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As human beings we are always striving for perfection, it’s in our nature, in our core. This drive within us is responsible for great achievements in all fields, from technology to art. It has compelled us to fuse ideas and concepts from different fields, allowing technology to advance and transform art, science, language, and vice versa, just think of all the Jules Verne novels for one.

Where has all this led us: automation and optimization in everything we do. The simple spelling and grammar check in the text editor you and I use, is a very basic way of automating the process of writing; thus, optimizing the writing that is being done. It gets rid of the time consuming task of having someone else check your document for grammar and spelling mistakes, resulting in work done more quickly.


A few months back, we introduced Automated Websites Optimization. Now we have gone further and have integrated the 10Web Speed Optimizer plugin with the Google PageSpeed module. In doing so, your websites will be automatically optimized at the hosting level. The module is a tool installed on the server that powers your website. The tool uses filters to optimize, compress, combine, and prioritize the following:

  • Images
  • Caching and more

To further optimize, use the 10Web Speed Optimizer to lazy load images, videos, iframes, and exclude JS and CSS files from lazyload.This is the process that gives you a desktop load speed of 90+. Trust us, that’s fast!
Once your website has been optimized, you will see a list of the processes accomplished by the combined efforts of these tools, in our newly designed Speed Up page.

speed up page redesign


Trial Platform

Cutting down the steps you need to take, makes it quicker for trial users to start exploring our platform. After signing up with 10Web, you will be asked to fill out only two fields:

  • Data Center Location
  • Website Title


14 day free trial sign up

Once this is done, your website will be automatically created.

Understanding a new environment requires some time, for our trial users, we have added a tour in our dashboard. As soon as your website is created, a tour will guide you through the basics of navigating and using the 10Web Dashboard.

Free trial tour of dashboard


Changes in Hosted Website Dashboards

We continue to reorganize the dashboard, and with each change reach a level of logical comfort. Websites hosted at 10Web have the option to enable a staging environment. This option is now housed under Hosting Services.

10Web Staging environment

Improvements and Fixes

We have improved the speed of the 10Web dashboard and further improved and stabilized the migration of websites. There have also been bug fixes in the redirect rules which now supports all regular expressions.

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