17 AI Tools for Ecommerce to Grow Your Business in 2024

In the fiercely competitive world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. As the online landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of AI tools for ecommerce can be a game-changer for many online store owners. 

Why is it crucial? These tools empower businesses to decipher customer behavior, personalize experiences, streamline operations, and bolster security, among other benefits. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best AI tools for ecommerce, their unique benefits, and the pivotal role they play in ensuring the success of your online store.

What to expect when integrating AI into ecommerce? Benefits and risks

While integrating AI tools for ecommerce is a strategic move that promises substantial benefits, it also comes with inherent risks. Finding the balance is key to the success of your online store. 

Here’s what to think about when considering AI solutions for your online store:


  • Enhanced customer insights: AI empowers businesses to delve deeper into customer behaviors and preferences, unlocking invaluable insights, thanks to the ability to analyze large amounts of data in much less time than humans. By harnessing the best AI tools for ecommerce, you gain a competitive edge in understanding and serving your customers.
  • Personalized customer experiences: AI enables businesses to deliver personalized experiences by analyzing user data and tailoring recommendations. Many cutting-edge tools can do this in real-time so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to convert customers. This level of customization can significantly improve customer satisfaction and drive sales.
  • Streamlined operations: Automation through AI solutions for ecommerce streamlines various processes, from inventory management to customer service. This efficiency saves time and resources, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks. For example, it can even automate ordering stock if it sees certain inventory levels are low, or at least alert your staff without them having to stocktake manually.
  • Improved fraud detection: AI enhances security measures, offering robust fraud detection and prevention. These tools use algorithms to detect activities that look threatening or out of the ordinary. By leveraging AI tools for ecommerce, businesses can protect both themselves and their customers from online threats.


  • Data privacy concerns: Machine learning and AI tools for ecommerce collect vast amounts of user data, which may raise concerns about data privacy. Businesses must navigate the fine line between personalization and respecting customer privacy as well as make sure they comply with regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.
  • Technical challenges: Implementing some of the best AI tools for ecommerce requires technical expertise. Integrating these solutions seamlessly with existing other business apps can also be complicated, potentially leading to technical challenges.
  • Costs: While AI offers massive potential, it can be costly to implement. Some tools are expensive, while others use usage-based pricing models with unpredictable costs. Especially if you’re just starting your online store, you need to make sure that you have the extra budget to cover any costs.
  • AI dependence: Overreliance on AI tools can diminish human decision-making and creativity, potentially leading to a disconnect with customers who still value genuine human interactions. It’s always important to prioritize your customer interactions and give them real-life support whenever necessary.

AI tools for building an online store

When selecting the best AI tools for ecommerce businesses to build an online store, several crucial factors come into play. 

We considered ease of use, customization, design capabilities, and overall user-friendliness to ensure that these AI tools to ensure these tools allow you to focus on your business, instead of designing and building an online store website. 


10Web’s powerful AI website builder streamlines the whole process of website creation and management. What sets 10Web apart is the level of customization and automation it offers. With 10Web AI Ecommerce Website Builder, you have the liberty to choose between creating an online store from the ground up or drawing inspiration from an existing site. This unique feature allows for the creation of a site that truly reflects your vision.

10Web’s wizard takes up to 5 minutes only, and the results are worth it! The AI builder truly takes your business needs and personal preferences into account to come up with a truly unique, tailored online store. This is an important differentiator for brands seeking a strong sense of individuality in their online presence. 

The AI builder will automatically create suitable content and images for your site as well as some starter products and shop categories. During the creation process, you can even use the “Enhance with AI” tool to help craft a high-quality online store description:

Providing description for your store in 10Web AI Website Builder

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, 10Web also offers a high degree of customization. You can use the AI tool to generate new pages from scratch at any time or use the AI Assistant to perfect your copy for readability and SEO. However, as you can see, the AI result tends to be more attractive and unique out-of-the-box:

Website generated with 10Web AI Website Builder

It also gives you the full freedom to manage orders, products, customers, marketing, shipping, promotions, and more for your online store with its user-friendly interface–particularly if you’re new to website building.

Price: $15 – $175/month for ecommerce plans.


Wix made its first move in the field of AI development field in 2016, with the launch of Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).

Wix’s ADI is a simple wizard that asks you a few questions about your website needs and then generates a custom site for you. It will ask you basic questions, like choosing between different “themes” and homepage designs.

Wix theme selection

For now, Wix ADI is best used for small business or ecommerce websites as it lacks some more advanced customization and design capabilities. That being said, it’s a very fast and beginner-friendly option, allowing you to generate a site in under 2 minutes.

Website creation with Wix

Because it asks you very few questions, it’s not as “intelligent” as some other builders, and may not perfectly align with your vision right from the start. 

However, It’s currently working on a new suite of advanced AI tools, including an AI site generator, AI text creator, AI image generator, Chatbots, and more.

Price: $17 – $35/month for ecommerce plans.


Jimdo is another well-established player in the website-building sphere, aimed mostly at inexperienced website creators and small business owners. It initially introduced its AI editor, Jimdo Dolphin, in 2017, which has been improving with time.

With Jimdo, you have the flexibility to choose from a pre-designed theme or let the AI take the lead in creating a site for you. This AI-powered option begins by understanding the purpose of your site, going more in-depth into your needs and goals than Wix. It will then also ask you to pick a style and color palette, before asking you to pick the between two starting designs for your site.

Website goal selection in Jimdo

Similar to Wix, Jimdo’s AI website tools pretty much start and end with the site builder. The designs are more simplistic, but they are still modern and user-friendly. They definitely work best for small businesses or if you want a straightforward design that’s easy to fine-tune on your own.

Website generated with Jimdo

So, while Jimdo is not the most advanced, it also offers quick and easy access to your own online store, with beginner-friendly customization tools.

Price: $15 – $39/month for ecommerce plans.

AI tools for customer engagement

Below, we’ve curated several AI ecommerce tools for customer engagement, designed to empower businesses to build strong relationships with their customers. 

These tools have been chosen based on their effectiveness in providing proactive and personalized customer interactions, ultimately enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. 

Whether through AI-driven chatbots, in-app messaging, or automated email marketing, these tools are at the forefront of customer engagement strategies:


Intercom homepage

Intercom is a versatile customer engagement platform that leverages AI to facilitate personalized interactions. It offers features like chatbots, in-app messaging, and email marketing automation. 

With its AI-driven chatbots, businesses can provide instant responses to common customer queries, freeing up human agents for more complex issues. Plus, Intercom offers user behavior tracking and analytics, enabling you to understand customer needs and preferences, so you can further improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

It offers a plugin for WordPress that’s easy to install and set up, but can integrate with nearly any platform or business app, including Salesforce, Facebook, and more.

Price: $74/month and up (priced on a quote-by-quote basis).


LiveChat homepage

LiveChat is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and offers real-time customer engagement with AI-powered chat features. It allows businesses to engage with website visitors, answer questions, and assist in the customer journey. 

LiveChat’s pricing is budget-friendly and provides an accessible option for smaller enterprises. Its integration with WordPress simplifies setup, making it a valuable tool for those looking to enhance customer engagement without breaking the bank.

Despite offering affordable plans for starter businesses, it’s even used by giants like PayPal, McDonald’s, and more.

Pricing: $20 – $59/month with enterprise options.


Zendesk homepage

One of the biggest names in the industry, Zendesk’s customer service platform utilizes AI to enhance customer engagement and support. AI-powered chatbots, like Answer Bot, provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, improving response times and customer satisfaction. 

Zendesk’s AI can also categorize and prioritize tickets, helping businesses streamline support workflows. Additionally, it offers AI-driven analytics to identify trends, enabling proactive customer engagement and issue resolution.

These AI tools for customer engagement play a vital role in providing personalized, efficient, and responsive customer interactions, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pricing: $19/agent/month and up.

AI in product recommendations

Now, we’ll explore AI tools for ecommerce geared toward personalized product recommendations. These tools leverage advanced algorithms to analyze customer data and behavior, providing users with product suggestions that align with their preferences. 

We’ve curated a list of AI solutions that are not only effective but also accessible to startups and small businesses, empowering businesses of all sizes to increase their conversions.


Recombee homepage

Recombee stands out among AI tools for ecommerce for recommendations thanks to its affordable pricing and focus on customization. Its recommendation engine adapts to the unique characteristics and needs of each ecommerce business. 

Recombee uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to provide personalized product suggestions, and it’s particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses due to its flexible pricing options. Moreover, Recombee provides easy integration with popular ecommerce platforms, including WordPress, so you can easily and seamlessly implement its AI-powered product recommendations.


  • $0/month – $99/month for small-to-medium businesses
  • $899/month – $2,499/month for larger operations


Barilliance homepage

Barilliance specializes in delivering personalized product recommendations in real time. What sets it apart is its ability to analyze user behavior in real-time, adjusting recommendations based on the user’s current session. This is a great tool to convert 50/50 customers at crucial moments in their journey. 

It offers a comprehensive suite of ecommerce personalization tools, and its pricing structure caters to businesses of all sizes, making it suitable for startups and small businesses. Barilliance can integrate with various ecommerce platforms, including plugins for WordPress, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of online stores.

Pricing: Starting at $250.


Clerk.io homepage

Clerk.io is an excellent choice for growing small online stores and startups seeking AI-driven product recommendations tailored to their specific needs. Clerk.io’s scalable pricing helps businesses of all sizes enhance customer engagement and increase sales. 

Clerk.io offers user-friendly integration with various ecommerce platforms, making it accessible to WordPress users. It provides personalized product recommendations based on user behavior, previous purchases, and real-time interactions, all designed to improve the overall shopping experience. 

While some complain that Clerk.io can quickly become expensive as your needs grow, it’s one of the most affordable AI tools for ecommerce for the majority of online stores.

Pricing: Starts at roughly $99/month.

AI tools for inventory management and supply chain optimization

Managing inventory and optimizing the supply chain is paramount for businesses aiming to stay competitive and meet customer demands. 

The integration of AI tools for ecommerce in inventory management and supply chain optimization can help you operate more efficiently. For example, by reducing overstock and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Let’s explore three exceptional AI solutions for inventory management and supply chain optimization. These AI-powered tools not only streamline inventory control but also align with ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce.


Ordoro homepage

Ordoro is an excellent choice for small businesses and startups seeking AI-driven inventory management and supply chain optimization. It offers features like order management, shipping, and inventory control. It’s a particularly good tool for lean online stores looking for AI tools for ecommerce to run a dropshipping business.

What sets Ordoro apart is its robust integrations with popular ecommerce platforms, including WordPress, making it a seamless choice for online stores. With AI-driven demand forecasting and real-time insights, Ordoro helps businesses maintain optimal inventory levels, reduce overstock, and enhance order accuracy. 

The user-friendly interface and budget-friendly pricing plans make it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Price: Free to $149/month.


Orderhive homepage

Orderhive is a comprehensive inventory management and supply chain optimization solution, aimed primarily at medium to enterprise businesses. What sets Orderhive apart is its holistic approach to inventory control, offering features such as order management, shipping, and multichannel integration. 

With AI-powered demand forecasting, this tool ensures businesses can maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing excess stock and improving order accuracy. Orderhive’s user-friendly interface and competitive pricing plans make it one of the best AI solutions for ecommerce businesses looking to automate their inventory processes and streamline supply chain operations. 

Price: Starting at $349/month.


StockTrim homepage

StockTrim is a robust AI tool designed for inventory management and supply chain optimization, It offers tailored AI solutions for ecommerce for startups as well as larger businesses. Its unique feature lies in predictive analytics, which uses historical data and sales trends to forecast future demand accurately. 

This enables businesses to optimize their inventory, reduce carrying costs, and ensure products are always available when customers need them. StockTrim also provides a user-friendly interface and straightforward pricing, making it a cost-effective choice for ecommerce ventures. 

Its compatibility with WordPress simplifies integration, ensuring that businesses can effectively manage inventory with ease.

Price: $99/month to custom enterprise pricing.

AI for fraud detection and security in ecommerce

Security is vital for ecommerce, as you’ll be handling sensitive customer data and financial transactions. With the rise of ecommerce threats, integrating AI tools for ecommerce security and fraud detection has become essential. 

The best AI tools for ecommerce can safeguard your operations and protect your customers from fraudulent activities. These AI solutions for ecommerce leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect threats and prevent unauthorized access.


Signifyd homepage

Signifyd stands out as an AI-driven solution that excels in ecommerce fraud prevention. It leverages machine learning and big data analytics to assess transactions in real time, effectively separating legitimate orders from fraudulent ones. 

What sets Signifyd apart is its focus on providing a financial guarantee against fraud, offering businesses a sense of security and peace of mind. Signifyd is a very advanced security system and may be priced out of the budget of smaller ecommerce stores. However, it’s an incredibly secure solution for large-scale ecommerce operations operating internationally.

Its compatibility with WordPress ensures a smooth integration, safeguarding your ecommerce operations.

Pricing: Starting at $1,500/month.


Kount homepage

Kount is one of the most flexibly priced AI tools for ecommerce, offering fraud detection and security. Its scalable pricing makes it a suitable choice for WooCommerce stores looking for an affordable one of any size. Like Signifyd, it leverages AI and machine learning to assess transactions and identify fraudulent activities in real time. 

What makes Kount unique is its comprehensive approach to fraud prevention, which extends beyond transaction analysis. It includes features like chargeback prevention, account takeover protection, and dynamic order linking, ensuring a multi-faceted security strategy.

Its seamless integration with WooCommerce also ensures that businesses can safeguard their operations without a complicated setup.

Price: $0.07/transaction or $1,000/month (custom pricing available).


Subuno homepage

Subuno is an excellent choice for WooCommerce stores seeking cost-effective fraud detection and security solutions. It utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze transactions in real time, focusing on identifying potential fraudulent activities. 

Unlike most other security AI tools for ecommerce, Subuno uses an affordable and transparent pricing approach, with flat-rate plans that cover a certain number of transactions per month. This gives businesses certainty regarding how much their security will cost.

Subuno also offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward integration with WooCommerce, ensuring a smooth setup process. While more affordable, it provides essential fraud detection features to protect your ecommerce operations, like customizable rules/filters, identity verification, and more.

Price: $19 to $249/month.

AI tools for ecommerce data analytics and customer insights

In the competitive world of ecommerce, data is king. Understanding your customers and their behavior is essential for making informed decisions and driving business growth. The best AI tools for ecommerce data analytics and customer insights have the power to revolutionize the way you operate your online store. 

These ecommerce AI tools provide valuable insights, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies, optimize your product offerings, and enhance customer experiences.


Metrilo homepage

Metrilo is a powerful AI tool for ecommerce data analytics and customer insights. It’s designed with the specific needs of online stores in mind. 

What makes Metrilo unique is its capability to provide end-to-end analytics, encompassing customer data, sales performance, and marketing attribution. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to make data-driven decisions across all facets of their ecommerce operations. 

Metrilo’s user-friendly interface and WordPress integration ensure a smooth setup, empowering you to gain valuable insights with ease.

Pricing: $119 to $299/month.


Glew.io homepage

Glew is a versatile AI tool for ecommerce data analytics and customer insights, offering features that cater to the needs of online stores of all sizes. Glew’s unique strength lies in its ability to aggregate data from multiple sources, providing a holistic view of ecommerce operations. 

It offers in-depth reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to understand customer behavior, product performance, and sales trends. 

Glew’s budget-friendly and transparent pricing and user-friendly interface cater to a wide range of online store startups and small businesses, with higher-tier options for growing operations.

Pricing: $79 to $649/month.


Embracing AI solutions for ecommerce is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Many solutions not only cater for large-scale operations with unlimited budgets and dedicated IT teams, but to startups, local small businesses, and solopreneurs as well.

These solutions unlock invaluable customer insights, create personalized experiences, and enhance operational efficiency. While challenges exist, the benefits far outweigh them — if used responsibly and intelligently. 

By integrating AI tools for ecommerce into your online store, you pave the way for growth, security, and an exceptional customer journey. All of which will lead to more conversions and increased profits.

And, by using the 10Web AI Ecommerce Builder, you can solve one of the most difficult challenges of creating an online store – building and launching a business website. Without any design or development experience, you can have a professional and high-converting digital storefront in minutes.

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