31 Podcast Website Examples to Use as a Template or Inspiration

In today's digital media landscape, podcasts have become increasingly popular platforms for hosting insightful discussions. Building a podcast website has numerous benefits such as increasing discoverability, having greater control over content presentation, and much more. In this article, we've gathered a list of the best podcast website examples featuring user-friendly layouts, interactive components, and other elements worth taking inspiration from.

In the modern digital media landscape, podcasts have surged in popularity as reliable platforms for holding meaningful conversations. While streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Google Podcasts offer unparalleled convenience for accessing audio content, there are many compelling reasons why you should consider creating a podcast website. A good podcast website can accelerate discoverability, attract new listeners through SEO, give you more control over how you present your content, and a chance to explore other monetization models. 

Starting a podcast website also allows you to engage your audience directly, fostering a sense of community and a chance to enhance your audience’s listening experience through features such as advanced playbacks and live chats.

In this article, we cover truly exceptional podcast website examples from which you can draw inspiration. They include high-quality content, intuitive design, interactive elements, and multi-platform access, among other features. If you feel ready to start designing your podcast website but are still not sure where to begin, then 10Web AI Website Builder is your go-to solution. Simply answer a few questions about your podcast website, and the AI builder will generate content and images for your site.

Example 1: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Podcast Website Example

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is among the most popular podcast website examples featured in this list.  It includes long-form conversations hosted by comedian Joe Rogan with friends and guests, including comedians, actors, musicians, MMA fighters, authors, artists, and beyond. The layout of this podcast website example is a semi-single-page design, while the color palette is dominated by deep blacks and charcoal grays, creating an immersive atmosphere.

Other features on this podcast website include:

  • The font chosen resembles a standard sans-serif typeface, compliments the overall appearance, and maintains readability.
  • The comedy special section features some of Joe’s best work with embedded links allowing you to click watch them.

Example 2: The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit Podcast Website Example

The Friday Habit is one the leading podcast website examples focusing on helping business owners grow their businesses by setting time aside every Friday to implement ideas and weekly improvements. The homepage adopts a colorful design with shades of grey, navy blue, and yellow as the predominant colors, making the podcast website instantly recognizable.

Other outstanding features on this website include:

  • Excellent use of graphics and illustrations makes the site stand out from other photo-strewn websites.
  • The great choice of font compliments the website’s unique look. 
  • The “Listen to the Podcast” CTA buttons are strategically placed, allowing users to start listening while browsing.

Example 3: Talking Sopranos

Talking Sopranos Podcast Website Example

This podcast feature talks about the behind-the-scenes stories and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside. The homepage of this podcast website example features the images of the charismatic hosts, known as Michael and Steve, establishing an immediate connection with visitors. The website’s color scheme features red, black, and white, reinforcing the podcast’s unique identity.

Other standout features on this podcast include:

  • A design that places the episodes at the center stage of the homepage.
  • A standard embedded podcast player enhances the functionality of the website.

Example 4: Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz Podcast Website Example

Dallas Taylor is the host and creator of Twenty Thousand Hertz, a lovingly crafted podcast revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. Twenty Thousand Herts stands out due to its unique content and design in the category of podcast website examples. The site’s clever design with animated graphics strikes a balance between visual engagement and an intuitive design.

Other great features include:

  • A straightforward navigation bar at the top of the site makes browsing to other sections easy.
  • Key information is presented precisely without much clutter allowing users to find content easily.

Example 5: Finding Founders

Finding Founders Podcast Website Example

You cannot have a discussion about podcast website examples without mentioning Finding Founders. Finding Founders is a podcast about entrepreneurship and vulnerability aiming to showcase the world’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. This podcast website has a sleek, modern design with a focus on some of their best podcasts.

Other great features on the website include:

  • A succinct headline that immediately introduces the podcast website.
  • A testimonials section where guests on the podcast share their wonderful experience being on the podcast.

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Example 6: How Did This Get Made?

How Did This Get Made Podcast Website Example

Inspired by the Wall Street Movie “Money Never Sleeps”, How Did This Get Made is among the best podcast website examples, with episodes featuring the deconstruction and mockery of outlandish and bad films. The homepage features a high-quality photo of the hosts of the podcast, which adds a personal touch that immediately builds credibility and trust with visitors.

Other incredible features on the site include:

  • Consistent use of a bold font improves readability throughout the website.
  • An FAQ section that provides key information about the podcast and a chance to join the mailing list for updates.

Example 7: After Dark Podcast

After Dark Podcast Website Example

The After Dark Podcast is dedicated to sharing stories from domestic violence survivors to inspire others. This website tops the list of podcast website examples we have covered due to its thoughtful design. The designers made impressive use of different colors, such as purple and orange creating a pleasing contrast with the white background throughout the site.

Other great features on the site include:

  • Impressive use of color palettes to make the site readable.
  • CTA buttons enable visitors to support victims sharing their stories on the podcast.

Example 8: The NewsWorthy

The NewsWorthy Podcast Website Example

NewsWorthy is among the leading podcast examples on a mission to help people enjoy staying informed about the latest developments in tech, entertainment, politics, and more. The site exudes a simple and casual design that conforms to its fast, fun, and fair approach to delivering content to its users.

Other outstanding features on the site include:

  • Prominent headlines on the podcast page draw the users’ attention.
  • Plenty of whitespaces and uncluttered design make the site seamless and intuitive.

Example 9: Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio Podcast Website Example

This list will not be perfect without highlighting one of the leading podcast website examples covering topics in education, economics, healthcare, and more. Freakonomics began as a book, which led to a blog, a documentary film, and in 2010, a podcast called Freakonomics Radio. The homepage features a dynamic slider displaying recent episodes, encouraging visitors to engage with the latest content.

Other great features on the site include:

  • A prominent navigation bar that categorizes episodes into different genres.
  • You can also find great books and content by Freakonomics on this website.

Example 10: Unladylike

Unladylike Podcast Website Example

It’s a feminist lifestyle podcast about the life stuff we don’t talk about enough. Unlady is one of the leading podcast website examples featuring content on female health that is mostly ignored by mainstream media channels. The homepage features an attention-grabbing and unique background image with graphic illustrations mostly about female health, among other topics covered in the podcast.

Other unique features on this podcast website include:

  • Unconventional horizontal navigation buttons reflect the podcast’s unique identity.
  • You can access all episodes without leaving the homepage.

Example 11: Afrobility

Afrobility Podcast Website Example

Afrobility is a podcast that features stories and analyses of African technology companies. With this podcast, you’ll also find inspiration for creating simple but stunning designs for your own website. The website uses an aesthetically appealing dark-mode theme that aligns with modern design trends. Visitors can also explore and listen to episodes from right from the homepage and enjoy features such as rewind and jump forward.

Other remarkable features on this website include:

  • Timestamps that enhance the listening experience for users.
  • The social sharing button allows listeners to share their favorite podcasts with their friends.

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Example 12: This American Life

This American Life Podcast Website Example

One of the best ways to describe this website is that it is one of the most diverse podcast website examples. Hosted by the Legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, this podcast website also includes animations, music videos, speeches, live stage shows, and more.

Other notable features on this podcast website include:

  • A recommended section where new visitors can find recommended shows.
  • An archive page where you can find the most recent stories and those aired years ago.

Example 13: Ctrl Shift

Ctrl Shift Podcast Website Example

Ctrl Shift is one of the podcast website examples to draw inspiration from if you wish to take your website design to the next level. This podcast website showcases an exceptional animated design combined with a dark theme to offer users an immersive experience. The all-in-one layout design dynamically displays new episodes as users scroll.

Other amazing features on the site include:

  • The fluid transition of content and elements keeps users engaged.
  • The contrast between the dark background and the elements on the page is truly captivating.

Example 14: Serial Podcast

Serial Podcast Website Example

Although it is a custom-built podcast website, Serial Podcast still ranks at the top among the best podcast website examples. This podcast’s content majors in narrating gripping investigations into chilling tales of murder and disappearance. The homepage features an episode from the first season and a brief description that sets the scene of the episode.

Other notable features on this podcast website include:

  • A brief discussion at the end of every season summarises what the season was about.
  • Every episode has a title and a brief description that gives users an overview of the episode.

Example 15: All in by Teddi

All in by Teddi Podcast Website Example

All in by Teddi provides clients with a pathway to self-accountability through personal one-on-one support, guidance, and tools that inspire a complete and lasting lifestyle shift. The website adopts a simple and legible typography. Unlike most podcast website examples we have covered, this one can help you learn how to run your podcast website as a business.

Other features on the site include:

  • The detailed navigation bar allows users to explore the podcast as well as understand other available services.
  • A responsive design that improves accessibility.

Example 16: Office Ladies

Office Ladies Podcast Website Example

This award-winning podcast ranks among the best podcast website examples. The homepage features a large, captivating, bubbly hero image of the podcast hosts, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey who are also the main characters in a popular TV show dubbed “The Office”. Generally, the website adopts a clean and engaging design that promotes ease of use and eliminates confusion. As users navigate further down the page, they can listen to the latest episodes from the show.

Other great features on this site include:

  • High-resolution imagery complements the design.
  • The graceful introduction of the hosts creates a profound connection with the audience.

Example 17: Congratulations with Chris D’Elia

Congratulations with Chris D'Elia Podcast Website Example

Congratulations with Chris D’Elia is prominently featured in discussions of exceptional podcast website examples with great content. From the onset, it is clear that the site adopts a minimalistic, clean, and uncluttered design, which creates a distraction-free environment allowing visitors to focus on the podcast content.

Other notable features on this podcast website example include:

  • The use of a light shade of blue as the background color on the homepage enhances content visibility.
  • Call to action section to Patreon where users can find more content. 

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Example 18: Curious Minds at Work

Curious Minds at Work Podcast Website Example

Gayle Allen interviews experts who share, tips to help take your performance to the next level and learn how to work, lead, and manage better. One can observe the website’s distinction from other podcast website examples by browsing this podcast website. The website maintains a unique but clear content hierarchy, starting with the latest episode on the homepage.

Other unique features on the site include:

  • The latest episodes section features episodes with their episode number, title, and date, allowing users to find what they are looking for easily.
  • A concise menu makes navigating the podcast, contact, and newsletter sections easy.

Example 19: Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussel Podcast Website Example

Duncan and other hosts use their platform to explore spirituality, the afterlife, and reincarnation. If you’re a fan of such controversial topics, this is among the best podcast website examples where you can find enlightening discussions around these debatable topics. The design of the podcast website is deliberately unobtrusive, allowing the content to shine.

Other features on the site include:

  • The use of symbols and hues of purple and blue echo the podcast’s theme.
  • The site’s navigation is simple and makes browsing intuitive.

Example 20: Artpop Talk

Artpop Talk Podcast Website Example

Artpop podcast keeps listeners updated with global art and pop news. Their podcast website has a colorful design and stunning imagery against a backdrop of pink color that blends well with the theme of the podcast. It is also impressive how the podcast website integrates video content from its YouTube channel into the site.

Other impressive features:

  • The sticky navigation bar allows seamless access to other pages.
  • The host section allows new visitors to get familiar with the hosts.

Example 21: Design Matters

Design Matters Podcast Website Example

If you’re in any creative field as a designer, writer, artist, curator, or musician,  this is one of the podcast website examples you’d love. The website adopts an unconventional grid layout design that challenges common website layouts. The dynamic gradient colors that change gracefully, give users a new visual experience every time they visit the site.

Other unique features on this site include:

  • Filter options allow users to find content by year, discipline, or last name.
  • The search function at the navigation bar also makes browsing easier.

Example 22: Skin the Surface

Skin the Surface Podcast Website Example

This podcast is a great educational resource for skin-related issues, a tool to empower people to take a more active role in their skin health, including skin cancer prevention. The website features a beautiful and high-quality hero image alongside an embedded player, allowing you to play the latest episode.

Other features on the site include:

  • Excellent use of different colors that exude modern aesthetics. 
  • The podcast calendar allows you to know when new episodes will be released.

Example 23: Floodlines

Floodlines Podcast Website Example

The design of this podcast website example intentionally incorporates UI elements reminiscent of old-school interfaces, complete with images of the items that evoke the early days of computing. Away from the dated theme, this website’s aesthetics fit the content covered by the podcast.

Other features on the site include:

  • Every page covers a different episode which makes navigation easy.
  • The background images on each episode enhance the user experience.

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Example 24: Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast Website Example

Jocko’s podcast covers many topics, such as leadership, discipline, personal development, and military experiences. The website adopts a thriller theme akin to a cinematic website. The site uses a distinctive grid layout and bold typography and includes key information about each episode.

Other standout features include: 

  • A feature that suggests related podcasts.
  • Resources and equipment recommendations to help start your podcast.

Example 25: The Smarter Sales Show

The Smarter Sales Show Podcast Website Example

The Smarter Sales Show is a weekly video and audio podcast for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and everyone who needs to sell a product or service. The podcast website boasts a delightful and energetic yellow color scheme that perfectly contrasts against a clean and crisp white backdrop.

Other outstanding features on the site include:

  • Stick navigation menu on top of the website makes navigation easy.
  • A meet feature that allows you to meet the hosts from the podcast.

Example 26: The Collective Podcast

The Collective Podcast Website Example

The collective podcast exemplifies elevating usability and accessibility by embracing podcast website templates. The website has a minimalistic design with a grid layout of podcast episodes and their respective thumbnails, titles, and excerpts.

Other great features of this website include:

  • The header and footer are simple, which keeps the site minimalistic and simplistic.
  • Books section where you can find books recommended on and off the podcast.

Example 27: Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon Podcast Website Example

Emma Gannon is an award-winning novelist, best-selling non-fiction author, and podcaster.  From its simplistic and neat design, this website is an example of expertly curated podcast website templates. On this site, you’ll find tips that transcend traditional career advice, helping you navigate and succeed in the modern workspace.

Other notable features on this podcast website include:

  • Excellent use of different color hues that evoke professionalism and engage viewers.
  • A consistent design across all pages of the podcast website.

Example 28: Being Boss Podcast

The Being Boss Podcast Website Example

Being Boss is a podcast that focuses on helping business owners launch, grow, and run their businesses while living life on their terms. The site maintains a clean, professional look with a white background and bold font. Besides the podcast, you can also find incredible resources to help you grow your business.

Other features on the site include:

  • A community section where you can interact with other podcast followers.
  • A newsletter subscription where you can get all the latest information about the podcast.

Example 29: Earwolf Podcast Network

Earwolf Podcast Website Example

Earwolf is no ordinary podcast. With a global audience of over 9 million listeners, it is one of the leading comedy podcast website examples. It is also a website where you can find inspiration on leveraging podcast website templates to craft a website that can serve a global audience. The color palette is warm and inviting, and as users scroll further down the site, they are greeted by a gallery-style showcase of different shows.

Other features on this website include:

  • Stunning slideshow of different episodes from the podcast.
  • An easy-to-read font that compliments the stunning imagery.
  • A host and guest section allows you to place faces to different voices from the podcast.

Example 30: Niche POD

Niche POD Podcast Website Example

Niche Pod embodies a minimalist aesthetic, offering podcast lovers a serene and uncluttered digital experience. It is also a good place to find inspiration for creating functional and minimalistic designs using similar podcast website templates. The homepage has a grid layout of different podcast episodes, including the episode thumbnails, dates, and titles of the respective episodes.

Other notable features on this website include:

  • The deliberate use of plenty of whitespace adds to the simplicity of the website.
  • The fonts chosen are also elegant and unobtrusive.

Example 31: Song Exploder

Song Exploder Podcast Website Example

Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and tell the story of how they were made piece by piece. This podcast website example uses a  distinctive blog-like layout in a clean and single-column structure, providing an uncluttered space for visitors to view and listen to the songs on YouTube. Each episode is accompanied by a detailed description of the guests, their music, and what they talk about.

Other great features on this website include:

  • All episodes have an embedded player that allows you to listen directly on the website.
  • Every episode is accompanied by a transcript and some footnotes.


Podcast websites are great platforms and gateways to find intriguing stories, valuable insights, and compelling conversations about different topics. From the podcast website examples above, we hope that you have discovered how important are the functionality and design of the websites in capturing the attention of listeners. We also hope you feel inspired, and as you begin creating your podcast website, remember that the 10Web AI Website Builder can help streamline the process. Just answer a few questions about your podcast, and the AI will generate a website with content and images designed specifically for your podcast website.

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