51 Photography Website Examples for Inspiration in 2023

A photography website is an excellent way to showcase your photos, whether you're a photography enthusiast or a professional. It can help you attract clients, tell stories, build a brand, or demonstrate your skills. In this article, we have compiled a list of outstanding photography website examples to inspire and guide you in creating your own site.

Photography is a great way to keep memories, tell stories, provoke thoughts, and convey a message without using any words. In today’s modern world, the internet is a huge gallery encompassing a wide array of photography genres. One of the best ways to showcase your photographs is through a photography website. 

Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a professional, a photography website can help you attract clients, tell stories, build a brand, or demonstrate your skills. We understand that it can be challenging trying to build your photography website from scratch. However, you can use the 10Web AI Website Builder to easily build a professional photography website using artificial intelligence (AI).

In this article, we have curated a collection of outstanding photography website examples to inspire new ideas and help you create your own photography website.

Example 1: Almost Real

Almost Real Photography Website Example

Almost Real is one of the best photography website examples that includes a section where you can filter and purchase art in different genres. A stunning background image of a luxury swimming pool sets the tone for the site, evoking a sense of relaxation and elegance. The site is structured in a gallery format allowing users to view and purchase artwork and photography from different artists on the platform. Here are the website’s outstanding features:

  • Clean interface for easy navigation.
  • Diverse art collections from different artists.
  • Filtering options for different photograph categories.

Example 2: Milkovi

Milkovi Photography Website Example

Milkovi is a professional fine art photographer with years of experience in transforming and portraying modern living spaces and professional settings from a creative and aesthetic perspective. Milkovi’s website ranks among the best professional photography website examples that use imagery to capture ‌‌beauty, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences. 

Key features of this site include:

  • Installation exemplars to give you a glimpse of how the prints look on the wall.
  • A simple color scheme that makes images visible.

Example 3: Levon Bliss

Levon Bliss Photography Website Example

Levon is a British photographer who’s covered different photographic genres throughout his career. He’s best known for his prowess in macro photography and passion for nature photography. Unlike most photography website examples, Levon’s website doesn’t follow the conventional fixed column per image display. However, here are the outstanding features of this website:

  • Stunning visuals with fixed containers and whitespaces in between.
  • Exclusive print collection for different categories.
  • A simplistic navigation bar allows you to browse the photographer’s work.

Example 4: Alano Edzera Gallery

Alano Edzera Gallery Photography Website Example

Alano’s website is one of the photography website examples focusing on Inuit art. The website also covers other forms of art, including paper art, sculptures, canvas art, glass art, traditional carvings, and Native American apparel. Remember, you can embrace the power of 10Web AI Website Builder to create a similar photography site. Some things done well on this photography website include:

  • An online store where you can purchase the art on display.
  • Clear presentation of the arts, including details about the name and pricing.
  • Essential information about the artist’s background and achievements.
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Example 5: Peter Mckinnon

Peter Mckinnon Photography Website Example

Peter is an internationally acclaimed photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Peter’s website is one of the best photography websites examples of how one can turn photography into a profitable and exciting adventure. The website is visually appealing and organized into sections that make navigation easy. Outstanding features on this photography website include:

  • Diverse photography product offerings, such as motion graphic packs and Lightroom presets, among other photography gear.
  • User-friendly, clean, and intuitive interface.

Example 6: Mel Volkman

Mel Volkman Photography Website Example

Mel Volkman is a fine artist and photographer based on the coast of Maine. Her website adopts a clean look and a soothing background, ranking among the top photography website examples. On her site, Mel features her work ranging from fine prints, handcrafted fine art ceramics, and an ongoing series duped for beauty and truth. Features that make this photography site stand out include:

  • A digital journal sharing the artist’s intimate thoughts and moments.
  • Newsletter subscription where you can receive the latest updates on the artist’s work.

Example 7: Jonathan Gregson

Jonathan Gregson Photography Website Example

Jonathan Gregson is an award-winning photographer specializing in genres such as food, travel, and still life. Jonatha’s website is a benchmark for photography website examples, particularly for those who want to work in commercial photography. On the homepage, we are greeted with mouthwatering collections of culinary photography showcasing Jonathan’s latest work. Other distinctive features of this photography website include:

  • Quality and well-arranged images with a preview of the details on hover.
  • A portfolio section with Jonathan’s past and recent projects.
  • Ability to click and view more photography about a specific project.

Example 8: Scott Synder

Scott Synder Photography Website Example

Scott is a product photographer based in Consta Mesa, California. Although clean and minimalistic, his website portrays top-of-the-line quality photography, which places it among the best photography website examples in that category.  On the homepage, Scott showcases some of his best shots from projects with different clients leaving ample space between each image to establish clarity. Other impressive features on Scott’s site include:

  • Ability to view more details about each project by clicking on any of the images. 
  • Work portfolio classifying his work according to different brands he has worked with.

Example 9: Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley Photography Website Example

Mike Kelley is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in photographing architecture. Mike’s website easily earns a top spot among photography website examples focusing on architecture. On his photography website, you can find breathtaking captures of modern living spaces and buildings. 

Key practices evident on this photography website include:

  • The artist has categorized their work into residential, civic, and high-rise categories, making it easy to browse his work.
  • The sidebar menu makes navigation easy and improves the overall user experience.

Example 10: Carmen Hunter

Carmen Hunter Photography Website Example

This is one of the best travel photography website examples by Carmen Hunter, an award-winning travel photographer. From the Alps to Iceland, this photography website takes visitors through a thrilling visual journey of an outdoor adventure using high-quality images. On this site, you’ll find content that can inspire you to travel, explore, or create a similar photography website using 10Web AI Website Builder. Other great features on this site include:

  • Prints and shipping that are carbon neutral.
  • Workshops and testimonials to help you plan trips.
  • An eco list to help you live and travel in an eco-friendly manner.

Example 11: Meiwen See

Meiwen See Photography Website Example

Meiwen See is a multidisciplinary photographer and designer who focuses on creating brand identities, digital experiences, and thoughtful imagery. From the onset of the homepage, Meiwen chooses a minimalistic design with a brief bio, a link to her design portfolio, and a captivating display of her best captures. Meiwen’s website stands out among the best photography website examples because of features such as:

  • Clean and straightforward navigation to various pages.
  • Different image categories, with each category having its own gallery. 
  • A responsive design enhances user experience.

Example 12: Pedro N the World

Pedro N the World Photography Website Example

Pedro Oliveria is a Brazil-born and multi-award-winning photographer and still motion director. His website is a testament to his professional experience spanning over 7 years and easily ranks among the top photography website examples in the world. Pedro’s photography website is a collection of photographs across different genres, such as lifestyle and automotive. Outstanding features include:

  • A sidebar allows you to browse different categories.
  • An overview of clients he’s worked with over the years. 
  • Contact information and links to his social media pages where he can be contacted.

Example 13: Jessica Chou

Jessica Chou Photography Website Example

Jessica is a photographer based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Whether you are a professional or simply and photography enthusiast, you’d agree that Jessica’s website is among the best photography website examples you’d come across. Although Jessica’s site uses a simple template, we can get all the details about her work and clients. Notable features on this site include:

  • A detailed ‌section about her availability, awards, recognition, and exhibitions.
  • A link to her work with different clients.

Example 14: Lieben Photography

Lieben Photography Website Example

Lieben Photography, started by Synnøve, is a group of photographers that offer different photography services. Their expertise ranges from couple engagements, newborns, families, and weddings. If you’re looking for inspiration to start a similar site, then Lieben is among the best photography website examples to benchmark. Apart from amazing photographs capturing genuine and unique moments, the site also includes features such as: 

  • A shopping section where you can buy art prints, gift cards, and wedding accessories.
  • A blog section with stories in the form of photographs about different families and events.

Example 15: Brandi Toole

Brandi Toole Photography Website Example

Brandi is an Atlanta-based family and wedding photographer. He is passionate about using his skills to help clients capture life’s most important moments for posterity. Brandi’s site is filled with beautiful imagery showing his prowess and why we rank this site among the best photography website examples. If you feel inspired by this website’s design, you can easily create a similar one for your business using 10Web AI Website Builder. Simply provide the URL of the website you like and the tool will recreate it in minutes for you.  

Other useful features on this photography site include:

  • An elegant design that makes it easy to navigate different sections of the website.
  • A standard portfolio section is categorized into different projects Brandi has been involved in.
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Example 16: Will Bremridge

Will Bremridge Photography Website Example

Will Bremridge is a portrait, lifestyle, and travel photographer based in London. Will’s site is among the highest-rated photography website examples, having worked with leading brands, agencies, and magazines. The homepage of the website is filled with an overview of different images that Will has worked on. You can also find motion pictures on the motion page.

Other key features include:

  • A clean grid layout displays all the images neatly.
  • Ability to click and view every image in a large display.

Example 17: Cassandra Ladru

Cassandra Ladru Photography Website Example

Cassandra has put together one of the leading photographer website examples focusing on lifestyle, wedding, fashion, editorial, and commercial photography. From wedding ceremonies to happy family moments, Cassandra uses her website to show her visitors the beauty of life’s precious moments. Other great features on this photography website include:

  • Users can view images in full width while still being able to browse other pages.
  • A mix of both black and white and colored themes allows us to enjoy the best of both in different images.

Example 18: Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern Photography Website Example

Mathew Stern is a professional photographer and filmmaker. His love for experimenting with vintage and new-age lenses led him to create a simple, ‌yet one of the best photographer website examples. If you’d like to venture into photography, Mathieu’s website is a resourceful platform where you can find and shop for all the tools you need. Key features on this photography website include:

  • Shopping section where you can buy prints, LUT packs, and more.
  • A Lens Museum section where you can find out more about all the lenses that Mathieu uses.

Example 19: Liller Photo

Liller Photo Photography Website Example

Liller Photo by Lauren is a professional wedding, lifestyle, portraits, and family photographer. With over 14 years of experience and over 200 weddings covered, Lauren has put together one of the best photographer website examples. The homepage gives us a glimpse of some of her work and testimonials from clients who have liked her services. Other features you may find 

Great on the website include:

  • A clearly visible navigation bar allows you to browse different categories of her work.
  • A blog section filled with amazing photography of different wedding clients.

Example 20: Julian Abrams

Julian Abrams Photography Website Example

Julian Abrams specializes in interior design and architecture photography. Julian is ‌known for his seductive imagery and has used his long-term experience and passion in the creative industry to craft one of the best photographer website examples. Besides his commercial photography, Julian is also passionate about landscape, monochrome, and fine art photography. His website adopts a two-column display and includes features like:

  • A slide show allows you to view more images in each category.
  • A single-page application design allows you to find all information on one page.

Example 21: Ruud Luijten

Ruud Luijten Photography Website Example

Ruud Luijten is a self-taught photographer with a passion for outdoor adventure and photography. Photographer website examples of such a genre allow users to experience the thrilling experience of nature and the artist’s passion to capture such unique moments. The website uses an asymmetrical design allowing visitors to enjoy each photo at a time. Remember that if you need a similar site, the 10Web AI Website Builder can do the heavy lifting for you. Other features on Ruud’s site include:

  • A photographs section with albums of different destinations.
  • Each album includes a collection of amazing pictures and brief text for context.

Example 22: Alex Tran Photography

Alex Tran Photography Website Example

Alex Tran is a Montreal-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in portraits and headshots. Besides the two categories, Alex also does editorial photography and company shoots, among other miscellaneous shoots. The website displays a gallery of portraits of different individuals in Portrait 1 and 2 sections. Other unique features of this photography website include:

  • Vibrant and authentic images that focus on capturing subjects in a unique way.
  • A blog section with more stories from the photographer.

Example 23: Mario Dragicevic

Mario Dragicevic Photography Website Example

Mario is a freelance portrait photographer and videographer. Mario uses one of WordPress’s photography website templates to create a unique and animated photography website that keeps the user engaged. Unlike most websites, Mario’s homepage showcases an ever-changing slider of beautiful images from some of his work. Other notable features include:

  • A click-and-hold button allows you to view details of each album.
  • An animated slider with captivating captions for each of the albums.

Example 24: 94 Photography

94 Photography Website Example

Photography website templates can be great resources for creating an amazing website. 94 Photography is an animated website built using one of Colorlib’s photography website templates. 94 Photography offers beauty and skincare photography services. The website adopts a colorful and shiny design that corresponds with its photography services. Other unique features include:

  • An intuitive logo on the homepage portrays beauty and color.
  • A grid layout that showcases their prowess at a glimpse.

Example 25: Elena Iv-skaya

Elena Iv-skaya Photography Website Example

Elena is a model and modeling photographer. She uses her site to capture feminine elegance, fashion, and beauty through the power of the lens. Right from the homepage you can explore gorgeously expressive imagery covering her subjects from unique angles. However, what makes the site stand out among the photography website examples we’ve covered is how she strikes a balance between graphic and high fashion. Other features include:

  • Awesome transitions between pages.
  • Hover effects and smooth sliders allow you to view more about each series.

Example 26: Flavio & Frank

Flavio and Frank Photography Website Example

Flavio and Frank are photographers who have set out to share stories with the world one shot at a time. Their site is one of the go-to photographer website examples if you’re struggling with presenting your work attractively and professionally. The homepage presents users with a smooth slider that is easy to explore. Other awesome features on the site include:

  • A dedicated work section where you can view all of their work.
  • A title against each picture allows you to identify persons in each picture.

Example 27:  Julia & Gil

Julia and Gil Photography Website Example

Julia and Gil are photographers from Germany who specialize in wedding photography and capturing ‌special moments between couples. With over 7 years of experience, Jil and Gil have put together one of the best photographer website examples covering websites in an anti-cliche way. On their homepage, Julia and Gil Impressively combine photographs and videos to capture special moments. Other features include:

  • Lots of whitespace around the images making them clear.
  • Anti-clique wedding photos and film.

Example 28: Thierry Ambraise

Thierry Ambraise Photography Website Example

Thierry is an executive creative director and photographer. Having worked with many leading brands, Thierry has put together one of the leading photographer website examples to showcase his creativity. The website design of the website embraces the GSAP animation with different images displaying periodically. Other incredible features on Thierry’s site include:

  • A very convenient navbar, ‌at the bottom of the page allows you to view more details about different projects that Thierry has worked on.
  • A toggle button allows you to view the images in a gallery view.
  • An animated cool slider that displays some of Thierry’s work. 

Feeling inspired? Create your photography website in minutes with 10Web AI Website Builder. Simply answer a few questions about the website you want and our tool will do the rest.

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Example 29: Christopher Ireland

Christopher Ireland Photography Website Example

Christopher Ireland is an Australian professional photographer and documentary ‌filmmaker with fifteen years of commercial experience working with advertising agencies, design studios, and multi-national clients. Besides his experience, Christopher has put together a unique website among the photographer website examples we have reviewed. Unique features on this site include: 

  • Categorization of photos according to different emotions and feelings.
  • Each category includes a series of subjects portraying emotions in that category.

Example 30: Dennis Berti

Dennis Berti Photography Website Example

Dennis Berti is a passionate photographer and visual storyteller with an aim to use images to share stories about different moments. His website is among the best photographer website examples of how one can create a unique brand from photography. On the homepage, users find a full-screen layout displaying his brand and a few animated elements to make it even more interesting. Other features on the site include:

  • A take tour button that takes users through a tour of various story-telling visuals.
  • A less intrusive dropdown menu allows you to explore more photographs.
  • A journal with interesting stories and images about different weddings.

Example 31: Juco

Juco Photography Website Example

Juco by Julia and Cody specializes in commercial photography and art direction. Using their combined skills in photography and art, they have put together one of the most attractive photographer website examples. The homepage is filled with extremely colorful portrayals of different images. Other unique features include:

  • A well-arranged grid display of images allows you to view many images within a short time.
  • Great choice of backgrounds making the photos stand out.

Example 32: Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher Photography Website Example

Peter Fisher is a freelance photographer from New York. He has opted for a clean, minimal grid layout and a white background with two images in each column. Peter has not listed any genre, but his subjects include animals, people, landscapes, and weddings. Other cool features on the site include:

  • Ample whitespace between images giving the site a clean look.
  • A sidebar with different categories of his work makes browsing enjoyable.

Example 33: RyuCreative

RyuCreative Photography Website Example

RyuCreative is an LA-based, full-service social marketing and PR boutique agency that supports both emerging and established ventures. The site uses a white background with a lot of whitespace between the images giving the user a calm feel. Aesthetics on the rest of the site portray the creativity of the female-run agency. Other features on the site include:

  • A dedicated work page with different categories of the services the agency offers.
  • Links to their Instagram page where you can find more of their work.

Example 34: Emilee McGovern

Emilee McGovern Photography Website Example

South Florida Photographer Emilee McGovern specializes in editorial photography and photojournalism. Emilee has used one of the online website templates for photography to create one of the best photojournalism photographer website examples. The homepage has a full-screen background image with links to her editorial and photojournalism portfolios. Other key features on the site include:

  • Details about who, when, or where each of the photos was taken when hovering over them.
  • A publication and blog section with stories and photos about different events.

Example 35: Marvin Lei

Marvin Lei Photography Website Example

Marvin is a photographer based in New York. The site uses website templates for photography and adopts a simple design. The homepage has a full-width background image featuring soft diffusing lights which gives visitors a calming effect. The first link on the homepage leads to Marvin’s portfolio, while the second link opens up a page where you can purchase his creations. Other features on the site include: 

  • Symmetrically aligned images in a grid display enhance viewing. 
  • High-resolution and well-edited images give the site a professional look.

Example 36: Danilo and Sharon

Danilo and Sharon Photography Website Example

Danilo and Sharon are lifestyle and wedding photographers who focus on telling love stories through photography. If you’re an aspiring photographer, this site can help you learn how you can create a stunning portfolio using one of WordPress’ website templates for photography. The design and quality of the images are a testament to the skills the photographers possess. Other features include:

  • A captivating slideshow once you click on any of the images.
  • An interactive design that makes the site fun while browsing.

Example 37: Dolly Ave

Dolly Ave Photography Website Example

Dolly Ave is an award-winning photographer who’s worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and The Migos. She also produces, co-directs, and creatively directs her own music videos. Although her portfolio is made from website templates for photography, it exudes confidence that she is good at what she does. 

On her site you can find:

  • The dark background serves as a good canvas showcasing her stunning work.
  • Links to videos she’s produced and radio play and editorial placements she has worked on.

Example 38: Gubi

Gubi Photography Website Example

Gubi and Noah are designers who use photography to capture their designs and collections of items that they sell. Their ever-evolving collections cover indoor and outdoor items such as chairs, tables, stands, and more. They have adopted a blend of modern and traditional designs, which is captured well in their images. Other features on the site include:

  • A webshop section where you can shop for items.
  • A stories section where they take a deep dive into the world of design and its creators.

Example 39: Adam Bird

Adam Bird Photography Website Example

Adam Bird is a fine art and portrait photographer based in the West Midlands, UK. Adam covers ordinary weddings, allure bridals, and Disney fairy tale wedding photography. Apart from a responsive design, Adam adopts a neat grid design to display his quality photographs in a unique manner. Other features that make the site stand out include:

  • A portfolio section with clear categorization into the main gallery, a Harry Potter series, and a Disney wedding collection.
  • A dedicated Allure bridal page that is categorized according to trends, styles, and colors.

Example 40: Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy Photography Website Example

Sean McCoy is a content creator, photographer, cinematographer, and storyteller. He’s used his well-rounded skills and one of Squarespace’s photography website templates to craft a great portfolio that conveys his skills and professionalism. The homepage welcomes users with a stunning background image of the artist with links to his portfolio and photography section. Other features include:

  • Portfolio section with links to projects where he’s worked as director or editor.
  • Headspace section with inspiring journals of what inspires him to perfect his craft.

Example 41: Frank Gomez

Frank Gomez Photography Website Example

Frank is no amateur in wedding photography. He has also put together an incredible photography website using one of the many photography website templates available on the internet. His site is simple yet very convincing. The homepage welcomes visitors with a slider with graceful transitions capturing intimate and genuine moments between couples. The site also includes features such as:

  • Everything is just a click away using the intuitive navigation bar at the bottom of the page.
  • A video slide page capturing great moments in different weddings.

Example 42: The Hearnes

The Hearnes Photography Website Example

Callen and Abbi are adventurers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and elopement photographers. They use their photography site to share their adventure with different couples out in the wild. The homepage is filled with details about the couple and a series of images documenting their daring escapades to different destinations. 

  • Vivid photography with untamed romance.
  • A variety of images documenting different adventures.
  • A pricing and FAQ section where you can learn more about their services.

Example 43: Alessandro Casagrande

Alessandro Casagrande Photography Website Example

Alessandro is a Venezuelan Italian artist based between Milan and Los Angeles, co-founder & editor in chief of the BACALLA magazine. With a keen eye for colors and details, his art focuses on human connections, intimacy, and the connection that is shared between individuals. Keep in mind that by using 10Web AI Website Builder you can create a similar website in minutes. Other notable features on Alessandro’s photography site include:

  • Solo exhibition section where his art is on display.
  • A shop section where visitors can purchase his art.
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Example 44: Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel Photography Website Example

Brandon is a photographer based in New York. Using one of the website templates for photography by Squarespace, Brandon captures and shares some of his best work through his photography website. His work ranges from wallpapers to photo books and prints. Other notable features on the site include:

  • A section sharing information about some of the cameras beginners can use. 
  • Ability to purchase and use some of his work freely.

Example 45: Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen Photography Website Example

Amelia Allen has crafted one of the best photography website examples using Format. Her site covers commercial photography and documentary sections. Both pages are filled with stunning images of portraits. Other features on the site include:

  • An up close and personal section.
  • A shopping page where you can buy some amazing prints.

Example 46: Foundamour

Foundamour Photography Website Example

Foundamour is a high-end wedding design and planning agency based in Montreal. Their photography website is an extraordinary place if you’re looking for inspiration to start a similar business. It is certainly one of the leading photography website examples we have covered. The site adopts an asymmetrical layout capturing modern and enchanting pictures of couples. Other features include

  • A stick sidebar that makes navigation easy.
  • Animated pages that make browsing the site fun.

Example 47: Kayla Fisher Photography

Kayla Fisher Photography Website Example

Kayla Fisher is a wedding photographer. Her focus is to help couples capture and remember emotions during weddings, intimate weddings, and elopements. Her site is simple and yet one of the most colorful photography website examples. You can also effortlessly craft a similar site using the 10Web AI Website Builder.

Other features of the website include

  • A workshop section where you can learn more about wedding photography.
  • A journal about her latest experiences as a photographer.

Example 48: Agatha Photography

Agatha Photography Website Example

Agathat Photography is built with one of the Wix photography website templates. They specialize in family photography and portraits and only work with families that appreciate exceptional quality photography and the highest levels of service. The website welcomes us with a full-width background photo, a ‌link to a video, a logo, and contact details. Other standout features include:

  • Galleries section where you can browse family photos.
  • Family documentary-style photography allows you to capture relationships, interactions, and emotions for all of your family.

Example 49: Tffy DeJesus

Tffy DeJesus Photography Website Example

Tffy is a professional photographer, and makeup artist that works in the fashion, commercial, and film industries. The homepage allows users to appreciate beauty and creativity by gliding through a horizontal gallery of different models. 

  • Composition and attention to detail in each of the images on display.
  • An overall look of creativity and warmth.

Example 50: Sanz Lena

Sanz Lena Photography Website Example

Sanz is a Toronto-based fashion, editorial, beauty, and still-life photographer. Her site stands out due to its clean and minimalistic design, which creates a distraction-free environment allowing visitors to stay focused on admiring her work. Other features include:

  • Emphasis on high-quality photography.
  • A sleek slider on the homepage provides a seamless browsing experience.

Example 51: Greg Ross Photography

Greg Ross Photography Website Example

Greg is a professionally trained photographer and creative visual artist. He finds fulfillment in telling love stories through pictures. The site has an exceptional choice of background color that compliments the exceptional imagery of couples and heartful testimonials from happy couples. 

Other features include:

  • A pristine white background that reflects elegance.
  • Intuitive interface that makes browsing effortless.


In this article, we’ve explored different photography website examples reflecting the creativity and personality of different individuals. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional photographer, we hope that you find this collection entertaining and inspiring enough to start a photography site. Remember that with 10Web AI Website Builder, you can create a unique professional photography website 10X faster with AI. 

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