21 Plumbing Website Examples to Use as a Template or Inspiration

Within the last decade or so, we’ve seen an overall rise in people using the internet to find local businesses, like restaurants, mechanics, roofing, etc., in their area. Plumbing is no different, as people look to the internet to find a plumbing service near them that checks all the right boxes before they go ahead and hire them. 

Things like positive reviews and a well-built website stand out in this regard, as people use this as a measure to see if they should hire the plumbing service or not. Even if people don’t decide consciously, the website design is an important factor that pulls customers toward the purchase. 

Each tiny detail that makes up the website design is essential, and can greatly increase the chances of getting more customers and growing your business. 

To inspire designers and plumbing businesses looking to create a stunning plumbing website that stands out, we’ve compiled a list of 21 plumbing website examples that have stuck with customers and have worked out well for the company. Let’s dive in!

Example 1: The Pink Plumber

The Pink Plumber Plumbing Website Example

Founded in 2012, Atlanta-based ‘The Pink Plumber’ stands out in this list because of its unique pink color scheme and website design. The idea behind the color scheme is to direct social awareness towards fighting breast cancer, for which the company has even raised $150,000. The site’s unique brand personality makes it one of our favorites on this list of plumbing website templates. 

What we like most:

  • A very unique website design that stands out from the competition, especially when you consider local businesses don’t often this much attention to their site’s UI/UX design. 
  • Setting clear expectations on the homepage with the “What to expect when you set an appointment” part.
  • Attractive typography that makes reading the information on the site easy and fun.

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Example 2: Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Aspen Mountain Plumbing Website Example

Aspen Mountain’s vibrant colors, friendly font, and family-esque vibe give this plumbing site a fresh look. The company serves Rock Springs, Wy, and surrounding areas and provides services ranging from water heater repair to gas line installation. Overall, this example of plumbing website templates is a favorite on this list because of its unique design!

What we like most:

  • Pictures of the team on the landing page portray a “family-esque” vibe.
  • Customer reviews depicting 4.8 and 5-star reviews are clearly shown on the homepage to build trust.
  • Easy-to-read font and eye-catching color scheme.
  • Multiple call-to-actions (CTAs).

Example 3: Mammoth Plumbing

Mammoth Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website examples is Mammoth Plumbing. Based in Housten, Texas, the company boasts over 25 years of experience with a team of licensed and insured plumbers. The company offers 24/7 emergency service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which they prominently highlight in the website design. 

What we like most:

  • A unique logo that catches the user’s attention.
  • The prominent CTA button quickly catches the user’s attention to sign up for a quotation.
  • Business partnerships are displayed on the website to build trust with the user. 

Example 4: Handy

Handy Plumbing Website Example

With Partners like Walmart and Google Home, Handy is a platform that connects people looking for plumbing services with certified professionals. Based in multiple locations across different countries, Handy’s plumbing service page is a great example of keeping things simple highlighting points like customer reviews, key features, and a prominent CTA  (a signup form in this case).

What we like most:

  • Clear depiction of 1000+ user reviews on the homepage to build trust with new customers.
  • Prominent signup form that catches user attention and prompts them to fill it in.
  • Key features of the service like “Handy Happiness Guarantee” are highlighted.

Example 5: Quix Service

Quix Service Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website templates is Quix Service. Based in Brooklyn, New York, this plumbing business offers multiple services, from toilet repairs to emergency plumbing services. 

The site ensures all the right factors are prominently highlighted in the design. As soon as the user lands on the site, important factors like customer reviews, contact number, and a call now CTA button go together to prompt the user at least towards an inquiry. 

What we like most:

  • The Company clearly highlights the total number of customers served with 21,000+ experiences on the HERO section.
  • The site design includes a dedicated use reviews page, which helps potential customers get an understanding of past customer experiences. 
  • The How it Works section was added to help educate the user and build trust.

Example 6: Latta Plumbing

Latta Plumbing Website Example

Based in Birmingham, UK, Latta Plumbing boasts over 40 years of experience in plumbing services. The site design sticks with the user, with popular services getting their own spot in the homepage header. 

This company makes it known that it cares about the user experience, with things like a dedicated mobile app and YouTube channel created to facilitate customers. It’s also a great way to build trust with users. 

What we like most:

  • The website clearly breaks down all kinds of specific plumbing services offered like “leak detection and repair,” “commercial plumbing,” “sewer and drain”, etc. 
  • Phone numbers and locations are clearly highlighted on the homepage.

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Example 7: Ernie’s Plumbing

Ernie's Plumbing Website Example

Texas-based plumbing service Ernie’s Plumbing has a very quirky and yet simple, to-the-point website design. The picture of the van that’s very prominent on the homepage does get the job done: get the user’s attention and pull them in to at least get a free estimate by calling the number. The QR code is also a great addition for mobile users. 

What we like most:

  • The picture of the van with the quirky paint job quickly catches your attention.
  • The number for a free estimate is prominently displayed, prompting the user to call it.

Example 8: Blackburn Plumbing

Blackburn Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website examples is Blackburn Plumbing. The Texas-based plumbing site does a great job by matching the company name with a logo and color scheme that fits perfectly. 

The site highlights its key services, from gas line repair and installation to new construction plumbing, with pictures. Detailed customer reviews also work well to establish trust with new potential customers and make this site a worthy addition to our list of plumbing website templates. 

What we like most:

  • Clear depiction of company timings, contact info, and serving locations in the header.
  • A clear breakdown of all services provided and user reviews 
  • A great logo!

Example 9: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Website Example

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is one of our favorite additions to this list of plumbing website templates, and for good reason. The company’s done a great job of creating a brand personality that sticks, with Benjamin Franklin as their mascot. The tagline “You can count on the punctual plumbers” also sticks and has so far worked out well for the company. 

What we like most:

  • Brand personality stands out in the website design. The Benjamin Franklin mascot is a winner!
  • Simple and clean website navigation that prompts users to check reviews, contact the company, and find the nearest location through the zip code.
  • A standalone page for reviews is a great way to showcase customer satisfaction.

Example 10: Service Experts

Service Experts Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website templates is Service Experts. Based in Ontario, Canada, this company is one of the leading service providers for plumbing services, with over 4000 team members. 

The company has a stunning website design, with the colors and logo embodying the national flag. Service experts provide multiple services ranging from boiler repair to sewer services, and have an average 4.7 customer rating based on 400,000+ reviews. 

What we like most:

  • Vibrant colors that catch the user’s eye.
  • A detailed list of services offered is listed on the homepage.
  • A CTA  button on the top right corner allows users to schedule an online call instead of going through the hassle of calling and booking an appointment.

Example 11: New Canadian Drain

New Canadian Drain Plumbing Website Example

Based in Toronto, New Canadian Drain does a great job of ensuring the most crucial factors that potential customers will consider are highlighted on the home page. 

These include all the awards the business has gotten, 1500+ customer reviews, contact information, and telling users about their 24/7 availability. 

The company specializes in drain installation and repairs but also provides other services, including waterproofing, sewer line repair, and replacement, etc. Overall, New Canadian Drain is a worthy addition to our list of the best plumbing website templates. 

What we like most:

  • Customer reviews and multiple awards and certificates are prominently listed on the homepage.
  • The phone number is enlarged and prominently displayed to prompt the user to call.
  • Video customer testimonials embedded on the website add an extra layer of trust building with new potential customers.

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Example 12: Morrison Plumbing

Morrison Plumbing Website Example

Operating in Caseyville, Illinois, for over 30 years, Morrison Plumbing offers a wide range of services in addition to plumbing services. The site does a great job of listing each service and its particular sub-services in a detailed manner when you scroll down on the homepage. The attention to detail makes this a worthy addition to our list of the best plumbing website templates. 

What we like most:

  • Multiple CTAs are listed in the HERO section increasing the chances of user response.
  • Detailed list of services broken down with individual CTAs listed when you scroll down.

Example 13: WaterWorks Canada

WaterWorks Canada Plumbing Website Example

Potential customers like to verify the authenticity of the business when they visit the website and try to see how legitimate it is. WaterWorks Canada does a great job of establishing trust by prominently showing an actual picture of the company van and showcasing customer reviews, awards, and even video testimonials. 

The company operates in multiple locations in Canada, which include Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and more!

What we like most:

  • Unique Selling Points (USPs) like upfront flat rate pricing and satisfaction guarantee are prominently listed in the HERO section.
  • Customer reviews and awards are prominently displayed to build trust
  • Video testimonials are included on the site.

Example 14: National Plumbing Services

National Plumbing Services Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website examples is National Plumbing Services. Based in the UK, this website is a great example of keeping things simple, and making sure the site serves its purpose: get customers to reach out. 

The signup form takes up a major part of the homepage, increasing the likelihood of getting filled forms. Other key things like reviews, services offered, coverage, etc., are also included. 

What we like most:

  • Simple website design that keeps attention on the sign-up form. 
  • Multiple CTAs that increase the probability of getting a response from the user.

Example 15: Tailored Plumbing

Tailored Plumbing Website Example

Based in the UK, Tailored Plumbing is one of the top-ranking sites in local search results because it offers a great user experience, and keeps things simple for the user. Essential factors such as reviews, accreditations, and partnerships are included. 

What we like most:

  • Actual pictures of the team are displayed in a slider to build trust with users.
  • Customer testimonials and industry certifications are prominently displayed on the site.

Example 16: Home Cure Plumbers

Home Cure Plumbers Plumbing Website Example

Home Cure Plumbers is a great example of taking a normal, local business and making sure the website is as detailed as possible. The site provides in-depth information about all of the services offered, and all of the areas the services are offered to. 

The business has been around since 2009 and has been featured in multiple local publications including The Sun, Metro, Insider, and Country Living. It’s a worthy mention on our list of plumbing website templates and stands out tremendously from the local competition.

What we like most:

  • Pricing is clearly displayed in the HERO section. 
  • A picture of the Homecure Plumbers van along with the team member on the homepage builds trust with the user.
  • Accreditations are prominently displayed on the site.

Example 17: Mere Green Gas & Plumbing

Mere Green Gas and Plumbing Website Example

A family-run business that’s been around for more than 15 years, Mere Green Gas and Plumbing has a very simple website design that keeps it only about the most crucial website design factors: Customer reviews, accreditations, services offered, and partners.

What we like most:

  • Accreditation, service partners, and Google reviews on the homepage build trust with users.
  • Contact number prominently displayed on the homepage header.

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Example 18: My Plumber

My Plumber Plumbing Website Example

Next on our list of plumbing website examples is My Plumber, a local plumbing business based in London, UK. The site design is well thought out, with interactive CTA buttons, detailed information about certifications and guarantees, along promotional offers that enhance the user experience. 

What we like most:

  • Accreditations clearly displayed on the homepage.
  • Pictures of the team displayed in the HERO section build trust with users.
  • Interactive CTA button (“What do you need help with?”) on the HERO section. 

Example 19: Fix-It Right Plumbing

Fix-It Right Plumbing Website Example

Although number 19 on our list, Fix It Right Plumbing is one of the favorites on this list of plumbing website examples. At first glance, the tagline “Fixed First Time or Get $50” goes great, with the CTA button prominently highlighted in the HERO section. The site rightly has a separate page to showcase customers and coverage areas. Based in Australia, Fix It Right Plumbing has been around for over 15 years and is family-owned. 

What we like most:

  • The “Fixed First Time or get $50” sign catches attention quickly and pulls the user towards a call to action.
  • USPs (scroll down on the homepage) like upfront pricing and flexible payment options build trust with the user.

Example 20: Service Today

Service Today Plumbing Website Example

We love the color scheme that Service Today has going for it in its website design. Offering 24/7 service, the Australian-based plumbing service has a great design backed by real pictures of the team spread throughout the site. They also allow users to book an appointment online, which is always a great addition to the user experience. Overall, this example of plumbing website templates is one of our favorites on this list. 

What we like most:

  • The vibrant black and yellow color scheme adds personality to the site. 
  • Multiple CTAs pull the user in towards an action. Also, the enlarged phone number (which is also a CTA button) is a great way to increase the likelihood of getting a response.

Example 21: 000 Plumbing

000 Plumbing Website Example

Last on our list of plumbing website examples is 000 Plumbing, an Australian plumbing business that offers 24/7 services. The site design is simple but backed by real pictures that always help establish authenticity and trust with customers. The site design keeps it simple emphasizing its focus on responding quickly. 

What we like most:

  • The HERO image of multiple service trucks helps establish 000 plumbing as a ‘real physical business’ and builds trust with the user.
  • Multiple call now buttons spread throughout the site increase the probability of getting a response from the user.


All of these plumbing website examples can help designers and businesses find things that have worked out well for similar businesses and can serve as an inspiration for their websites. 

If you’re hoping to build a site similar to any of these examples without the complexity involved in building an entire site from scratch, check out 10Web AI Website Builder which can build a site for you in minutes. You simply answer several questions about your business and the AI tool creates a stunning website design based on that. You can even give it the URL of any of these plumbing website examples, and it’ll build out a similar site and take care of everything. 

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