WP Form Maker & Zapier Integration

Form Maker by 10Web

Using a well built tool with great versatility makes any job easily manageable. Form Maker by 10Web is on it’s way to becoming even better. This intuitive plugin incorporates diverse use cases starting with simple surveys to placement of orders and purchases with PayPal and Stripe integration. No wonder it has over 2 million downloads. The 10Web WordPress team is dedicated to bringing more functionality to Form Maker, while maintaining its clarity and simplicity of use.

Individual Form Settings

The Form Maker by 10Web gives you control over the general settings of all your forms and settings of each individual form, customizable per form type. This is where you set how you want each form to function. To this, our WP team has added the option to Limit Submissions. For example, you have a survey form and want to limit your survey to 100 participants. You can set your submission limit using this option. What’s more, you can write a custom message that will appear for those who try to submit after your set limit has been fulfilled.

Form Maker Plugin in WP dashboard customizing settings

Actions After Form Submission

For your individual forms, you can set different actions after the form has been submitted. For example, you can choose to redirect your visitors to a different page, write a custom message, redirect them using a custom URL, and more.
When redirecting the user to a custom URL, you now have the option to add Form Fields into the URL. If you have multiple forms on your website, this will allow you to see which page the form was submitted from and the information of the form fields you have included in the custom URL. Basically, it is another way of collecting data.

Form Maker Plugin in WP dashboard, customizing actions after submission. URL form fields

Payment Options in Form

As a part of making business more accessible to larger audiences, we have 25 types of currency you can choose from as your Payment Currency. As requested by our users, the newcomers to this list are the Croatian Kuna and the Pakistani Rupee.

Form Maker Plugin in WP dashboard payment options, currency

Zapier Integration With Form Maker Webhooks

Webhooks is an extension of Form Maker by 10Web. It allows you to send inputs from your forms to other systems either within your website or to third party CRM services. We have integrated our Webhooks extension with Zapier. Use the webhooks extension to transfer inputs from your forms to Zapier. Then create “zaps” with other tools and apps supported by Zapier.

Form Maker Webhooks extension in WP dashboard Form Maker Webhooks extension in WP integrating Zapier

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