WP Photo Gallery Update

As human beings we have all felt the impact an image can have. Combine that with the way images flow from one to the other, composition of images on a page, then add in a bit of audio, and you have just created an experience of wholeness.

The Photo Gallery by 10Web plugin is one of the greatest tools that help you reach your visual goals and allow for your customers to have an amazing experience while surfing through your website or blog. What’s more is that here at 10Web, our WordPress team is always on the lookout for customer feedback and improvements to all of our WP tools. 

Putting hard work into creating your galleries includes creating themes or altering existing themes and styles to get the look you want. That shade of grey for the gallery description and the last download of the font and font size are just perfect. So, to make all of this faster for you, we have added the Functionality to Duplicate Galleries.  

This will duplicate everything you have worked so hard to achieve, saving you time and money. Also, you now have the possibility to add gallery title and description to Carousel View.

Go ahead, give your customers the ride of their lives. 

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