Sergey Markosyan

Sergey Markosyan

Sergey Markosyan is the Co-Founder and CTO at 10Web. He leads the development of the 10Web platform, identifies and solves problems in the development process across the organization a true sensei for the engineering team.
jQuery not defined

Resolving the jQuery is Not Defined” Error

13 Min Read

The “jQuery is Not Defined” error is a common hurdle encountered in web development, especially for those new to integrating jQuery, a widely used JavaScript library, into web pages. This error message pops up in the browser’s console when the JavaScript code attempts to utilize jQuery syntax or functions before the library has been loaded, or if it hasn’t been…

Sorry, this file type is not permitted error

Resolving the “Sorry, This File Type is Not Permitted for Security Reasons” Error

8 Min Read

You’ve got your file ready to jazz up your site, only to be met with the “Sorry, This File Type Is Not Permitted for Security Reasons” error. No, your site isn’t under attack, nor does it mean your file is malicious. This roadblock is WordPress’s built-in safeguard, keeping a tight leash on what gets uploaded to ensure your site remains…

MySQL error 1062

How to Fix MySQL Error 1062

6 Min Read

Working with MySQL databases you might run into various error messages. One of those is MySQL error 1062. Also known as Error Code: 1062 or ERROR 1062 (23000), the MySQL 1062 error message means a duplicate entry into a unique column or a primary key. Simply put, if you try to insert a data piece that is already in the…

The image visualizes MySQL Error 1452, highlighting the challenge of unmet dependencies between tables in a relational database due to foreign key constraints. Through an abstract depiction of two floating islands representing the parent and child tables, and a broken bridge symbolizing the failed connection or update attempt, the scene effectively communicates the issue of dependency and the importance of maintaining relational integrity.

How to Resolve MySQL Error 1452

7 Min Read

When you’re knee-deep in database management, encountering MySQL Error 1452 can throw a wrench into your workflow. This error, signaling a violation of a foreign key constraint, essentially means you’re trying to add or update a child row with a reference that doesn’t exist in the parent table. It’s like trying to link a book to an author in your…

WordPress Website Hacked

Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked: How to Know and What to Do

29 Min Read

A website being hacked is a major concern for every site owner. Despite WordPress being a robust platform, no site is completely immune to security threats, particularly if appropriate safeguards haven’t been put in place. However, if your WordPress site has fallen victim to a hack and the damage has been inflicted, don’t worry. There are several strategies you can…

A Comprehensive Guide on xmlrpc.php in WordPress and How to Disable It

A Comprehensive Guide on xmlrpc.php in WordPress and How to Disable It

15 Min Read

Xmlrpc.php was a groundbreaking solution. It facilitated remote communication with your WordPress site. This means you could manage your site from afar, using various apps or services. Imagine posting a blog from a smartphone app or integrating your site with other web applications – that’s the magic xmlrpc.php brought to the table. As with any open door in technology, it…

MySQL error 2013.

How to Fix MySQL Error 2013: Lost Connection to MySQL Server

6 Min Read

When you run many MySQL queries, you might encounter MySQL error 2013: lost connection to MySQL server during query. This error code pops up when the connection between your tool or application and the MySQL server is gone or lost. To understand this issue, it’s important to know how MySQL handles communication between the software you’re using and the MySQL…

WrodPress Not Sending Emails

Resolving the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

27 Min Read

When you find yourself tangled up in the frustrating issue where WordPress isn’t sending emails correctly, or worse, not at all, it’s easy to feel stuck. This problem can manifest in various ways, from missing notifications and password reset emails to order confirmations if you’re running an eCommerce site with WooCommerce. It’s crucial to note that most WordPress hosting services…

The image encapsulates the MySQL error 1366 challenge, depicting a digital scenario where various human writing systems encounter difficulties integrating into a database due to incompatible character sets. Through an abstract representation of characters and symbols from diverse languages and scripts facing barriers, the scene conveys the technical complexities and the necessity for appropriate database configuration to accommodate a broad spectrum of data.

How to Fix MySQL Error 1366

4 Min Read

Ah, the infamous MySQL Error Code 1366. This one’s a classic case where your data feels like a square peg being forced into a round hole because of mismatched character sets. Let’s delve into this error, shall we? At its core, Error 1366, or as MySQL likes to phrase it, “Incorrect string value,” pops up when there’s a clash between…

How to Fix MySQL Error 2003: Can’t Connect to MySQL Server on ‘localhost:3306’

6 Min Read

The MySQL error 2003 can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost:3306’ (10061) means that your application or tool is trying, but failing, to connect to the MySQL database server on ‘localhost’ using the default port 3306. That’s what the error message tells you as well. Before discussing the methods to fix the MySQL error 2003 (HY000), it’s important to understand…

The image visualizes the challenges associated with MySQL error 1292, highlighting the confusion and complexity of data management when faced with mismatched data types, implicit type conversion errors, incorrectly formatted data, and date syntax issues. Through abstract symbols and metaphors, such as square pegs and round holes, the scene conveys the technical difficulties and frustrations of ensuring data compatibility within MySQL.

How to Fix MySQL Error 1292

4 Min Read

When you’re deep-diving into the world of MySQL, encountering an error like the MySQL Error Code 1292 can feel like hitting a roadblock. It’s like you’re on a smooth highway, and suddenly, boom, you’re facing this obstacle. This guide aims to turn on the hazard lights, so to speak, and help you navigate around it. Understanding MySQL error code 1292…

WordPress White Screen of Death. A computer with a white screen with the WordPress logo on top of the screen.

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

19 Min Read

The WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD) is a critical error that manifests as a blank, white screen when attempting to access a WordPress site, and it comes with no error message to hint at what might have gone wrong. This issue can affect your entire website or be isolated to specific sections, such as the WordPress admin dashboard, complicating…