaia Lina Portfolio Website

For fashion designers putting together a portfolio site that stands among the best portfolio websites can seem like a difficult task. However, one can create an impressive portfolio like Lina’s with some inspiration and the right tools. Tools such as the 10Web AI Website Builder enable you to build or recreate any website in minutes with the power of AI.

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video poster

Lina is a Dutch artist living in the South of Portugal. Lina specializes in designing interior items and in felting very light and delicate shawls, dresses, jackets, vests, and shrouds. 

Lina’s portfolio website exudes sophistication and a keen eye for style, easily earning a top spot among the best portfolio websites. Through a carefully curated photo gallery in a slider, Lina showcases the ability to create a captivating fashion ensemble. 

Example 5: Demas Rusli – Photographer portfolio

Demas Rusli Portfolio Website

Demas Rusli is a renowned photographer and designer focusing on nature, fantasy, urban, architectural, and aerial photography. We’ve featured Demas’ portfolio among our chosen portfolio website examples because of its uniqueness and simplicity

Dema’s portfolio starts by displaying full-width images, which change after every few seconds. The changing collection of carefully curated images keeps the portfolio fresh and shows his artistic vision.

Generally, the portfolio is divided into two subsections, photography and images from his Instagram feed. Under the photography subsection, you’ll find different collections of different types of images categorized into different genres, including nature,  commissions, urban, architecture, aerial, and fantasy. This allows users to head straight to their favorite section.

Buttons at the top of each category also make navigating between different categories of images easier. At the top navigation bar users can also find links to other categories of his pages, such as blog, bio, and store.

Example 6: Matt Farley – Front-end developer portfolio 

Matt Farley Portfolio Website

Matt Farley is a designer, mentor, and front-end developer. If you’re a fan of a simple yet well-structured design layout then you’d find Matt’s portfolio website really inspiring. By immersing yourself in Matt’s portfolio website, you’ll readily understand why it’s garnered recognition as one of the most noteworthy portfolio website examples. 

Matt uses two colors to make his portfolio website irresistibly attractive. The white color portrays simplicity and cleanliness, while purple adds a touch of sophistication. The construct between white and purple establishes some visual clarity in the site. 

Matt started by listing his skills and the tools he’s worked with. The rest of the section includes some of his impressive projects, companies he’s collaborated with, some testimonials, and more of the projects he’s worked on.  

Example 7: Louise Desoeuvre – Fashion designer portfolio

Lousie Desoeuvre Portfolio Website

Louise Desoeuvre is a French Fashion Designer. Through her portfolio website, we learn about Louise’s passion for storytelling and archives. Her portfolio is a vibrant showcase of her creativity and artistry but still enables us to find all the important details about her work and business. 

The homepage uses a carousel allowing us to explore her captivating collections of different styles. The portfolio also features a section where we can browse collections from different fashion weeks using a dropdown in the navigation bar. 

On the process page, we learn more about Louise’s inspiration and family heritage, while in the About section, we get more details about her professional life, education, and collaborations. Other important pages include the Clients page, the Sales and Inquiries page, and the Contact page, where you can find ‌contact details.

Example 8: MB Creative – Creative design agency portfolio

MB Creative Portfolio Website

For a design agency to be successful, they first need to establish credibility and get good reviews from clients they have previously worked with. Crafting the best portfolio website is also a good marketing tool for agencies that need a constant stream of projects and revenue. Consider using the 10Web AI Website Builder to create a portfolio website for your agency faster using AI.

MB Creative is an award-winning design agency based in Toronto that specializes in creating beautiful websites through a strategy-driven design. MB Creative stands out as one of the best portfolio website examples, allowing the agency to display some of the projects they have worked on. 

The design of the portfolio itself is very attractive, demonstrating the agency’s collective expertise and creativity. On the portfolio website, you can also find more information about the design agency and contact information in the About and Contact sections, respectively. 

Example 9: Erik Andersson Architects – Captivating architecture designs portfolio

Erik Andersson Architects Portfolio Website

The architectural industry is a very competitive and visually driven industry. As in other creative fields, like photography, clients, investors, or employers rely on your past work before deciding whether they should work with you. A portfolio website is also a great way for those in the architectural industry to showcase ‌projects in different locations and categories and still provide other details used in the design process.

Erik Andersson Architects is a Stockholm-based studio practicing contemporary architecture and infrastructure. Their work ranges in scale from large infrastructure projects, Doha Bay Crossing, to small commissions such as furniture design. Erik’s website is one of the best portfolio websites for an architecture firm that you’d come across. 

Through this portfolio website, Erick’s studio showcases projects they have worked on, allowing clients to view them based on categories. On each project, one can view the project design and appearance, among other details such as the location where it was done. In the About section, Erick’s portfolio provides more information about himself, the studio, and their contact details.

Example 10: Thieb – Motion interactive designer portfolio

Thieb Portfolio Website

Motion and interactive design are all about giving your audience a captivating visual experience they can remember for a long time. If you want to design or enhance your portfolio, drawing inspiration from established portfolio website examples related to motion design is always a good idea.

Thieb is a Lead 3D motion and interactive designer based between California and Hawaii. Thieb’s portfolio is certainly among the best portfolio website examples. Thieb expresses his love for bringing ideas to life through well-crafted visuals, animations, composition, colors, and typography

Thieb lists some of his impressive projects and experience with leading global brands through a truly unique design and horizontal scrolling.  You’ll also find the designer’s socials and contact information on the sticky navigation bar.

Example 11: Integrated Designs Inc – Architectural and engineering portfolio

Integrated Designs Inc Portfolio Website

A visit to Integrated Designs (IDI) portfolio leaves no doubt as to why we have listed it among the best portfolio website examples. IDI is a leading architectural and engineering consulting firm with expertise in architecture and structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering to help client visions come to life. 

The IDI portfolio website has clearly opted for a clean design, less text, and more visuals of projects they’ve worked on. On the second page, IDI has listed some of its projects. Clicking on each of the projects allows you to view more details about the project, including the client, budget, and more images about the project.

From the About Us section, it’s clear that IDI prides itself on providing creative, affordable, and functional solutions. You can also find out about open positions and contact information using the menu in the far right corner.

Example 12: Diplo Studio – Creative agency portfolio

Diplo Studio Portfolio Website

Diplo Studio is a leading creative agency offering website and branding services with one of the best portfolio website examples you’ll find out there for a creative agency. The portfolio site has a sleek, modern design with a simple navigation menu which reflects their design philosophy. The home page includes information highlighting the main focus of the agency.

Scrolling further down the portfolio site reveals some of the projects that Diplo Studio has worked on in a carousel. Up next is the section highlighting the teams’ expertise and the studio’s services and a link where you can find the details about the services they offer. 

Towards the bottom of the portfolio, you can find out that Diplo has worked with many leading global brands, such as Google. And if you’d like to reach out, they have a neat contact section where you can find the agency’s contact details. 

Example 13: Adham Dannaway – Product designer portfolio

Adham Dannaway Portfolio Website

Adham Dannaway is a product designer specializing in UI design and design systems. According to his portfolio, Adham is also a front-end developer. Right from the homepage, you’ll discover the compelling reasons we have highlighted it as one of the best portfolio websites. 

This portfolio website is of the best examples of showcasing a neat design that still pays attention to details. At the top of the site, you can use the navigation bar to navigate to different pages of the portfolio website. 

The minimalistic navigation bar includes links to the blog, book, portfolio, contact, and about pages.  The portfolio page includes a collection of projects that he’s worked on. While the About and Contact pages contain information about Adhanm and how you can contact him.

Example 14: Steve Wolf Designs – Graphic design studio portfolio

Steve Wolf Designs Portfolio Website

Steve Wolf Design’s portfolio website is a great place to start if you are looking for inspiration to help you create your own portfolio website. This graphic design studio specializes in branding, branded illustration systems, and packaging. 

The portfolio website starts with a text which highlights their passion for creating meaningful and timeless designs for different audiences. This introductory statement sets the tone for the rest of the website, which is void of unnecessary text and clutter.

Instead, they have opted for high-quality visuals showcasing logo designs and brand identity projects they have worked on in a grid format. Hovering over the projects reveals more text details about the projects. The images also serve as links that one can click to reveal additional images and details about each project.

You can also use the sticky navigation bar to navigate to other sections, such as About and Contact, for more details.

Example 15: Bryan Gentry – Elegant photography showcase

Bryan Gentry Portfolio Website

Just like designers, photographers also deal with visual mediums. For this reason, portfolio websites present the best opportunity for photographers to share their work with potential clients, employers, or enthusiasts. Photographers can express their creativity, vision, and unique style through portfolio websites.

Bryan Gentry is a director of photography based in Newark. Bryan’s portfolio is among the best portfolio website examples for photography due to its simplistic design with a captivating collection right from the first click.

The portfolio categorizes Bryan’s work according to different genres that he’s worked on, including music, films, television, and branded. In the About section, one can also find more information about Bryan and his experience.

Example 16: Born Digital – Design and branding portfolio

Born Digital Portfolio Website

Born Digital is a design and branding studio that creates beautiful brands and digital products like mobile apps, websites, and other tools and platforms. Born Digital portfolio website is no doubt unique and among the best portfolio website examples for a design studio. Remember that the 10Web AI Website Builder enables you to create a unique portfolio website such as this one.

Generate Your Website No credit card required
Generate Your Website No credit card required

Through the portfolio website, we can learn that Born Digital has done some incredible projects around UX & UI design, strategy, brand design, visual design, and frontend development. The studio has worked with different clients, and you can find their contact info at the bottom of the page, which confirms their credibility. 

If you’re contemplating creating a design agency portfolio, then Born Digital’s portfolio is a good example of a user-friendly and informative portfolio website.

Example 17: Charlie Horner Design – Interior designer minimalistic portfolio 

Charlie Horner Design Portfolio Website

We have highlighted some of the best portfolio website examples by leading web and art designers and mentioned how important such platforms can be in propelling individuals and businesses to succeed. However, the need and usefulness of portfolios don’t stop with these two types of designers. Interior designers too, can benefit from a well-crafted portfolio website.

Charlie Horner is an interior designer with one of the best portfolio websites that can inspire any designer who wants to create a similar portfolio. Charlie’s portfolio website embodies the principle of a minimalistic design, clean aesthetics, and neutral color tones

We’re greeted with striking images of Charlie’s projects that are neatly arranged in a slideshow. The images include corresponding titles based on the kind of project we are seeing or the location. You can toggle the menu on the far right corner to find contact details and more information about Charlie.

Example 18: Olaolu Olawuyi  – Front-end developer portfolio

Olaolu Olawuyi Portfolio Website

Olaolu is an experienced front-end developer passionate about developing solid, scalable applications with great user experiences. We have lauded it as an outstanding representation of one of the best portfolio websites for a front-end developer and UX designer. 

It’s interesting how Olaolu makes use of different color palettes to create a visually striking portfolio website. Apart from the creative use of colors, it’s interesting how Olaolu presents information about his skills and experience in a cornice manner.

Just after the homepage, Olaolu highlights his experience in design and engineering. Scrolling further down, you’ll find more information about Olaolu where he highlights his current role at Shopify and companies that he’s worked with.

Example 19: Mihailo Vucenic – Graphic designer portfolio

Mihailo Vucenic Portfolio Website

We’ve included Mihailo Vucenic’s portfolio website as one of the best portfolio websites to showcase that you don’t need a complicated design philosophy for your portfolio website to stand out. Mihailo is a graphic designer with a passion for abstract concepts.

It is impressive how Mihailo uses a dark background and vivid neon tones as highlights to make his portfolio unique. The sticky navigation bar at the top allows you to open different parts of the page, including the portfolio section, where you can browse through his impressive projects. The shop section leads to pages where one can purchase his services.

Scrolling down on the homepage, you can also read Mihailo’s touching story on how he navigated different fields before finding his passing in graphic design.

Example 20: SquareMe – Modern video agency portfolio

SquareMe Portfolio Website

Any agency running a video creation service needs a way to demonstrate its creativity to potential clients. An effective portfolio website enables you or your business to display a collection of videos that you have worked on, giving clients a chance to evaluate and rate the quality of your work. 

Square Me stands outs as one of the best portfolio website examples for a video production agency. Square Me is a video production company that helps brands turn their crazy ideas into amazing videos. Its portfolio home page greets visitors with a text of what they do.

Without muddling the site, they also showcase projects on the right side of the homepage in a changing carousel. You can click on any of the projects to find further details about them. Navigating down the site, you’ll find the About section, features projects and testimonials, and a contact section.

Example 21: Sean Halpin – Sleek designer portfolio

Sean Halpin Portfolio Website

Web designers are often required to create visually appealing and functional websites for different brands and businesses. As a designer, it’s imperative that you share your work in an interactive and visual manner, either through screenshots or live websites. This is where a portfolio website is needed.

Sean is a web designer based in Toronto. Sean’s portfolio presents him as an experienced web designer passionate about creating fun, useful, and user-centric interfaces. This website stands out as one of the best portfolio websites for web designers due to its clean and modern design

Scrolling further down Sean’s portfolio reveals some of the exciting projects he’s worked on over the years and those he’s currently involved with. The About section also lists Sean’s experience spanning over a decade, while the fun section lists tools and sites he’s designed and created

Finally, the contact section interestingly prompts a chatbot where you can ask various questions and even contact Sean. 

Example 22: Nicola Petrie – UX Product designer portfolio

Nicola Petrie Portfolio Website

Nicola is a product designer with a passion for developing simple yet innovative experiences for users. Nicole’s portfolio website is easily one of the best portfolio website examples for showcasing your work in a minimalistic style. Remember that with the power of the 10Web AI Website Builder, you can leverage AI to build or recreate a portfolio site similar to Nicola’s.

Nicola’s home page features a thumbnail of the introductory text of what she does. This is followed by a neat display of her projects and case studies. Moving the cursor over any of the case studies reveals case study titles and subtitles which ‌briefly let us know the purpose of each of the projects.

At the top of her portfolio website, we can also find links to her social media and about page where we can read more about her.

Example 23: Melanie Daveid – Minimalistic art portfolio

Melanie Daveid Portfolio Website

Anyone in the art and design industry will agree that giving a good first impression is key to capturing the client’s interest.  Apart from the traditional art displays, there’s no better way to showcase your work as a designer and artist than through portfolio website examples.

Melanie Davied’s portfolio website epitomizes the essence of one of the best portfolio website examples. Melanie keeps the design of her portfolio website clean with an emphasis on the projects she’s worked on. Clicking on each of her projects reveals more details about each project.

In the About section, you’ll find more details about her work, experience, and her contact information.

Example 24: Michael Ji – UI/UX Designer portfolio

Michael Ji Portfolio Website

Every UI/UX designer’s portfolio website should be able to demonstrate their ability to create exceptional user experiences. This can be through projects, case studies, user research, prototypes, and wireframes. Michael Ji is a UI/UX designer. 

By visiting Michael’s portfolio website, you’ll quickly understand why we have chosen it as one of the finest portfolio website examples for a UI/UX designer. This portfolio website is animated right from the homepage making it fun and interesting to interact with. 

On the second page, we get more details about Michael and his interest in a neatly displayed card alongside a quality headshot image. His projects page also displayed some of the projects he’s worked on in a simple but interactive way. Hovering over the projects reveals a descriptive blurb about each one of them.

Example 25: Tony Gines – UI/UX Designer portfolio

Tony Gines Portfolio Website

The goal of any portfolio is to showcase your skills, experience, and services to potential clients or employers. For designers and UI/UX developers, it’s easy to be tempted into adding flashy animations, complex layouts, and excessive visual elements on your portfolio website in an attempt to impress users.

However, keeping your portfolio website simple while including all the important details is all that’s needed. Tony is a UI/UX designer. With one look at Tony’s portfolio website, it becomes obvious why we have featured it as one of the best portfolio website examples of a designer.

Tony presents his portfolio like a static page but includes his skills and links to his social media pages as well as Dribble, where we can find the rest of his projects. The portfolio also includes a‌n interactive image of Tony, making it appealing. 

Example 26: Greg Christian – Designer portfolio

Greg Christian Portfolio Website

Greg is a New York-based designer. A visit to Greg’s one-page portfolio website leaves no doubt as to why we have included it in our list of top-tier portfolio website examples. Greg opts for a modern look that’s uncluttered with unimportant details

Instead, Greg focuses on the projects he’s worked on through high-quality images, other details about the respective clients, and a link to where we can view the project. At the bottom of the site, you can find an extended list of companies that Greg has worked with.

Example 27: Brittany Chiang – Software engineer portfolio

Brittany Chiang Portfolio Website

Brittany Chiang is a web developer and the Lead Engineer at Upstatement. Going through this portfolio, you can easily tell that Britanny is a very experienced developer with an amazing collection of projects. 

Brittany’s portfolio is unique, which will leave no doubt as to why we have handpicked it and listed it among our portfolio website examples. Unlike most portfolio sites, Brittany has divided their portfolio into two columns

The first column includes information about Britanny’s current role, a list of contents leading to different sections of the portfolio, and links to their socials at the bottom. The second half of the portfolio starts with a piece of small background information about Britanny.  Brittany then goes on to list their experience in different organizations, followed by a list of projects they have worked on.


Portfolio websites can have many benefits for both individuals and brands. For individuals, a portfolio is a great way to establish an online presence, showcase your skills, and propel your career. Businesses and brands can also use online portfolio websites as marketing tools or as a platform to present their goods and services. Regardless of your motivation, we hope you’ll find these portfolio website examples a great source of ideas and inspiration that can help you create your own portfolio website. You can always use 10Web AI Website Builder to create a unique professional portfolio website 10X faster with AI. 

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Generate Your Website No credit card required

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