23 Medical Website Examples to Use as a Template or Inspiration

Medical websites play a crucial role in bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and patients by providing factual, timely, and reliable information. This information allows users to understand medical conditions, explore treatment options, make decisions, connect directly with medical professionals, and actively participate in their health journey.

For healthcare practitioners and those in health-centric businesses, medical websites provide a platform for communicating their expertise, services, and treatment modalities.  

Unlike other regular websites designing a medical website can be pretty challenging for various reasons. To begin with, the medical industry is heavily regulated and requires conformity to a set of strict standards. Besides the technical aspects of creating a website, developers must strike a delicate balance between creating a user-friendly medical website, compliance, and information accuracy. 

In this article, we discuss some of the best medical website examples that we hope will inspire you as you embark on creating your medical website. If you’re ready to build your medical website but not sure where to begin, 10Web AI Website Builder allows you to experience a hassle-free design process. Simply answer a few questions about your business, and the AI builder will generate content and images for your site.

Example 1: Trust Care

Trust Care Medical Website Example

TrustCare is a privately owned clinic based in Mississippi specializing in urgent care, primary care, and pediatrics, among other services such as wellness, vaccinations, and immunizations.

TrustCare is among the leading medical website examples that provide a user-friendly interface allowing patients to access healthcare information, access test results, and settle bills through a secure pay bill portal.

Other great features of this medical website include:

  • Engaging and warm imagery on the website elicits a welcoming and calming environment for visitors and patients.
  • A logical navigation bar makes it very easy for visitors to locate information and services on the website.
  • A well-crafted layout and information hierarchy make it easy for visitors to browse different services, memberships, and employer services.

Example 2: Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Medical Website Example

Mayo Clinic has long been ranked among the top medical clinics with a presence in different locations across the United States. Its website equally tops the list among the leading medical website examples. On the homepage, visitors are greeted with a striking background video that conveys the institution’s commitment to modernized treatments and medical excellence. The use of imagery conveys the clinic’s patient-centric care dedication.

Other noteworthy features:

  • Succinct messaging that conveys the clinic’s commitment to excellence and world-class care.
  • The featured care areas section allows visitors to explore Mayo Clinic’s specialties. 
  • Besides information about patient care and services, users can also book appointments and access educational resources in the library, research, and education sections.

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Example 3: Cleveland Clinical

Cleveland Clinical Medical Website Example

Cleveland Clinic has been a leading healthcare services provider in the United States for many decades. Their website is among the best medical website examples where the general public, patients, and healthcare professionals can find accurate and timely information. The site’s emphasis on accessibility allows visitors to access resources and health services in one click.

Other remarkable features on the site include:

  • A prominent but clear and concise header allows users to access various services.
  • A wide range of comprehensive resources, including thousands of articles and videos for medical professionals and patients.
  • A search function that allows you to explore the library by searching for diseases, body systems, treatments, drugs, and supplements.

Example 4: MedExpress Care Center

MedExpress Care Center Medical Website Example

MedExpress is a prime example of one leading medical website examples that allows users to access patient-centered care and treatment for illness, injury, and wellness. From the homepage, users can find and schedule an in-person visit to a center near them or conveniently access urgent medical evaluations through a virtual visit. On the subsequent sections on the homepage, users can also find key info such as the number of centers and the average wait time.

Notable features:

  • Blog section with relevant information on health tips, wellness, and working at MedExpress.
  • A dedicated section where you can explore services and treatment options.
  • Interactive find center where you can find a MedExpress express center. 

Example 5: One Medical

One Medical Website Example

One Medical excels at providing information about well-being,  services, locations, and how users can access them without overwhelming them with complex design elements. Apart from the simple design, users can also access virtual care, schedule appointments, drop-in laboratory services, or visit primary care locations across the United States.

Other remarkable features include: 

  • A mobile app where users can access 24/7 on-demand care.
  • Partnership with employee partners allows employees to access primary care benefits.
  • A responsive design that allows users to access this site across different devices.

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Example 6: Synergy Private Health

Synergy Private Health Medical Website Example

Synergy Private Health specializes in providing expert, private, and personalized care aimed at reducing disease and extending the health span of their clients. Their website stands out among the leading medical website examples where users can find holistic information on primary healthcare, functional medicine, cardiovascular care, wellness programs, and member-exclusive amenities.

Other outstanding features on the site include:

  • The slider of background images of the homepage gives users a preview of the facilities’ state-of-the-art amenities.
  • The images on the rest of the homepage encourage users to actively participate in their healthcare through exercise and healthy eating.
  • Engaging resource library with videos and webinars on well-being, mindfulness, and culinary.

Example 7: HealthWay

HealthWay Medical Website Example

The HeathWay Medical Network includes diverse healthcare services ranging from multi-specialty centers, cancer care, and QualiMed hospitals focusing on medical device implants. Apart from offering world-class medical care, the HealthWay medical group’s website leads the list of the best medical website examples due to its clean design and feature-rich navigation bar that facilitates easy engagement with the website.

Other notable features:

  • Inviting background images on a slider on the homepage resonates well with patients encouraging them to take action.
  • Quick links under the help section allow users to easily find a doctor, facility, service or schedule an appointment.

Example 8: Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic Medical Website Example

Maven Clinic has been leading the revolution around women and family healthcare by providing the best care around pregnancy, infertility, parenting, pediatrics, adoption, and more. As we continue exploring the diversity of medical website examples, Maven stands out among this listing. The website greets users with a warm, inviting color scheme and vibrant and engaging visuals.

Other impressive features include:

  • Concise descriptions of different services.
  • The floating navigation bar enhances engagement by allowing users to access different pages regardless of their position on the website.

Example 9: SimplePractice

SimplePractice Medical Website Example

SimplePractice is an all-in-one platform where healthcare professionals can find all the tools they need from booking to billing. Apart from the number of users that like this platform SimplePractice is also one of the leading EHR medical website examples where practitioners can streamline their operations and grow their private practice. The site also combines a modern design and a color palette with a blend of white and grey.

Other features on the site include:

  • Excellent font choice that contributes to the overall professional look.
  • Clear and concise headers that define the site into relevant sections. 
  • Prominent and strategically placed CTAs encourage users to take action.

Example 10: Crossroads Integrative Medicine

Crossroads Integrative Medicine Medical Website Example

Crossroads Integrative Medicine is a comprehensive personal and proactive healthcare provider that focuses on the health of the whole body of a patient, from preventive wellness to disease-specific care. This medical website exemplifies how you can elevate accessibility and usability by embracing modern health website templates. The homepage shows a background image of trees and greenery, symbolizing renewal, growth, and healing.

Other great features include:

  • The site combines shades of blue and white, aligning with a wellness and healthcare theme. 
  • The floating navigation bar and back-to-top button eliminate the need for scrolling back up.

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Example 11: Integrative Medicine of NYC

Integrative Medicine of NYC Medical Website Example

Located at the heart of New York City, Integrative Medicine of NYC is a modern healthcare facility focusing on the patients’ functional, holistic, and internal medicine. This medical website seamlessly adopts modern healthcare website templates, allowing users to enjoy a user-friendly and informative website.  This medical website uses plenty of whitespaces and white as the primary color with some accents of blue, giving it a clean, professional look.

Other standout features include:

  • A featured services section with an overview of its service offerings.
  • A view location button allows users to locate their offices.
  • A Book appointment and contact form to get in touch with them.

Example 12: KidsHealth

KidsHealth Medical Website Example

Kids Health is the most trusted platform where users can get physician-reviewed information and advice on children’s health and parenting issues. Therefore it is no surprise that it is on the list of the best medical website examples. The information on this site is clearly segmented for kids, parents, teens, and educators. The homepage features a slider with changing background images making the site dynamic.

Other features include:

  • A rich collection of in-depth resources on kids’ health section.
  • Friendly search bar where users can find information on different topics.

Example 13: PyschCentral

PyschCentral Medical Website Example

PyschCentral is a mental health and wellness information and news website. Established in 1995, PyschCentral is one of the leading medical website examples that publishes content that is overseen by mental health professionals. The site adopts a clean and minimalistic design with a white background and plenty of whitespaces between items creating a sense of openness.

Other outstanding features on the site include:

  • The conditions section allows users to filter information based on their topic of interest.
  • A podcast section where you can find discussions about various mental health topics. 
  • A resources section where one can seek support, medication, or find a therapist.

Example 14: Absolute Dental

Absolute Dental Medical Website Example

Absolute Dental provides preventive and restorative dental care in a relaxed, stress-free, and professional environment. Their website contains information and resources with answers to common dental health questions. The homepage features a high-quality hero image of a model with a warm, welcoming smile, revealing her front teeth, which sets a  friendly tone for the rest of the website.

Other standout features on the site include:

  • A service that showcases the range of services offered at the clinic.
  • Convenient and transparent payment options to avoid any surprises.
  • The About section allows visitors to know about their team beforehand.

If you’d like to skip the complexities of designing a similar website, 10Web AI Website Builder allows you to recreate such a website. Simply insert the homepage URL, and the AI will copy the layout, design elements, and content. You can also use mental health website templates to create a similar website.

Example 15: Dental by Design

Dental By Design Medical Website Example

Dental by Design is a dental office located in New Hampshire that specializes in using modern technology to deliver the best general and cosmetic dental care to each and every patient. From its simplistic and neat design, this website is an example of how you can create a thriving dental site from expertly curated dentist website templates.

Some noteworthy features on the site include:

  • The full-width image of a smiling doctor gives the clinic a human feel.
  • Excellent use of typography and white spaces makes the site neat.
  • The make appointment button on the homepage makes booking an appointment easy.

Example 16: Flatiron Family Medical

Flatiron Family Medical Website Example

Flatiron Medical Center goes beyond simply treating symptoms and instead focuses on restoring the health of the patient’s full body. As you explore the Flatiron website, it is evident how designs can leverage medical design website templates to craft intuitive and informative medical websites. Apart from their expertise across a broad spectrum of treatment modalities, this medical site also includes great features that complement their services.

Some of those features are:

  • Sidebar navigation that makes it easy to jump to different sections of the website.
  • The testimonials section establishes the institution’s credibility.

Example 17: Dr. Laurence Rifkin

Dr. Laurence Rifkin Medical Website Example

Dr. Laurence is one of the most respected cosmetic dentistry services providers in Beverly Hills. His website is crafted precisely by incorporating one of the best dental office website templates. This office dental website makes great use of images showcasing the perfect dentition of his clients and his office space. To gain client trust, the site also has a reviews and testimonials section with great reviews from some of his patients.

Other features include:

  • A simple and easy-to-use navigation bar.
  • A before and after section showcases great results for his clients, which builds customer trust.

Example 18: The Dentist Group

The Dentist Group Medical Website Example

The Dentistry Group consists of doctors passionate about utilizing advanced technology to improve the patient healthcare experience. Located at the heart of San Francisco, the Dentist Group is among the best dental office website examples committed to providing excellent patient care. Their website is particularly focused on showcasing a modern dental practice leveraging technology.

Other great outstanding features include:

  • A modern and professional color scheme that drives home the message.
  • Cool photography showcasing the groped modern office.

Example 19: Rossinski Dental

Rossinski Dental Medical Website Example

Rossinski Dental is one of New York’s leading dental office website examples offering holistic dental procedures using cutting-edge technology. The sleek modern design embodies the clinic’s commitment to offering the best care. A bright color on the homepage also captures visitors’ attention.

Other unique features on the site include:

  • Alternating information sections with beautiful photography keep the site interesting.
  • A highlight of their services on their homepage allows users to get all the necessary information.

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Example 20: The Wellness Studio Geelong

The Wellness Studio Geelong Medical Website Example

Based in Belmont, The Wellness Studio offers a welcoming and supportive space to immerse yourself in our therapeutic services. On this site, you’ll discover the future of medical websites through the lens of well-designed health and wellness website templates. The website’s design is simple, and both text and images are neatly placed.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Brief text descriptions so that users are not choked up with unnecessary information.
  • The use of natural colors such as white, beige, and shades of grey set a calm tone.

Example 21: Nutrition by Natalie

Nutrition by Natalie Medical Website Example

Natalie is a certified dietician and Functional Medicine Nutritionist who helps her clients stay healthy by eating clean and whole foods. By leveraging one of the health coach website templates, Natalie has created an enticing website that allows visitors to explore her services. Everything you’d hope for in a great website can be found here. From a modern, user-friendly layout to expert advice and more.

You may also like:

  • A sticky navigation bar keeps it on top of the user’s mind and eases browsing.
  • Large quality photos featuring healthy eating.

Example 22: Dr. Rachel Paul

Dr. Rachel Paul Medical Website Example

Dr. Rachel is a well-known nutritionist who has helped thousands manage weight through healthy eating successfully. Her website is equally one of the best-designed health coach website examples that we have covered so far. The homepage uses great imagery to highlight Rachel’s experience and some of the key components of her programs.

Other notable features are:

  • A section covering testimonials establishing the program’s credibility.
  • High-quality images enhance the visual appeal of the site.

Example 23: Studio Dental

Studio Dental Medical Website Example

Based in San Francisco, Studio Dental provides modern, state-of-the-art dental care with hands-on service and transparent pricing. Their site allows visitors to book appointments, while the intuitive navigation bar allows new visitors to explore their services, team members, locations, and pricing.

Other great features on this dental website example include:

  • Sleek layout and design exude quality.
  • Large but neat call-to-action buttons that are easily discoverable.


Throughout the world, an increasing number of people now rely on technology to get healthcare services. Many practitioners also now rely on medical websites to offer patient-centered care. In this article, we have showcased some of the best medical website examples and highlighted the importance of a seamless user experience in offering good services. We hope you feel inspired, and as you begin creating your medical website, remember that the 10Web AI Website Builder can help streamline the process. Just answer a few questions, and the AI will generate a website with content and images designed specifically for your business.

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