What’s New: 10Web Speed Optimizer Update

The 10Web Speed Optimizer

Here we go again! Moving forward in the same light, we have more improvements and bug fixes in the 10Web Speed Optimizer. Here is What’s New.

JPEG Images
To speed up websites, we have enabled by default to automatically encode large JPEG images to a progressive method. This will compress the size of your image and show the entire image while simultaneously loading it. Thus, providing a better user experience and a faster loading page.

Option to Minify HTML
Speed up your website by choosing to minify the HTML. This will remove the white space and comments, reducing the size.

Option to Preconnect External Sources
Preconnection works much like prefetching. When this option is checked, let’s say for Google Fonts, the DNS lookup, the TLS and TCP communication will be done before the page loads; thus, speeding up the load time of your pages.

Option to Remove jQuery Migrate
If your themes and plugins are updated, then most likely, you will not need jQuery. jQuery adds an extra HTTP request, which means that load time is slowed. Now you have the option to remove the jQuery Migrate from your site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issues on inline JS/CSS
  • Fixed: Issues on JS/CSS caching in dynamic pages
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