What’s New: The 10Web AI Builder, Speed Optimizer, & FB Page Widget

To make the most efficient use of a given situation, a tool, or a resource, requires great attention to detail and understanding the needs of your customers. The process of optimization becomes tangible when our customers interact with the new and improved versions of our products. Here at 10Web, we love hearing from our customers and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and do what it takes to achieve a better product. Here is What’s New at 10Web!

AI Builder Improvements


Ignore vs Image Identification
Classification algorithm improvements that decipherer between use of a small image widget or ignoring it in the final recreated page.
Differentiation Between Image Box and Call to Action Widgets

  • CTA widget refinement of classification
  • Differentiation between image box widget and CTA widget
  • CTA widget imports correctly and with a button


Slider Classification and Conversion Improvement
Improved recognition of slider widgets. Precision adjustments of the slide counts in the slider.
Create Sections With Elementor Background Sliders
Now you can recreate the Elementor background slideshow of sections.

Improvements to Pop Ups

  • More accurate recognition of Pop Ups, especially when page height is small
  • It is less probable for logos to be classified as popups

Non Latin Domains

Websites with Non Latin URLs can now be recreated using the AI Builder.

Animations and Transforms

The Animation Detection Module was fully reviewed and as a result thorough improvements were made to the entire module and animation detection.
Here is what’s been improved:

  • Precise recognition of animations and animation effect types
  • Better position recognition of animated elements
  • Probability of animated element loss has been greatly reduced
  • AI Builder is now able to recreate certain animations
  • Recreated widgets can have CSS transformations now ( scale, skew, rotate)
  • The resulted web pages may achieve recreated animations

Overlaying Backgrounds

Improvement of background overlay detection resulting in more esthetic layouts when backgrounds overlap.

25 Bug Fixes were done in the AI Builder

Facebook Page Widget

As we say, you can build an entire site using 10Web premium widgets. We have added the Facebook Page widget to the 10Web Builder toolbox. With this widget at your disposal, you can add your Facebook Timeline, Events, and Messages to your website. It’s a great way to direct traffic to your FB page.

10Web Premium Facebook Page Widget

Additions to the 10Web Speed Optimizer

Continuous work on one of our fundamental tools, the 10Web Speed Optimizer, has yielded the following additions to the plugin.

10Web Speed Optimizer new features

Split CSS Files
To save you a bunch of time and resources, we’ve added the automated feature for splitting your CSS files. When the checkbox is ticked, the CSS files will be split into groups according to their resolutions. Depending on what size screen the person is using, only the resolution for that particular size will be imported.

Another way to speed up your website is to load your fonts with WebFont. Now you have that option in the Speed Optimizer.

Delay Javascript Execution
This great feature allows you to only load JS upon interaction. For example, you have opened a website called #1 on a tab, but at the moment you are looking through some other websites on the other tabs. You decide to click on the tab of website #1 and look through it. Once you start interacting with the website, the JavaScript starts to load.

Exclude Images from Optimization
You may have some images on your website that you don’t want to optimize, now you have the option to exclude those images from optimization.


To further protect you from DDoS attacks, we have added a Rate Limitation on your website servers. If you have a suspicious quantity of requests coming from the same IP address, that IP address will automatically be blocked for a certain period of time.

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