33 Cleaning Service Website Examples to Start Your Business Now

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial for a successful cleaning business. One effective way to achieve success is by creating an exceptional website. A well-designed website adds credibility to your cleaning business and helps you attract more customers.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled 33 designs for cleaning company websites. This collection aims to emphasize the importance of choosing the best cleaning service website templates.

Before we dive deeper into each website’s specifics, let’s examine the primary benefits of building a website for your cleaning company:

  • Showcase your services: Your website is the perfect platform to showcase your services. Customers can easily learn about your company from a comprehensive list of cleaning duties and pricing to a free estimate and information about your cleaning process.
  • Build trust and reputation: A well-designed website boosts customer confidence and credibility. It allows you to display your certifications, accolades, and positive customer reviews.
  • Expand your reach: A website enables your cleaning service to reach a wider audience beyond your local community. Through search engines, customers can easily find local cleaning companies, broadening their client base and attracting new customers.
  • Available around the clock: A website is accessible 24/7, allowing potential clients to visit it anytime, even outside business hours. As a result, people are more likely to get in touch with you when they need your help.

Now, let’s dive into our top picks for the best website designs for maid services.

Example 1: Sparkly – Stylish service display

Sparkly Cleaning Service Website Example

Sparkly is a cleaning company offering residential, maid, and commercial cleaning solutions. Among cleaning services website examples, Sparkly impresses with its interactive modern look and perfect style that suits the website.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Utilizes strikethrough text in the hero section to capture the reader’s attention effectively.
  • Features a prominently displayed “Get a Free Quote” button, guiding users toward the next step.
  • Boasts an HD background image that adds a contemporary flair.
  • Offers distinct categories for different customer needs, including Home and Office cleaning services.

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Example 2: Benchmark Cleaning Services – Gradient styling & transitions

Benchmark Cleaning Services Website Example

Benchmark Cleaning Services is a London-based cleaning company specializing in various commercial and office cleaning services. If you’re browsing cleaning services website templates, Benchmark’s template is noteworthy for its focus on transitions and gradient design elements.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Artistic and unique design featuring unconventional and curvy shapes.
  • Use of gradient-colored fonts in headings for added visual appeal.
  • Wavy background transitions that enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Gradient-colored “blob” image containers that add a creative touch.

Example 3: MyClean – Functional layout and booking options
MyClean Cleaning Service Website Example

The best cleaning services website examples often have various packages to suit residential and commercial properties. MyClean is a cleaning business that operates in New York City and Chicago and offers a wide range of cleaning services, covering both homes and offices. 

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Booking function at a display for quick and easy access.
  • Clear cost information integrated into the booking function.
  • Minimal use of distracting images, allowing for a strong focus on essential information.

Example 4: Handy – User-centric design

Handy Cleaning Service Website Example

Handy offers a solution to connect people with top-rated service professionals for household tasks. Their website streamlines communication with customers and connects them with vetted experts.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clearly defined sections for Home Cleaning, All Services, and The Home Shop.
  • Instant booking feature for various cleaning and handyman tasks
  • The inclusion of a dedicated shop for furniture broadens service offerings.
  • Integration of their own PlayStore application provides easy mobile access.

If you like the dedicated shop featured on Handy’s website, try checking out 10Web AI Ecommerce Website Builder to build your cleaning website with a custom-integrated shop.

Example 5: Alpine Maids – Emphasis on customer feedback

Alpine Maids Cleaning Service Website Example

Alpine Maids serves all homes and apartments within a 14-mile radius of their Denver offices as a testament to professionalism and excellence in the cleaning industry.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Real-time customer ratings display.
  • Harmonious green and blue design elements.
  • Direct booking and instant quote features.
  • Comprehensive “About Us” section.

Example 6: Pro Housekeepers – Service diversity highlighted

Pro Housekeepers Cleaning Service Website Example

Pro Housekeepers specializes in various cleaning services, from residential and commercial cleaning to event clean-ups and handyman services. 

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Informative sections detail the company’s operations.
  • An instructional video simplifies the booking process.
  • Convenient booking option on the homepage.

Example 7: Maid2Clean – Tailored domestic solutions

Maid2Clean Cleaning Service Website Example

Maid2Clean, dedicated to meeting all your domestic needs, offers both one-off spring cleans and regular cleaning services. Using one of the best cleaning services website templates that emphasize personalization, their website offers a variety of cleaning services, from ironing to vacuuming.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Prominent, easy-to-spot call-to-actions.
  • Direct booking option from the homepage and transparent service costs.
  • Effective use of social proof, showcasing their impressive client recommendation rate.

Example 8: MoreHands – Consistent branding

Morehands Cleaning Service Website Example

Finding the right cleaning business website template can boost your online presence, and the Morehands website is a perfect example. MoreHands has been the go-to cleaning service for busy Texans for two decades, ensuring their homes remain a sanctuary of relaxation.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Immediate visibility of dual call-to-actions.
  • Clear presentation of the company’s offerings and mission.
  • Easy access to service locations and transparent pricing.
  • Consistent and on-brand color scheme in graphics throughout the site.

Example 9: Men in Kilts – Unique cleaning attire

Men in Kilts Cleaning Service Website Example

Men In Kilts offers exterior cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Their unique approach is evident in their branding, with the website showcasing high-quality images of their kilt-clad cleaners. 

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Embracing and highlighting their unique “kilt” style consistently.
  • Cohesive branding that ties together images, brand name, logo, and color scheme.
  • Direct integration of Google Reviews on the homepage, showcasing customer satisfaction.
  • Sleek CSS animations that load images dynamically as users scroll

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Generate Your Website No credit card required

Example 10: Better Life Maids –  Efficient CTA integration

Better Life Maids Cleaning Service Website Example

Better Life Maids is dedicated to assisting busy families in St. Louis, offering top-tier residential cleaning services. The mission of their company is to provide a healthier home for families.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Prominent online quote tool with clear pricing.
  • Credibility boost with featured publication logos.
  • Direct call option via displayed phone number on the landing page.
  • Convenient FAQ section integrated on the landing page.

Example 11: Maid Brigade – Sleek corporate design

Maid Brigade Cleaning Service Website Example

Maid Brigade stands as a leading national franchised house cleaning service, boasting over 365 service areas across the US and Canada.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Corporate design with consistent branding throughout.
  • Top navigation bar for easy site accessibility.
  • Service availability checker using zip and postal codes.
  • Client testimonials boost credibility.
  • Convenient call option for free estimates and booking.

Example 12: Maid First – Clear customization options

Maid First Cleaning Service Website Example

Some cleaning services website examples offer online booking features for convenience. MaidFirst stands out as a house cleaning service that makes booking easy from its landing page.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Interactive sliders for bedroom and bathroom selection.
  • Customization options with clear discount offers for different service timeframes.
  • Intuitive navigation bar for easy redirection.
  • Hassle-free booking and instant estimate provision.

Example 13: Maid Marines – Consistent design elements

Maid Marines Cleaning Service Website Example

Maid Marines Cleaning Service is a home cleaning and housekeeping service. Home cleaning services offered by this company are based on the number of bedrooms in the home and are priced accordingly.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Direct booking option integrated on the homepage.
  • Showcasing credibility with logos of renowned clients.
  • Consistent and easy-to-read design elements.
  • Informative table differentiating their services from competitors.
  • Instant online service form for quick cost estimation.

Example 14: Planet Maids – Service-centric layout

Planet Maids Cleaning Service Website Example

Planet Maids, one of the standout cleaning services website examples, offers specialized apartment cleaning and maid services in NYC. 

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clean and straightforward web design complemented by multiple CTAs.
  • Genuine client testimonials and logos of partnering companies to build trust.
  • Informative blog section emphasizing the benefits of apartment cleaning services.
  • Easy booking with prominent “Book Now” buttons in the hero and navigation sections.

Example 15: TruBlue Total House Care – Detailed header menu

TruBlue Total House Care Cleaning Service Website Example

TruBlue Total House Care stands out as a one-stop solution for all home chores and repairs. They offer various services, from senior home modifications to house cleaning, handyman repairs, landscaping, and more.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clean layout with clear CTAs.
  • Service search and comprehensive header for all offerings.
  • Localized service via the ‘Choose a Location’ feature.
  • Engaging video testimonials and detailed company narrative.
  • Easy contact methods, and social media links.
  • Embedded reviews for credibility.

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Example 16: King of Maids – Genuine Reviews Showcase 

King of Maids Cleaning Service Website Example

King of Maids operates as a software company, adeptly connecting homeowners with skilled cleaning professionals. They predominantly serve the Chicago, IL area and its neighboring cities.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Effective design with interactive chat support.
  • Prominent CTA and clear company value proposition.
  • Insightful backstory and genuine customer reviews.
  • Engaging testimonial videos.
  • Trust elements with renowned client logos and media mentions.

Example 17: Shine Window Cleaning – Instant Estimation Tools

Shine Window Cleaning Service Website Example

Shine Cleaning, with its 20-year legacy, is often cited in cleaning services website examples as a benchmark. The company offers services such as window cleaning and holiday lighting, as well as franchise opportunities.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • User-friendly booking and instant estimates.
  • Detailed service information for clarity.
  • Visually striking design with consistent red-white branding.
  • Quick service estimation tools and diverse offerings.

Example 18: Midtown Chimney Sweeps – Warm family visuals

Midtown Chimney Sweeps Cleaning Service Website Example

​​Midtown Chimney Sweeps stands as a certified and insured leader in the chimney sweep and inspection domain. Besides traditional chimney sweeping, they offer services like dryer vent cleaning, chimney repairs, tuck pointing, and installations.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Engaging imagery sets a warm, familial tone with a mother and daughter enjoying a fireside moment.
  • User-friendly “Book Appointment Now” feature, allowing customers to schedule services using their zip code effortlessly.
  • A comprehensive service breakdown showing their versatility beyond just chimney cleaning.

Example 19: Austin’s Maid Service – Prominent certifications display

Austin's Maid Service Cleaning Service Website Example

Austin’s Maid Service stands as a beacon of reliability and affordability in the realm of home and office cleaning services. The company is deeply embedded in the local Austin community and supports local businesses by offering impeccable cleaning services.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Streamlined design with a consistent layout and dominant blue color theme.
  • Displaying ratings, certifications, and customer reviews.
  • Strategically placed phone numbers to encourage inquiries.
  • A convenient drop-down menu detailing their range of services for easy navigation.

Example 20: Hilsabeck Window CleaningClear service categorization

Hilsabeck Window Cleaning Service Website Example

Modern commercial cleaning website templates make it easier for clients to book services. Hilsabeck Window Cleaning offers modern window cleaning services tailored for residential, commercial, and new construction settings.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Dynamic slider on the hero section, showcasing their work through vivid images.
  • Clear categorization of primary services: Residential, Commercial, and New Construction.
  • Detailed cleaning packages allow users to understand the breadth of their offerings.

Example 21: Superb Maids – Compelling company narrative

Superb Maids Cleaning Service Website Example

Superb Maids is a premier house help service provider in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company offers a range of cleaning services, including deep cleaning, sanitation, and fogging, making sure homes are clean and safe.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • High-quality imagery that showcases pristine homes, emphasizing their commitment to cleanliness.
  • Engaging call-to-action buttons, guiding visitors towards desired actions.
  • A compelling company narrative that provides insights into their journey and ethos.
  • Features a comprehensive overview of their qualifications, licensure, and accolades.
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Generate Your Website No credit card required

Example 22: Organic Cleaning Supreme – Green brand resonance

Organic Cleaning Supreme Cleaning Service Website Example

Organic Cleaning Supreme stands out as Marin County’s premier greenhouse cleaning and maid service. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, they offer organic, chemical-free house cleaning, ensuring a safe environment for both residents and the planet.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Professional presentation of company details, logo, and call-to-action despite a basic layout.
  • Integration of client testimonial videos, adding credibility to their services.
  • A consistent design theme, with the use of green and white colors, resonates with their eco-friendly mission and brand identity.

Example 23: Two Maids – Engaging company backstory

Two Maids and a Mop Cleaning Service Website Example

Two Maids & A Mop is a dedicated residential cleaning service catering to the greater Nashville area, including locations such as Franklin, Brentwood, La Vergne, and more. With a commitment to excellence, they ensure homes across the region sparkle and shine.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clean and straightforward design, ensuring easy navigation for users.
  • A comprehensive navigation bar that spans the entire page, allowing users to quickly access desired sections.
  • Insightful company backstory, providing a personal touch and connection with the brand.
  • Showcase of the company’s accolades, reinforcing their credibility and expertise in the cleaning industry.

Example 24: CottageCare – Quick free quote feature

CottageCare Cleaning Service Website Example

CottageCare stands out as a consumer-centric company, offering specialized house cleaning services tailored to meet individual needs.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Streamlined and user-friendly design, ensuring a pleasant browsing experience.
  • An embedded video provides a visual insight into the quality of service offered.
  • Convenient feature for obtaining free quotes, allowing potential customers to gauge costs.
  • Option to purchase gift certificates, perfect for gifting a clean home to loved ones.

Example 25: Dust Queen – Visual service showcase

Dust Queen Cleaning Service Website Example

Dust Queen stands out as a dedicated cleaning service, emphasizing the use of green, eco-friendly, and biodegradable solutions, ensuring a clean and environmentally conscious home.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clean and straightforward design, ensuring easy navigation for visitors.
  • Consistent branding throughout, establishing a recognizable and trustworthy identity.
  • Prominently displayed contact number, facilitating immediate communication.
  • Comprehensive “About Us” section, offering insights into the company’s ethos and journey.
  • An informative video providing a visual overview of the services and standards upheld by Dust Queen.

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Generate Your Website No credit card required

Example 26: BerryClean – Interactive text animations

BerryClean Cleaning Service Website Example

Operating out of San Francisco, California, BerryClean is more than just a cleaning service; it’s a commitment to eco-friendly excellence. With this professional cleaning company, you can get all kinds of cleaning services for your home, your rental property, and your office on demand.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Crisp and clear presentation, ensuring visitors can easily access the information they need.
  • Convenient “Book Now” feature, streamlining the process for potential clients.
  • Engaging text animations, enhancing user experience and website interactivity.
  • Real-time review updates, showcasing the latest feedback, and maintaining transparency.

Example 27: Always Clean – Value-added promotions

Always Clean Cleaning Service Website Example

Based in the heart of San Francisco, Always Clean is a dedicated cleaning company with a focus on office and commercial spaces. Their services range from routine cleaning to intensive professional disinfection, making every corner of a commercial space sparkle.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Modern and sleek website design, reflecting the company’s commitment to cleanliness and professionalism.
  • User-friendly online form for quick and easy free estimates.
  • Detailed breakdown of services, allowing visitors to understand the full range of offerings.
  • Convenient call-to-action button, facilitating easy access to more information or booking.

Example 28: Sunlight Cleaning – Brand value emphasis

Sunlight Cleaning Service Website Example

Sunlight Cleaning Service is an apartment cleaning service in NYC that emphasizes environmentally friendly cleaning. They utilize certified, top-tier cleaning equipment, a distinction shared by only two other cleaning services in the city. 

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Consistent branding throughout the website, reflecting the company’s professional image.
  • Clear calls-to-action, guiding visitors seamlessly through the site.
  • A detailed description of the cleaning process, providing transparency to clients.
  • Engaging company backstory, allowing visitors to connect with the brand’s origins and values.

Example 29: NYC’s Cleaning Fairy – Consistent single-page design

NYC's Cleaning Fairy Cleaning Service Website Example

Herb N Living offers cleaning services with professionals boasting an average of 5 years in the industry. For convenience, they offer a quick online booking form, straightforward credit card payments, and transparent flat-rate pricing.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Clean and consistent design throughout the single-page website.
  • Integration of a personal image on the cover page, giving a face to the company, and fostering trust.
  • Direct and clear call-to-action with the “Book your cleaning Fairy” button.
  • Comprehensive checklist detailing all their cleaning services, ensuring clarity for potential clients.

Example 30: FreshSpace Cleaning – Aesthetic pink color palette

FreshSpace Cleaning Service Website Example

FreshSpace offers one of the best cleaning website template examples. With its user-friendly layout, it provides a seamless browsing experience.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • A separate call to action and discount offers for phone calls and online bookings.
  • A transparent procedure is outlined and multiple booking options are integrated into the website.
  • Authentic testimonials showcased with 5-star reviews.

Example 31: Clany – Well-balanced layout

Clany Cleaning Service Website Example

Clany offers a website template tailored for cleaning businesses. The design prioritizes user experience, ensuring that customers can easily navigate the site.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Efficient and user-centric design.
  • Clear and legible font choice.
  • Well-balanced layout with a strategic mix of images and text.
  • Optimized for responsiveness, ensuring a consistent look across various screen sizes.

Example 32: eMaids – Intuitive service-oriented design

eMaids Cleaning Service Website Example

Established in 2005, eMaids integrated technology to streamline the booking process for home and office cleaning services. Their growth is further evidenced by partnerships with high-profile brands such as Vera Wang and DR Horton.

‍‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Seamless online booking with instant service estimates.
  • Real-time assistance through an integrated chat feature.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of offered services.
  • Display of genuine customer reviews for transparency

Example 33: AusMaid – Streamlined booking process

AusMaid Cleaning Service Website Example

AusMaid is a home-based cleaning company based in Brisbane, Australia. It uses one of the cleaning business website templates that offer customization, aesthetics, and added functionality.

‍What’s done well on the website:

  • Visually captivating design and layout.
  • Integration of testimonials on a landing page
  • Stylish homepage and landing page crafted to engage and convert.
  • “Schedule Appointment” allows customers to secure cleaning appointments effortlessly.


A well-designed website is crucial for any cleaning business aiming to stand out and attract customers. As we’ve explored various cleaning services website examples, it’s evident that a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and user-centric design can make a significant difference.

However, the challenge lies in creating such a website without extensive coding knowledge or design experience. To overcome this challenge, we can use 10Web AI Website Builder to craft a professional and engaging website tailored to your cleaning business needs.

Generate Your Website No credit card required

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