31 Event Website Examples to Use as a Template or Inspiration

Having a website for your event is vital to engage attendees and generate interest. In this article, we explore the top event website examples that grabbed our attention. From stunning design aesthetics to seamless user experiences, these websites are your gateway to inspiration for creating an event site that not only informs but also captivates.

Crafting an enticing event website is vital to engage attendees and generate interest in your festival, showcase, concert, or symposium. Exploring existing event website examples offers a wealth of inspiration, aiding you in design ideation and functionality enhancement. 

We’ve chosen these event website examples based on a number of factors:

  • The design’s aesthetics and visual coherence.
  • The ease of navigation and intuitive layout.
  • Clear and structured content.
  • Prominent and effective call-to-action elements.
  • Engaging interactive features like animations, videos, or sliders.
  • Whether the design aligns with the event’s branding.
  • Crucial event details and information are easily accessible.

If you find any designs that appeal to you and would make a good match for your event, replicating them is effortless with the 10Web AI Website Builder. This will empower you to create remarkable event websites that captivate and inform.

Example 1: Create & Cultivate – Unique design and navigation

Create and Cultivate Event Website Builder

Create & Cultivate is a media company providing content, community, and curated events for ambitious women. They host frequent events, mostly with the aim of helping women achieve success in starting their own businesses.

Create & Cultivate has launched many stunning and unique web pages for various events. Their Beauty and Wellness event for September 9, 2023, features a unique horizontal layout with collapsible areas, which takes you to important areas of the main site.

What we like:

  • Excellent niche-appropriate use of color.
  • Beautiful and complementary font choices.
  • Does a good job promoting the event and the business.

Example 2: Coachella – Easy-to-navigate event website

Coachella Event Website Example

Beyond the Coachella website’s sleek interface and insightful content, the website boasts interactive elements that cater to attendees’ needs. 

Alongside essential information, the site presents an event planner with festival maps, culinary offerings, and an event directory. This comprehensive guide empowers attendees to craft their festival experience and plan appropriately.

The color scheme is expertly chosen to invoke the theme of the event as well as to aid in navigation. You can easily replicate this design for your own event website simply by using the 10Web AI Website Builder.

What we like:

  • Eye-catching color scheme aids in navigation.
  • Does an excellent job of providing essential information.
  • Uses effective selling techniques and CTAs.
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Example 3: Sneakercon – Immersive use of video

Sneakercon Event Website Example

The first thing you see when you land on Sneakercon’s website is a prominent auto-play video. Showcasing sneaker unboxings, attendees having fun, and some of the live entertainment get visitors invested in the event.

The event calendar is presented as a straightforward list, with each event having its own color-coded “ticket.” This makes it incredibly easy to find a suitable event, whether you’re a vendor or attendee.

What we like:

  • Different events are presented in a way that’s easy to follow.
  • Extremely simple and effective design.
  • Use of immersive, auto-play videos to generate interest.

Example 4: DCYF Empowering San Francisco’s Youth – Compelling mission-driven design

DCYF Empowering San Francisco's Youth Event Website Example

The DCYF (Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families), is a pivotal force in San Francisco’s community development. Their Empowering San Francisco’s Youth initiative encapsulates a number of annual events aimed at supporting the city’s youth in various ways.

Even compared to other top event websites, its imagery and content make its mission crystal clear through uplifting photographs and descriptions. 

What we like:

  • Vibrant and uplifting photography creates a sense of community.
  • Presents a complex hierarchy in a way that’s easy to navigate.
  • Uses bold and easy-to-read fonts.

Example 5: Unleash 2023 – Quirky and captivating visuals

Unleash 2023 Event Website Example

Unleash 2023’s eclectic and eye-catching use of visual elements sets it apart from other event websites. As you scroll, you continually encounter new combinations of shapes, colors, and layouts, enticing you to see what comes next.

Despite this, the website copy is highly legible. It also does a great job of highlighting key speakers, like Mel Robbins, and key topics that will be addressed.

What we like:

  • One of the most visually engaging designs on this list.
  • Provides links to key information about the event.
  • Excellent use of colors and icons.

Example 6: Kikk Festival 2017 – Stunning high-End design

Kikk Festival 2017 Event Website Example

As a festival about design, for designers, by designers, Kikk has created some amazing event websites over the years. However, the 2017 edition stands out in our minds for its amazing concept that has been stunningly executed.

The concept is entirely unique, starting with a sea-level view of an isolated tropical island. As you scroll down, you submerge into an underwater world complete with animated bubbles and wavy images.

What we like:

  • Expert use of an overriding theme to drive the design.
  • Highly functional and easy-to-follow timetable.
  • Excellent use of color and contrast.

Example 7: Circles Conference – Bold and creative design

Circles Conference Event Website Example

For those in pursuit of a daring event website adorned with vibrant colors and commanding fonts, Circles Co stands as the prime exemplar. A creative agency of unparalleled repute, Circles Co amplifies the website’s impact with audacious designs that draw you in for an intriguing journey. 

The “Speakers & Instructors” segment not only spotlights the caliber of the event but also gives you an opportunity to make inquiries and requests regarding discussion topics. With a totally unique design for each event, the website itself has become something to look forward to every year.

What we like:

  • A simple and intuitive layout highlights visual elements.
  • Superb, interactive schedule timeline.
  • Practical and easy-to-use full-screen navigation menu.

Example 8: Snowflake Summit 2022 – Accessible and inclusive event design

Snowflake Summit 2022 Event Website Example

Notably, event imagery spotlights a pivotal discourse: diversity, equity, and inclusion, pivotal topics in today’s events landscape. 

Abundant white space and concise content empower attendees to immerse themselves in the event’s essence, swiftly accessing the agenda, pricing, and benefits for expedited registration. Discover a realm where sophistication intertwines with transformative ideas.

You can highlight these same ideals and get a stunning design for your event website by answering just a few questions with the 10Web AI Website Builder.

What we like:

  • User-friendly design that’s easy to follow.
  • The entire design sticks to a clear theme.
  • Graphics prioritize showcasing the summit’s diversity and inclusivity

Example 9: Suburban Sounds – Minimalist event website design

Suburban Sounds Event Website Example

Suburban Sounds is another outfit that impresses with fantastic event websites every year. The 2023 edition is a masterclass in minimalist design principles. Plenty of white space and large fonts make sure your attention is only focused on the most important information. Also, because they don’t overwhelm you with visuals, the videos and images they use are more impactful.

What we like:

  • Functional and minimalist online shop.
  • Minimalist design focuses your attention on the most important info.
  • Fantastic videos and galleries of past events.

Example 10: The Caverns – Experiential event website design

The Caverns Event Website Example

Hosting live music concerts in natural caves, The Cavern offers a truly unique experience. The venue’s website design lets visitors know exactly what they are in for with cinematic, documentary-style footage of their past events. It’s impossible not to get intrigued and excited when you see this footage, so the venue effectively markets itself.

What we like:

  • High-quality, documentary-style footage of the event venue.
  • Makes it easy to find and buy tickets for individual events.

Example 11: Bloomberg Technology Summit – Thought-provoking event website design

Bloomberg Technology Summit Event Website Example

The 2021 Bloomberg Technology Summit was a voyage into the pandemic’s transformative impact, unearthing new prospects amidst concealed challenges. While the site didn’t shy away from utilizing whitespace, the header GIFs mesmerized with their dynamic interplays of color and motion, invoking contemplation. 

It serves as a poignant reflection on the potential disruptions faced by virtual events due to technological glitches, which Bloomberg somehow managed to turn to its advantage. Subpages delve deeper, presenting a comprehensive agenda, incentives for attendance, and more. 

What we like:

  • Custom graphics expertly highlighted the challenges addressed by the summit.
  • Navigation is simple and clear.
  • Strong focus on the reputability and prestige of speakers.

Example 12: Reactor School – Inspirational STEM-based design

Reactor School Event Website Example

Empowering youthful visionaries aged 13-24, Reactor School stands as a beacon of learning and inspiration. Every element of the design is crafted explicitly to attract and inspire a young crowd of ambitious and curious individuals. 

More than many other event websites, Reactor School embodies a mission. As a STEM student or young entrepreneur, it’s impossible not to feel excited by the awe-inspiring visuals of galaxies, stars, and the exploration of space.

What we like:

  • Stunning background images encourage ambition and exploration.
  • The use of numbers and counters mix well with the STEM field.
  • Uses font colors to make scanning for info easier.

The 10Web AI Website Builder can help you create an event website that combines sleek visuals with beautiful imagery for a similar effect.

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Example 13: Pop Brixton – Highlighting social media in design

Pop Brixton Event Website Example

Enter the realm of Pop Brixton, where event landing transcends the ordinary, embracing immersion. The design harmoniously echoes the venue’s ambiance, inviting visitors to experience its essence even before arrival.

Through artful links and vivid images, the site unveils an enticing culinary journey, igniting anticipation for attendees. The array of food vendors comes alive, hinting at the gastronomic that awaits you. 

What we like:

  • Highly visible social links to keep visitors interested.
  • Excellent use of vibrant colors to guide the eye.
  • Images and videos highlight the social experience.

Example 14: Inman Connect New York – Leveraging social proof

Inman Connect New York Event Website Example

A dynamic three-day gathering that unveils the tapestry of the real estate sector, Inman Connect unites agents, brokers, tech whizzes, financial experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and beyond. What makes this event site stand out is how it captures the essence of New York, reflecting the city’s vitality through a vibrant graffiti-inspired aesthetic.

Inman Connect strikes a balance between rich design and professionalism by using white space and eloquent content. 

What we like:

  • Maximizes social proof through speaker bios and testimonials.
  • Seamlessly balances creativity with professionalism.

Example 15: Desertscene – Atmospheric event website design

Desertscene Event Website Example

Desertscene London is an organizer of underground music promotions and events. They curate tours and unique club experiences across the UK for those into alternative music genres. Their website, a digital stage for their creative endeavors, perfectly captures the visuals and feel of the underground music scene. 

As you keep scrolling, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the midst of the moshpit, rocking out with the crowd. While this design would be difficult to replicate from scratch, you can get close enough to creating your own 0 with an AI-powered Website Builder like 10Web.

What we like:

  • The atmospheric and immersive design makes you feel as if you’re at the event.
  • They are not afraid to break some “design” rules to stand out.

Example 16: The Big Grill – Fun and lighthearted event design

The Big Grill Event Website Example

As Europe’s largest outdoor BBQ event, the big grill doesn’t disappoint with a design that’s big on fun. From its unique color combinations to its quirky fonts to its heavy use of hand-drawn graphics, few event websites can compete in terms of sheer enjoyment. Large sections and fonts make the website easy to navigate and highly accessible, plus ensure that you see all the most important event info.

What we like:

  • Does a good job of highlighting its various areas and experiences.
  • Colorful and fun design gets visitors excited.
  • Sleek and easy-to-use ticketing system.

Example 17: Mountains On Stage – Cinematic film event design

Mountains On Stage Event Website Example

Held in various European countries and recently coming to the US, Mountains On Stage is a Film Festival showcasing productions aimed at mountaineers of all types. As you might expect of a film event, the website makes use of fullscreen, cinematic images that capture all the majesty and wonder of the world’s highest peaks.

What we like:

  • Simple and easy-to-use navigation and layout.
  • Showcases film selections of current and past events.
  • Beautiful images capture a sense of adventure.

Example 18: Served Up – Encouraging exploration through design

Served Up Event Website Example

Served Up offers a unique experience where attendees are exposed to new perspectives and forms of expression through music, conversation, and art. Unlike most other event websites, Served Up keeps its cards close to its chest with a minimal design with little text.

The deep navigation system features only a couple of links per page, encouraging users to explore by themselves. While some might feel this is counter-intuitive, it actually illustrates the process of discovery that the event is all about.

What we like:

  • Doesn’t overwhelm visitors with many navigational options.
  • Captures the essence and experience of the event.
  • Showcases its past events to create hype.

Example 19: Two Short Nights – Minimalist event website design

Two Short Nights Event Website Example

Two things dominate the design of Two Short Nights’ design: white space and images from its featured films. This event website lets its selection of movies do the talking. The design itself is devoid of color, animation, or any decorative graphics. The decision to not use any design elements that interfere with its subject matter works in this case, as it tailors to serious film-goers.

What we like:

  • The sparse and minimalist design shows it understands its audience.
  • The website highlights the films in its showcase as well as their makers.

Example 20: All Together Now – Uncomplicated website design

All Together Now Event Website Example

Describing itself as “a place to sing, laugh, dance, create, debate, and nurture,” All Together Now is a lifestyle event that encapsulates a wide variety of experiences, arts, and workshops. Although the visuals are undeniably stunning, the layout was purposefully kept as simple as possible. You don’t have to scroll much to get around, there is only one main block of content per page, and the fullscreen menu makes navigation a breeze.

What we like:

  • Simple and intuitive website design.
  • Vibrant and engaging images.
  • Makes it easy to explore a huge variety of experiences.

Example 21: Splore – Design that balances fun and ease of use

Splore Event Website Example

Festival event websites feature prominently on this list, and Splore is another creative and fun addition. The designers weren’t scared to think out of the box with shifting colors, carousels, and parallax effects.

By using bits of Maori here and there, the organizers show their pride in New Zealand’s unique heritage. And, by using almost no horizontal arrangements, it’s extremely easy to follow each page’s layout.

What we like:

  • Simple, vertical layouts are used on every page.
  • A mix of visual elements and media keeps things interesting.
  • Clear and concise content brings the event’s mission across.

Example 22: Swiftogeddon – Website design for the fans

Swiftogeddon Event Website Example

A fan event organized by fans for fans, this website makes no mistake that every visitor knows exactly what it’s about: Taylor Swift. From the website icon to the background images used, every important visual element is a celebration of Taylor Swift. 

Photo galleries perfectly capture the atmosphere and enjoyment of participants at past events. It even gives visitors a teaser in the form of some exclusive remixes of Taylor Swift songs made specifically for the event.

What we like:

  • Every element of design supports the main point of the event.
  • Visitors are enticed with photographs and remixes from the event.
  • The design is incredibly straightforward and intuitive.

Example 23: Busspepper – Effective thematic event website design

Busspepper Event Website Example

As the self-style leading organizer of Carribean events in London, Busspepper sets itself a high bar. It leaves website visitors without any doubt of what they can expect with lively background videos that radiate infectious energy. With great social integration and even a Spotify playlist, it brings the party right to your device screen.

What we like:

  • Uses large, highly legible fonts.
  • Colorful and high-energy video clips create a party vibe.

Example 24: Live Worx – High-tech corporate event design

Live Worx Event Website Example

Live Worx diverges from the norm with its distinct event website. Unlike many other event websites, it uses a sophisticated dark color scheme instead of bright, eye-catching colors. As part of this elegant approach, it also boasts a subtle animated hero background that captures attention. Aimed at a corporate audience, this approach is highly effective at bringing across its prestige and value.

What we like:

  • Sophisticated, high-tech design will appeal to the target audience.
  • Captivating and engaging speaker bios.
  • Provides social proof through testimonials.

Example 25: Paisley and Caitlin – Creative and memorable personal event design

Paisley and Caitlin Event Website Example

This website is proof that even individuals can create amazing event websites for intimate occasions. Stunning images, eye-catching colors, and an eclectic yet intuitive design make this a professional-grade event website. The layout and information have a logical flow, with easter eggs here and there for eagle-eyed visitors. Plus, essential links to the RSVP, event details, registry, and dress code are always within reach.

What we like:

  • Creative and unique visual elements.
  • A narrative-driven layout tells a story.
  • Important links are always one click away.

Example 26: Fathom – Versatile multi-even website design

Fathom Event Website Example

Fathom Producers organize and host exciting festivals, concerts, and athletic events. The home page encapsulates their unique approach best with pulsating black-and-white videos that capture the energy of large concerts with split-second flashes of colors. However, their Athletic Experiences page is completely different, with sleek, full-color images as well as exhilarating video clips.

You can host a variety of events on the website and sometimes a single design may not resonate with all event vibes. In such a case, creating different visual styles to resonate with different events is a good option. Luckily, you can dramatically accelerate the process by using an AI-powered website builder like 10Web.

What we like:

  • Showcases different event types in their own unique styles.
  • High-quality video production creates high expectations.
  • Showcases behind-the-scenes technology used in their event productions.
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Generate Your Website No credit card required

Example 27: The Scotch – Mission-driven non-profit web design

The Scotch Event Website Example

This design proves that even non-profit event websites can feature high-end designs. The Scotch’s annual golf tournament and auction rally behind Save a Warrior, a nonprofit aiding veterans and first responders in coping with trauma. The homepage features highlights from the previous year, current event details, sponsors, and a waitlist button. Scroll further to discover succinct explanations of the event’s essence, along with a comprehensive calendar showcasing the two-day schedule.

By seamlessly interweaving essential information with captivating narratives, statistics, and visuals, The Scotch crafts an immersive user journey that compellingly supports its cause.

What we like:

  • Images, video, audio, and aesthetics carry the website theme throughout.
  • The content is short but sweet to encourage reading.

Example 28: Urology Arena – Clean and modern event design

Urology Arena Event Website Example

“Urulogy” and “Design” might be two words you don’t expect to see in the same sentence. However, Urology Arena delivers a sleek, modern, and attractive design that acts as a welcoming face for its annual symposium. As soon as you land, you’ll see the exact date and location of the event as well as a prominent countdown clock – all essential details. 

What we like:

  • Most important event details are prominently positioned.
  • The layout is simple and intuitive.
  • The page features both German and English translations. 

Example 29: III Point – Eclectic design and effective CTAs

III Point Event Website Example

Amid the sea of event websites, III Points stands out with its distinct and eye-catching aesthetic approach. Their upcoming event’s website flaunts static, whimsical vector images as the focal point of their homepage. Each ticket type’s column seamlessly expands, revealing ticket specifics and inclusions, making it easy for visitors to identify the best option for them.

What we like:

  • Provides all relevant information regarding tickets, transportation, hotels, etc.
  • A compelling call to action above the fold engages visitors right away.
  • Features a Spotify playlist to get eventgoers excited.

Example 30: World Usability Day – Unique navigational system

World Usability Day Event Website Example

World Usability Day, a celebration for digital tech creators, unites industry luminaries to foster inclusivity. Their website seamlessly intertwines various animations and elements, creating a fully immersive experience. The horizontal scrolling layout is a testament to the designers’ profound grasp of online environment dynamics. 

What we like:

  • The marriage of high-contrasting colors adds vibrancy and depth.
  • Introducing unique horizontal scrolling makes navigation feel dynamic.
  • Text crawlers and moving pixels infuse life into the design, enhancing interactivity.

Example 31: Design in Motion Festival – Interactive motion design

Design in Motion Festival Event Website Example

The DEMO, or Design in Motion Festival, finds its roots in the aspiration to present awe-inspiring motion designs on grand displays. The festival’s website is an artistic extension, embedding animations into its colossal lettering, set against a vibrant neon backdrop. As you scroll, vivid snapshots of past events come alive, narrating their vibrant tales.

What we like:

  • Interactive graphics capture attention and spark curiosity.
  • The website boasts seamless high-quality videos and motion designs.
  • A broad spectrum of visual media offers visitors a captivating journey.


In the world of event websites, having a stand-out, memorable design is pivotal. By drawing insights from these 31 examples, you can elevate your event’s online presence. Remember that you can seamlessly replicate any of these inspiring designs by harnessing the power of the 10Web AI Website Builder. Even if none of them appeals to you, you can create a brand new design from the ground up by just answering a few questions and letting AI do the rest. We hope that these curated event website templates help you craft engaging platforms that leave a lasting impact and drive more attendees to your event.

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