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Top 10 Reasons Why Is Better Than VS

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) unlike any other. There are around 75,000,000 websites powered by WordPress, that’s higher than any other CMS by miles.

WordPress achieves these numbers by being open source and easy to access, as well as by offering endless functionalities to its users.

There are two WordPress platforms out there, and While both offer same open-source WordPress software, there’s a single underlying difference between the two, which is the way that each hosts your website., also known as self-hosted WordPress, is where the user needs to secure their own hosting service to host their website on. Whereas is a platform that offers WordPress software (CMS) but it’s hosted by themselves, so there’s no need for the user to secure his or her own hosting. is easier to setup. But that alone doesn’t mean it’s better. There are multiple reasons why a user should go for over

So here are the top 10 reasons why is better:

1. Cost

2. Customization

3. Maintenance

4. Plugins

5. Search Engine Optimization

6. eCommerce

7. Running Ads

8. Advanced Functionality

9. Ownership

10. 10Web

1. Cost is completely free to use and build as many websites as you want with it. Its expenses come mainly from the hosting and domains. Whereas is very limited to use for free. So much so that any function beyond the maintenance of a simple blogging website is impossible without purchasing any of its monthly plans.

Even taking into consideration the expenses of hosting and purchasing a domain, is still cheaper than opting for’s paid plans.

2. Customization (Themes)

Themes on are a thing of beauty. You get thousands of them for free with no strings attached. There’s so much available customizability that the downside of it is having to choose which one to go for.

Whereas with most themes are locked behind purchasing their paid plans and the free ones are extremely limited.

Not even mentioning that with you can customize and create your very own unique themes.

Every theme and template is designed for a specific category. For example, tagDiv designs news website themes. At 10Web, we have various templates for each website category. website maintenance

3. Maintenance

One of the reasons why’s much more accessible than its counterpart is website maintenance. To put it into simpler terms, that means taking care of your website’s updates, security, backup, and optimization. takes care of all that for you, but for the advanced user that’s not always a good thing. With you are responsible for providing and taking care of all the previously mentioned steps of website maintenance. That also means that you have greater control and choice over your website’s security, updates, performance, and backup.

Many website owners prefer for this very reason; it allows them to keep track of their backup schedule, the correct implementation of their updates, security levels, and most importantly their website’s performance.

With all that said, there are services out there such as 10Web, where your website’s entire maintenance is automated and taken care of, but you also get to enjoy’s manual control over these issues per your preference.

4. Plugins

I can keep this section very short and simply mention that provides almost 55,000 plugins for you to use for free. offers only the most basics of plugins and their functionalities in its free plan, and making use of any third-party plugin requires you to purchase their business plan for $25 a month.

The functionality and customization alone that provides for free through the thousands of plugins in its directory, makes the most functional and flexible CMS out there.

WordPress Plugins

5. Search Engine Optimization

The SEO situation is exactly similar to the website maintenance section. On your website’s SEO is handled on their end, with you having minimal control over the technical aspects of your website’s SEO. Unless you purchase the business plan.

On you can provide full SEO functionalities to your website by installing a simple plugin or using an all-in-one service such as 10Web to handle everything SEO that your website needs.

WordPress SEO

6. eCommerce

Let’s start this with the clearly inferior option.’s eCommerce functionality is extremely limited, to the point that it’s only available when you purchase a business plan, which allows you to install one of’s eCommerce plugins.

Alternatively, you can opt for even the more expensive eCommerce plan which will cost you $45 a month.

$45 a month for functionality that’s readily available for free on is a no brainer. Installing a simple plugin such as WooCommerce or eCommerce by 10Web will add every feature and option necessary to creating a successful online store.

There are many reasons why having an eCommerce store on WordPress is so great. One such reason is flexibility. As Audrey Strasenburgh, who is the SEO strategist at LogoMaker said, “One of the biggest advantages to building an E-commerce website via WordPress is the amount of design flexibility you have.

WordPress is well known for offering hundreds of thousands of themes (many of which are specifically labeled for E-commerce stores), which means business owners are bound to find a theme that works best for their industry and products.”

7. Running Ads

The fact that is free and hosted on WordPress’s end means that the company needs to monetize your site somehow. Which does by displaying their ads on your website. Meaning your website’s visitors are exposed to advertisements that aren’t controlled by you and do not earn you any profit in return.

With, since you’re in control of your website’s hosting, it means you’re free to monetize your website to your heart’s content. That means you’re free to run your own ads on your site, build a site that provides paid membership to its users, or even host affiliate links.

The open source nature of all this means that whatever profit you make through any monetization method is completely yours to keep.

8. Advanced Functionality

WordPress Website Functionality

All of this functionality, customization, and freedom culminates in the single important aspect of which is advanced functionality and control. is the perfect tool that caters to all advanced users that prefer to have full control on every aspect of their website.

While is easily accessible at first, you’ll find that the longer you use it the more limiting its available features start to get.

For advanced users especially, the extremely limited feature of is a huge negative factor.

9. Ownership

Having control and owning the content that you produce or host on your website is a pretty important factor of having a website.

Unfortunately for and for you, they have the final say on everything involving your website.

While the content might be yours, your website is ultimately theirs. Meaning, at any point they have the authority to simply push a button and delete your website from existence.

Needless to say, on not only your content but your entire website is yours. You can fill your website with anything that your heart desires and no one but you can take it down.

This is a massive advantage of and a huge relief to any website owner that chooses to build on the platform.

10. 10Web

The 10th and biggest reason why is better than is 10Web.

10Web is an all-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites. It provides the user with 10 crucial components that when used together through the 10Web dashboard will transform the user’s entire WordPress experience.

The 10Web dashboard brings together many features that when put together give the user the ease of access of with the deep functionality and customization of This completely revolutionizes the entire WordPress experience!

It goes without saying that the functionality that provides isn’t matched by whatsoever. And the only front can compete in, its accessibility to new users, is effortlessly remedied by innovative platforms and services such as 10Web.10Web: all-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites

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    Very good blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get feedback from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!

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      Hey Raul! Yes, we happen to know such a group. Check out our WordPress Family on Facebook.