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33 Easy and Beautiful Travel Blog Examples in 2023

Travel blogs have become a valuable resource for travelers in today's digital age. Passionate travelers use these platforms to share tips, insights, recommendations, and personal experiences while on their adventures. In this article, we have curated a collection of the best travel blog examples to inspire you and provide you with ideas on how to create a successful travel website of your own.

Traveling to new destinations is one of the most rewarding experiences with benefits that extend beyond leisure and touring.  Traveling allows us to immerse ourselves and experience new beliefs, cultures, sights, languages, and foods first-hand. These unique experiences allow us to appreciate our planet’s rich diversity, break preconceived notions and stereotypes about other cultures, and enrich our learning experience.

In this digital age, travel blogs have become invaluable resources for anyone who wants to travel. Travel blogs are websites dedicated to sharing content about travel. Using these platforms, passionate travelers share tips, insights, recommendations, and personal experiences while traveling.

If you’re considering traveling or starting a travel blog website, this article is for you. We have curated a collection of the best travel blog examples to inspire your travel ambitions and give you an understanding and ideas on creating a successful travel website.

Example 1: Nomadic Matt – Travel cheaper, better, and longer

Nomadic Matt Travel Blog

Travel can feel like an expensive affair, from buying tickets to booking hotels and paying entrance fees. However, with the guidance of seasoned travelers, you can learn how to travel cheaply and still enjoy all the goodies that travel offers.

Matt Kepnes, the founder of the Nomadic Matt, is a veteran budget traveler with over 10 years of experience traveling to over 100 countries and territories. Matt’s website is one of the best travel blog examples for anyone who wants to travel but feels they can’t afford it. 

From Matt’s site, we learn how his first trip abroad, right after his first job inspired him to travel often. Since then, Matt has used his travel blog to help millions of people around the world travel by providing practical advice, money-saving tips, and in-depth destination guides.

Example 2: The Blonde Abroad – Empowering women to travel

The Blonde Abroad Travel Blog

The Blonde Abroad is one of the leading solo travel and lifestyle travel blog examples. Kiki, a California native, left her career in corporate wealth management in 2011 to embark on a journey of traveling alone to different destinations and sharing her experience through this blog. 

This travel website is a great resource for women and solo travelers looking for fashion inspiration, travel tips, food recommendations, and stunning ‌photography. Beyond just tips, Kiki shares resources for booking flights, monitoring flight tickets, travel credit cards, travel gear, and travel jobs around the globe.

If you’re contemplating starting a travel blog, Kiki shares incredible tips on starting and running a successful blog while working full-time. Using the 10Web AI Website Builder, you can also create a similar website in minutes and customize it with a drag-and-drop editor.

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Example 3: The Poor Traveler – Budget travel for newbies

The Poor Traveler Travel Blog

Travel can be intimidating and challenging for newbies, first-timers, the socially awkward, and those with limited funds. The poor traveler is one of the best travel blog examples that can help those new to traveling.

The authors of the travel blog, Vins, and Josh, narrate how they had a bad experience as wanna-be travelers, which inspired their resolve to start a blog to help new travelers avoid the mistakes they made. The blog offers tips and detailed guides to different destinations, including travel document guides such as passports and visas for these destinations. 

You can also find a community of like-minded individuals on Facebook. If you aspire to start a travel blog where you can share your authentic experiences, the Poor Traveler is a great site to benchmark. 

Example 4: Salt in Our Hair – Travel content creation

Salt in our Hair Travel Blog

Salt in Our Hair is a travel context creation company by Nick and Hannah, hailing from the Netherlands. If you are a lover of photography, content creation, and sharing your experiences, then you’d love Nick and Hannah’s content. 

Salt in Our Hair is an award-winning travel website and one of the best travel blog examples of how you can turn your passion for travel into an income-generating venture. Nick, a web developer, and Hannah, a graphic designer, have used skills from their former full-time jobs to craft an inspiring website that takes viewers on a visual journey across the globe.

On their site, you can find comprehensive travel tips and guides to different destinations. And if you’re a conservationist, you can find tips on how you can travel sustainably. 

Example 5: A Broken Backpack – Travel Tips in one place

A Broken Backpack Travel Blog

Melissa is a Canadian blogger who’s been traveling and living abroad since 2014. Melissa uses her travel blog to educate her audience that you don’t need a fortune before you can start traveling. She also shares tips on how to travel on a budget and establish a source of income that can sustain you abroad.

Whether you wish to live abroad, go backpacking, camping, or hiking, her blog contains impressive tips and her personal experience on how to go about the above activities. The blog also covers destination guides, travel gear recommendations, and making money abroad, among other resources. 

Example 6: The Barefoot Nomad – Family travel

The Barefoot Nomad Travel Blog

If you’re curious about what a family adventure looks like when kids are in the picture? Then you’ll find this travel blog useful. Charles Kosman and Micki Kosman, the founders of the blog, have over 10 years of travel experience. 

‌Barefoot Nomad is a comprehensive travel blog that includes a lot of useful and practical content about the author’s travel experiences, advice, and travel tips. Besides useful tips about different destinations, you’ll also find food, travel apps, travel gear, and travel insurance recommendations in the travel tech tips section.

If you’re a travel enthusiast and aspire to create a similar travel website where you can share travel tips and experiences, 10Web AI Website Builder can help you create one with minimal effort.

Example 7: Indie Traveler – DIY travel

Indie Traveler Travel Blog

Very few travel blog websites advocate for the Indie travel approach. However, if you’d like to travel on your terms and embrace the true sense of adventure without relying on a travel guide, you need to check out the Indies Traveler blog. 

Marek is a seasoned traveler with over a decade of experience traveling around the world. He shares tips about DIY travel, adventure-seeking, and following your own plan. On this blog, you can find honest and inspiring travel advice to help you travel. Some of the resources you can find on his blog include gear reviews, travel tips, and destination guides to places Marek has been to. 

Example 8: Wandering Earl – A life of travel

Wandering Earl Travel Blog

Ever wondered what a life of travel looks like? The Wandering Earl by Derek Earl is one of the top travel blog websites of bloggers that have spent more than two decades traveling. The founder of the blog uses his travel blog to document his adventures to over 130 countries and 6 continents where he’s lived and worked. 

This travel blog covers different subjects about travel, from how to plan a trip to how to live a life of travel. Ealr also shares insights on how one can work from abroad while traveling. If you’d like to go on a trip with Ealr, he runs a tour agency that helps interested individuals travel to different destinations. 

Example 9: World of Wanderlust – Solo travel

World of Wanderlust Travel Blog

World of Wanderlust is one of the best travel blog websites for solo travel enthusiasts. Whether you’ve yet to make your maiden solo trip or are an experienced solo traveler with a few trips under your belt, this blog contains resources and tips that can benefit you. 

On this travel blog, you’ll find resources to help you organize your first solo trip abroad and find the best cities to travel to in Europe. The author shares personal experience, what to expect, and how to navigate different destinations as a solo traveler. 

Besides solo travel, the blog includes a section where you can find information about the best luxury hotels, lodges, islands, and resorts. 

Example 10: Expert Vagabond – Adventure travel photographer

Expert Vagabond Travel Blog

Expert Vagabond is an example of a travel blog with ‌all-inclusive travel content that is suitable for solo, family, and community travelers. Matt is an expert traveler, adventurer, and photographer. His aim is to show his audience new things, inspire ideas, entertain, and help them learn from his mistakes while traveling. 

His blog captures travel guides to different destinations. The guides include travel tips, amazing photography, and personal stories from touring these destinations. You can learn how to plan your trips using information from these guides. Matt also uses a dedicated photography section to take his readers through a visual journey of the destinations he’s been to.

Example 11: Our Escape Clause – Plan your dream trip

Our Escape Clause Travel Blog

Our Escape Clause is an example of a travel blog that focuses on destinations in the USA, Europe, and Italy. Jeremy and Kate, the founders of this travel blog, are full-time travelers and bloggers with over six years of experience. The two travelers have dedicated their sites to sharing travel stories and personal reflections.

You can also find great resources and actionable tips on their site to help you plan your trips. For instance, you can read about their experiences in destinations across Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Other features on the travel blog are guides to help you plan your dream trip to different cities and destinations in Italy and Portugal and weekend gateways in the USA.

Example 12: The Broke Backpacker – Limited budget travel

The Broke Backpacker Travel Blog

The Broke Backpacker is the ultimate example of a travel blog that shares resources for anyone traveling on a limited budget. On this travel blog, you’ll find tips, tricks, and insider secrets for traveling on the cheap.

The blog’s author, Will Hatton, is an experienced traveler who uses his experience to encourage his audience to step out of their comfort zone. His blog is divided into different sections, starting with Where to Go, a section that highlights the best destinations to travel to. Under the budget travel section, readers can find comprehensive tips on finding cheap accommodation, transportation, and food. 

Example 13: Let’s Be Merry – Fitness and wellness

Let's Be Merry Travel Blog

Traveling can seem fun and exciting, but that is not always the case. Travel can also be tiring and exhaustive and sometimes filled with frustrations. Let’s be merry is one of the few travel blog websites that advocate for wellness and personal growth while traveling.

Merry, the blog’s author, uses her travel site to share ideas and tips on how to stay fit and healthy while traveling. Readers can find recommendations about nutritious foods, affordable exercise equipment, and how to prepare healthy meals. 

You can also create a similar site to inspire new travelers using the 10Web AI Website Builder by simply answering a few questions about the site you want.

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Example 14: The Planet D – Top travel blog

The Planet D Travel Blog

Planet D is among the world’s top ten travel blog examples, according to Forbes magazine. If you’re looking for a reputable example of a travel blog, then Planet D is the right platform to find credible travel information. Dave and Deb and the couple behind this travel blog, and together they have been traveling for over 15 years.

The founders aim to inspire millions of ordinary people who visit their blog that it is possible to live an extraordinary life when you pursue what you love. This blog includes detailed information about different destinations that Dave and Deb have been to. The authors also share their experiences, travel tips, itineraries, and how you can start a nomadic life. 

Example 15: Travel Hacking Mom – Travel on points

Travel Hacking Mom Travel Blog

Travel Hacking Mom is an example of a travel blog advocating how one can leverage credit card points to travel and stay in hotels for nearly free. Over the years, the trio of mothers has accumulated millions of card points that they have used to travel to destinations such as Hawaii, Paris, London, Mexico, Thailand, and many more.

The Trio also shares tips and guides about different destinations they have visited. They also share information on how you can use travel points to visit some of the destinations they have visited themselves. Under the offers section, you can also find some of the best credit card offers you can choose from.

Example 16: Anywhere We Roam – Minimalistic travel blog

Anywhere We Roam Travel Blog

If you love minimalistic design, you should check out Anywhere We Roam, a travel blog by Mark and Paul. However, don’t let the simple design of this travel blog trick you into thinking that the blog needs to be more detailed. Anywhere We Roam is an example of a travel blog with a design that’s easy to navigate and great travel insights.

The authors of the blog share guides and tips for various outdoor activities such as hiking, city travel, adventures, road trips, scenery, and wildlife. Other resources you can find on this travel blog include guides to different destinations across continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe,  and the Middle East.

Example 17: Female Travel Bloggers – Community travel

Female Travel Bloggers Travel Blog

Finding an active and welcoming travel community can make all the difference, especially when new to travel.  Female Travel Bloggers (FTB) is an example of a travel blog where a group of like-minded individuals collaborate to help each other travel

FTB also shares a great collection of resources on starting a travel blog. If you’re new to travel and blogging, tapping into the collective knowledge and expertise of a community such as FTB can be beneficial. 

Example 18: Helen in Wonderlust – Africa travel blog

Helen in Wonderlust Travel Blog

Helen’s travel blog is an example of a travel blog that extensively covers travel on the African continent. Through her blog, we learn how Helen fell in love with Africa, its wildlife, scenery, and people. She uses her travel blog to challenge the negative stereotype often perpetuated by the media that Africa is unsafe for travel. 

Helen showcases great African destinations and how anyone can travel adventurously, safely, and on a reasonable budget. On her blog, you’ll find African travel resources, group tours, and an E-book dedicated to African travel.  Helen has also traveled out of Africa, and shares guides to these destinations on her travel blog.

Example 19: Camels and Chocolate – Career, family, and travel

Camels and Chocolate Travel Blog

You’ll love Kristin’s travel blog if you are a fan of color, aesthetics, and quality photography. Kristin is a journalist and writer. Her blog covers various topics, including home renovation, food, travel, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. If you’d like to learn how one can balance travel, family, and entrepreneurship and pursue career interests, this is one of the best travel blog examples you can learn from.

Apart from their love for art and murals, Kristin and her husband have traveled to many exciting destinations.  Kristin uses her writing skills to share interesting personal experiences and travel stories. Kristin also shares a lot about her journey to becoming a successful writer, which can be of great value if you’d like to start blogging.

You can also create your travel website that adopts a similar design using the 10Web AI Website Builder. Simply copy and paste the URL and we will recreate the layout for you.

Example 20: Adventurous Kate – Travel for independent women

Adventurous Kate Travel Blog

Kate is a seasoned lone traveler with over a decade of experience in traveling to over 83 countries and seven continents and still going on. Kate’s travel blog is one of the go-to travel blog examples if you wish to learn how to navigate travel alone, easily, safely, and adventurously

On her travel blog, Kate shares information about various destinations ‌she has visited. Under each destination, she details what you can do, what not to do, safe neighborhoods, and sheltering places in each destination. Kate has also dedicated a page where she shares solo female travel tips

Example 21: Getting Stamped – Traveling as a family

Getting Stamped Travel Blog

Getting Stamped is one of the best travel blog examples for couples looking for ideas on traveling as a family or a couple. Hannah and Adam, a couple from Wisconsin, started this blog about a decade ago when they left their corporate jobs and ventured into a lifetime of making trips and sharing ideas through this blog.

The blog features different helpful resources, including destination guides, photography, and travel tips through the blog section. ‌Under the destination guide section, you can find insights and recommendations for destinations that have captured the authors’ hearts. 

Example 22: Urban Travel Blog – Urban adventure

Urban Travel Blog

If you love exploring cities, the Urban Travel Blog is one of the best blog travel examples. Duncan Rhodes is a travel journalist who has explored and written guides for over 75 guides. City adventure provides unique opportunities for exploring new environments,  rich history, iconic landscapes, a variety of food options, diverse people, and thrilling nightlife.

Urban Travel Blog provides insights into different cities. You can learn about different experiences, nightlife, festivals, holidays, and trends. This information lets you know what to expect when visiting these cities. 

Example 23: Migrationology – Food travel blog

Migrationology Travel Blog

Travel isn’t only about sightseeing and adventure, but is also about experiencing the food and culture of places you visit. If you’re a food lover who isn’t afraid of trying new recipes, then traveling might be a great way to experience them. Mark Wien’s travel blog is one of the outstanding travel blog examples for those that love food and travel. 

Mark’s blog shares guides to popular destinations such as Mexico, Bangkok, Dubai, and many more. In this guide, Mark shares recommendations of food spots, local restaurants, and dishes worth trying. Besides food, Mark also shares details like how to get visas for these destinations, bus stations, and where to stay.

Example 24: BucketListly – Guides and backpacking itineraries

BucketListly Travel Blog

Pete is a designer and blogger from Thailand with over 10 years of experience as a solo traveler and storyteller through his travel blog. Pete’s travel website reveals ‌his love for photography, adventure, and storytelling. BucketListly is also one of the well-designed travel blog examples, attesting to Pete’s design and programming skills.

Pete’s travel website provides resources that you can use to plan a trip, such as where to find cheap flights, hotels, buses, and more.  For those looking to start a similar travel blog, the video, photo, and inspiration sections are a good place to find motivation and ideas for starting your travel blog. 

Example 25: Be My Travel Muse – Travel solo

Be My Travel Muse Travel Blog

Starting a solo travel adventure can feel impossible, especially for women. Kristina has over nine years of experience as a solo traveler and aims to use her blog to empower women to travel. Kristina’s blog is among the best women’s travel blog examples and has gained recognition and mentions from leading newspapers such as the Washington Post.

The blog covers a range of topics, including tour and destination guides, travel resources, and a dedicated section where one can find tips for solo women’s travels. If you’re looking for inspiration to start solo traveling and a blog, Kristina’s blog offers videos where you can watch her adventures and the tips she shares.

Example 26: Goats on the Road – Earn money while traveling

Goats on the Road Travel Blog

Nick and Dariece, the founders of this travel blog, have been traveling and living abroad for more than a decade. We’ve featured Goats on the Road as one of the best travel blog examples where you can learn how to make a decent living abroad while traveling.

The blog also features a team of professional writers who are passionate about travel and adventure. Together, they share first-hand travel experiences through in-depth articles covering topics such as finding work abroad, digital nomadism, and travel tips. 

The Goats on the Road team also shares courses on growing your brand and SEO. You can also find useful information on various destinations they have visited. If you’re interested in starting a travel blog, you can also find a free WordPress course and how to start a blog.

You can also leverage the power of AI through the 10Web AI Website Builder to create a similar website.

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Example 27: Two Monkeys Travel – Luxury and adventure travel

Two Monkey Travel Travel Blog

Kach is a seasoned traveler from the Philippines. She uses her travel blog to narrate how she discovered her love for traveling a month after graduation and proceeded to quit her 9-to-5 job to explore the world through traveling. 

Since quitting her job in 2013, Kach has traveled to over 180 countries and plans to visit all countries. Kach’s travel blog is one of the best travel blog examples for anyone who wants to learn how to navigate the world as a solo traveler

The travel blog covers different topics, including a glimpse into different destinations that Kach has visited. Other topics include travel guides and guides for outdoor activities such as hiking and cruising. 

Example 28: The World Travel Guy – Authentic travel insights

The World Travel Guy Travel Blog

The World Travel Guy is a travel blog by Davi, his wife Intan, and their co-workers. Together they’ve curated one of the most detailed and authentic travel blogs detailing their journeys across different destinations on different continents. 

The travel website features a blog section highlighting different destinations worldwide, including some UNESCO world heritage sites. In this blog section, readers can find tips such as where to stay and what to expect. The site also has categorized content according to different continents and categories, such as hikes, monuments, UNESCO sites, etc. There’s also a gallery section with photos of scenic locations.

The combination of budget-friendly tips, destination guides, and galleries can inspire anyone looking to start a travel blog.

Example 29: The Travel Book – Eco-friendly travel

The Travel Book Travel Blog

The Travel Book is one of the best travel blog examples and the go-to travel blog if you’re an environmentalist. This travel blog will teach you that changing bad habits is possible without compromising quality, luxury, or great holiday experiences. 

If you’re already a traveler, Travel Book is a great place to learn how to travel sustainably.  And if you’d like to start a similar travel blog, Travel Book is a great source for content inspiration and best practices for your travel blog. Using the 10Web AI Website Builder, you can easily recreate a similar site in minutes using the power of AI.

Example 30: Travel Freak – Fulfillment and wellness

Travel Freak Travel Blog

Travel Freak by Jeremy is an exceptional travel blog where like-minded individuals that don’t resonate with the status quo can find resources to help them start their adventure. Jemmy has over a decade of experience in traveling, and his website is one of the leading travel blog examples that’s impacted millions.

On this site, you can find resources about traveling solo, including tips on how to work abroad, save money, and which travel equipment is reliable for different adventures. Although Jeremy faced a health setback, he continues to share insights on becoming a successful digital nomad, blogger, and influencer.

Example 31: A Couple for the Road – Couple travels

A Couple For The Road Travel Blog

A Couple on the Road is an example of a travel blog that shares tips on how you can keep your job and responsibilities and still be able to travel to any place you’d like to visit. Justin and Tracy are the couples behind this travel blog which started their travel and blogging journey after inspiration from leading travelers and bloggers such as the Nomadic Matt.

Unlike many travelers who, at some point, had to leave behind their corporate jobs to pursue their travel passions, this couple shares a different perspective. Justin and Tracy have traveled to over 75 destinations around the globe and share unique stories and tips on securing travel packages to anywhere in the world. 

Example 32: Place of Juma – Travel and photography

Place of Juma Travel Blog

Travel and adventure also present an opportunity for those interested in photography to capture unique moments they can share with the world. Places of Juma is one example of a travel blog website emphasizing photography. Martina & Jürgen combine photography and storytelling to share their good experiences about different destinations they have been to.

Apart from the stunning photography, showcasing unique landscapes, architecture, and cultural aspects of places they visit, the authors also share expert advice about traveling. You can find guides to popular destinations, including travel tips, itineraries, and city breaks. 

Example 33: Roads and Kingdoms – Food, travel, and guides

Roads and Kingdoms Travel Blog

Roads and Kingdoms is one of the unique travel blog websites that combines excellent story-telling and documentary-style travel photography to tell stories about different destinations on the planet. Unlike most travel blog websites, the Roads and Kingdoms blog covers different topics such as travel, food, politics, and travel guides. 

The Travel section features travel stories and award-winning photography from journalists, writers, and travelers with years of travel experience. The food and culinary section also features stories about leading dishes in different destinations, while in the guide section, you’ll find guides to the leading cities around the globe.


Travel blogs have become valuable resources for both new and seasoned travelers. This collection of travel websites shows the power of storytelling combined with captivating photography in immersing readers and invoking curiosity. If you feel inspired by any of the above travel website designs, the 10Web AI Website Builder can help you easily recreate it. Another option is to simply answer a few questions about what you want your website to be about, and the 10Web AI Website Builder will create your dream travel website with unique images and content in minutes. 

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