21 Inspiring Lifestyle Blog Examples in 2023

In recent years, lifestyle blogging has become tremendously popular, with inspiring blogs capturing audiences worldwide. Lifestyle bloggers have mastered the art of crafting engaging content on various topics like wellness, fashion, travel, and parenting. In this article, we share some of the most inspiring lifestyle blogs, providing ideas and inspiration for taking your blogging journey to the next level.

Amongst the most profitable online blogging niches today, lifestyle/mommy blogs boast a whopping median monthly income of $5,174.

From wellness and fashion to travel, parenting, and beyond, lifestyle bloggers have mastered the art of crafting content that resonates with readers worldwide. This niche has a ton of depth, with topics ranging from travel, fitness, luxury living, fashion, beauty, and self-improvement to home decor, gardening, relationships, and even parenting.

So, how do you stand out and create the best lifestyle blogs that attract and engage your ideal audience? 

In this post, we’ll share 21 inspiring examples of lifestyle blogs that you can model for success in 2023. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking for ways to grow your existing blog, these lifestyle blog examples will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration to take your blog to the next level. Let’s dive in! 

Example 1: Cup Of Jo – A lifestyle inspiration hub

Topics covered: Fashion, beauty, recipes, motherhood, travel, and relationships.

Inspiring features: Engaging short posts with captivating images, and strong reader engagement with over 100 comments per post.

Main source of income: Ads and affiliate marketing.

Cup of Jo Lifestyle Blog Website

Founded by Joanna Goddard in 2007 as a “weekend hobby,” Cup of Jo has evolved into one of the most influential lifestyle blogs in the world.

The blog’s content is designed to be easily consumed, providing quick doses of inspiration and information that can be enjoyed in a busy lifestyle.

Lifestyle blog examples such as this one is a first mom blog that operates as more of an online magazine, offering various content in various categories yet maintaining a simple and blog-like web design and style.

The blog is active on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, most of their engagements and promotions revolve around Pinterest and Instagram, where they share their latest blog posts and interact with their audience.

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Example 2: The Chriselle Factor – Perfect trio of style, beauty, and life

Topics covered: Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Inspiring features: Chriselle’s impeccable style tips, beauty tutorials, and insights into her daily life as a fashion influencer and entrepreneur.

Main source of income: Sponsored collaborations, brand partnerships, fashion affiliate programs, and Chriselle’s fashion line.

The Chriselle Factor Lifestyle Blog Website

With a keen eye for style and passion for self-expression, Chriselle Lim offers her readers a wealth of inspiration, advice, and insights. 

She creates fashion-forward looks through her blog, combining classic elegance with modern trends. Her outfits inspire readers to embrace their unique style, encouraging them to experiment and express themselves confidently.

In addition to fashion, she shares beauty tutorials that empower readers to enhance their natural beauty and experiment with different makeup techniques. Her step-by-step guides and product recommendations make it easy for readers to achieve stunning looks on their own.

Example 3: The Skinny Confidential – Pushing boundaries in women’s lifestyle

Topics covered: Beauty, fitness, realness, and relationships.

Inspiring features: Unfiltered beauty and relationship advice, explores taboo topics.

Main source of income: Affiliate marketing, books, courses, product sponsorship, private label products, and apps.

The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Blog Website

The Skinny Confidential, a top women’s lifestyle blog, goes beyond the conventional boundaries of beauty and wellness topics. Led by the charismatic and unabashedly honest blogger Lauryn Evars Bosstick, this best lifestyle blog educates and entertains followers with unfiltered advice on various aspects of life.

From unconventional beauty tips to navigating relationships, it offers a refreshing and relatable perspective for women seeking a no-holds-barred approach to lifestyle content.

Example 4: Ape To Gentleman – Refining men’s lifestyle with style and sophistication

Topics covered: Men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, travel, and culture.

Inspiring features: Expert fashion advice, grooming tips, travel guides, lifestyle insights, and cultural explorations.

Main source of income: The website generates revenue primarily through sponsored content, brand collaborations, and affiliate marketing partnerships.

Ape to Gentleman Lifestyle Blog Website

Moving on to number 4, we have the eye-catching example of the lifestyle blog Ape to Gentleman. With an unwavering focus on men’s fashion, this inspiring lifestyle blog serves as a compass for modern gentlemen seeking guidance, refinement, and a touch of sophistication.

Ape to Gentleman leaves no stone unturned when it comes to style. Its ability to connect with influential personalities who share their stories, experiences, and expertise sets it apart. Through engaging interviews, you’ll gain unique perspectives and inspiration from individuals who have made their mark in various fields.

Example 5: Camille Styles – Elevating lifestyle, fashion, and home decor

Topics covered: Entertaining, food, design, style, travel, and wellness.

Inspiring features: A consistent and authentic brand with passionate women experts.

Main source of income: Affiliate marketing, display ads, and book sales.

Camille Styles Lifestyle Blog Website

With a name synonymous with style and a commitment to empowering women, Camille Styles has carved a niche for herself in the world of lifestyle blogging. This popular website offers a treasure trove of information, providing a consistent and authentic brand that women can trust.

At the heart of Camille Styles lies a team of authoritative editors and contributors who are passionate experts on a wide range of women’s topics. Whether it’s achieving wellness goals, mastering the art of homemaking, or exploring new ways to entertain, women across the globe turn to this inspiring example of lifestyle bog for comprehensive subject matter that enhances and enriches their busy lives.

Example 6: Mindbodygreen – Holistic wellness, empowering transformation

Topics covered: Nutrition, fitness, mental health, mindfulness, relationships, spirituality, and sustainability.

Inspiring features: Real-life success stories, interviews with wellness experts, and personal experiences shared by influencers.

Main source of income: Sponsored content and brand partnerships, events, workshops, and retreats.

Mindbodygreen Lifestyle Blog Website

Mindbodygreen is a holistic wellness platform that takes a comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing a healthy lifestyle’s mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects. With a mission to inspire and empower individuals to live their best lives, this example of a lifestyle blog offers a wealth of resources and information to support overall wellness.

This 360-degree approach to wellness allows individuals to address their well-being holistically, recognizing the interconnectedness of different aspects of their lives.

Through their content, Mindbodygreen covers a wide range of topics spanning various well-being dimensions. 

Whether it’s articles, videos, podcasts, or expert advice, readers can explore nutrition, fitness, mental health, relationships, spirituality, mindfulness, sustainability, and more. 

Example 7: Goop – Modern wellness emporium

Topics covered: Beauty, holistic wellness, fashion, food, decor, and travel.

Inspiring features: Probing women’s lifestyle topics, guest posts on sexual health, parenthood, and sustainable living.

Main source of income: Affiliate marketing, display ads, product sponsorship, branded products, courses, online shop, and books. 

Goop Lifestyle Blog Website

When it comes to holistic wellness and clean living, one name stands out in the lifestyle blog examples: Goop. Founded by renowned actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008, this inspiring blog has blossomed into an empire, captivating a diverse audience with its curated wellness tips, clean beauty products, and fashionable endeavors, and is one of the highlights in this lifestyle blog examples list.

Initially targeted at women, the website has expanded its reach to appeal to men who share a common interest in clean living and holistic well-being. With a devoted following across social media platforms and various engagement initiatives, Goop has created a vibrant community that continuously seeks inspiration and enlightenment.

Example 8: I Am Aileen – Wanderlust in words

Topics covered: Travel, digital nomad lifestyle, and destination guides.

Inspiring features: Aileen’s breathtaking travel photography, in-depth destination guides, and empowering life stories as a digital nomad.

Main source of income: Sponsored partnerships, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, online courses, and travel resources.

I Am Aileen Lifestyle Blog Website

I am Aileen is a captivating blog that takes readers on a journey through the world of travel, delving into the digital nomad lifestyle and offering comprehensive destination guides. Through her lens, she captures the essence of each destination, transporting readers to picturesque landscapes and vibrant cityscapes. Her images showcase the world’s beauty and convey a sense of wonder and wanderlust.

Undoubtedly, Aileen’s exceptional talent for captivating storytelling, complemented by her breathtaking photography and extensive knowledge, positions her blog as the epitome of the best lifestyle blogs available.

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Example 9: Corporette – Empowering professional women with fashion and lifestyle advice

Topics covered: Women’s fashion, career, and lifestyle advice.

Inspiring features: Fashion advice for professional women, tips on assembling office-appropriate wardrobes, guidance on career advancement, and work-life balance.

Source of income: Display ads, affiliate marketing, and product sponsorship.

Corporette Lifestyle Blog Website

Created by the visionary fashion blogger Kat Griffin, this best lifestyle blog has evolved into an award-winning website catering to the needs of over-achieving chicks who aspire to look professional and effortlessly stylish.

It was born from a deep understanding that time and energy are precious commodities for ambitious, multitasking women. Alongside style guides and outfit ideas, readers can find valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the corporate world, managing work-life balance, and achieving professional success.

It has become a go-to resource for women who strive to excel in their careers without compromising their personal style.

Example 10: The Blonde Abroad – Inspiring women to conquer the world of travel

Topics covered: Travel and photography.

Inspiring feature: Empowering women to conquer the world of travel through inspiring content.

Main source of income: Sponsored partnerships, brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, digital products, workshops, and photography services.

The Blonde Abroad Lifestyle Blog Website

The Blonde Abroad – the brainchild of travel influencer Kiersten Rich (Kiki), is a captivating travel blog that has taken the digital sphere by storm. With her unparalleled destination reviews and expert travel advice, Kiki aims to empower women with the confidence to explore the world. However, it’s not just women who are captivated by her worldly explorations—devoted homebodies and travel enthusiasts alike are drawn to her blog.

For those new to travel, Kiki’s unique “Start Here” guide lays out the roadmap to becoming a confident globetrotter. From planning your itinerary to mastering the art of packing efficiently, she helps you to make your travel dreams a reality.

Example 11: A Beautiful Mess – A creative haven for inspired living

Topics covered: Crafts, decor, recipes, fashion & beauty, blogging, and life advice.

Inspiring features: DIY projects, home decoration ideas, delicious recipes, fashion updates, hair styling tips, and family life discussions.

Main source of income: Affiliate marketing, courses, books, online shop, product sponsorship, display ads, and photo-editing apps. 

A Beautiful Mess Lifestyle Blog Website

A Beautiful Mess stands tall among the biggest DIY and best lifestyle blogs online, attracting a massive audience of creative women from all around the globe. 

Founded by the talented sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, the blog encourages its audience to make something creative without leaving their comfort zone. From awe-inspiring crafts and innovative home decor ideas to mouthwatering recipes that tantalize taste buds, the blog’s diversity never fails to amaze. 

But that’s not all; the sisters delve into family life, sharing precious moments and experiences, making their readers feel part of the sisterhood. Additionally, they delve into fashion and beauty, experimenting with hairstyles and providing expert beauty tips that resonate with fashion enthusiasts.

Example 12: Zen Habits – Inspiring simplicity and mindfulness

Topic covered:  Simplicity, mindfulness, personal development, and creating a balanced and meaningful life.

Inspiring features: Captivate and motivate readers on their journey towards simplicity and mindfulness.

Main source of income: Books, online training programs, and affiliate marketing.

Zen Habits Lifestyle Blog Website

Next in our list of examples of lifestyle blogs is Zen Habits. It is a renowned blog that invites us to find simplicity and mindfulness amidst the chaos of our daily lives. Created by Leo Babauta, this platform offers valuable insights and practical guidance to help us declutter our minds, prioritize what truly matters, and discover inner peace. 

With over a million readers, Zen Habits has become a trusted source of inspiration for those seeking a more balanced and intentional way of living. 

Example 13: Helene In Between – Embrace the extraordinary

Topics covered: Travel, lifestyle, and blogging tips.

Inspiring features: Helene’s vibrant travel stories, insightful blogging advice, and candid take on living a fulfilling lifestyle.

Main source of income: Sponsored collaborations, affiliate marketing, and digital product sales.

Helene in Between Lifestyle Blog Website

Helene in Between is a captivating blog that covers a diverse range of topics. This example of a lifestyle blog offers valuable insights into the blogging world and inspires a life lived to the fullest.

With Helene in Between as your guide, you’ll be inspired to step outside your comfort zone, embark on exciting adventures, and uncover the extraordinary moments that make life truly remarkable. 

Example 14: Sincerely Jules – Fashion and dreamy vibes

Topics covered: Fashion, style, and travel.

Inspiring features: Jules’ effortlessly chic fashion looks, dreamy travel photography, and a genuine passion for embracing personal style and exploration.

Main source of income: Collaborations with fashion brands, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and Jules’ clothing line are the primary sources of income for the blog.

Sincerely Jules Lifestyle Blog Website

Next on our list of lifestyle blog examples is Sincerely Jules, a website showcasing the whimsical world of fashion and dreamy vibes initiated by Julie! 

At Sincerely Jules, you’ll find a delightful mix of chic fashion looks that embody effortless style. 

But that’s not all; She will take you on dreamy adventures through mesmerizing travel photography, transporting you to enchanting destinations and inspiring you to explore the world with wonder and curiosity.

In other words, this blog inspires you to live out your dreams and embrace life’s beautiful moments. 

You can explore more fashion blog examples in our related article.

Example 15: Hej Doll – Wanderlust and style inspiration

Topics covered: Travel, fashion guides, and tips.

Inspiring features: Insider tips, stunning photography, and immersive storytelling.

Main source of income: Collaborations, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Hej Doll Lifestyle Blog Website

Hej Doll is undeniably one of the best lifestyle blogs, offering a captivating digital haven that intertwines wanderlust and style effortlessly. As you dive into the enchanting world of this lifestyle blog, you’ll find yourself whisked away on virtual adventures to breathtaking destinations and immersed in the latest fashion trends that ignite your inner fashionista.

The blog’s travel features are mesmerizing, taking readers on visual journeys to far-off lands.

Beyond its captivating travel content, it also takes pride in its inspiring style features. With chic and accessible fashion choices showcased, the blog encourages readers to embrace their individuality and express themselves confidently through their style.

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Example 16: Gal Meets Glam – Effortless elegance and timeless beauty

Topics covered: Timeless elegance, sophisticated fashion choices, and beauty tips.

Inspiring features: Graceful outfits that effortlessly blend classic and modern aesthetics, insightful tips, and product recommendations.

Main source of income: Brand partnerships and collaborations.

Gal Meets Glam Lifestyle Blog Website

Gal Meets Glam is one of the shining examples of lifestyle blogs that exude elegance and celebrate the beauty of authenticity. Its carefully curated content inspires readers to embrace timeless fashion, enhance beauty routines, and cultivate a graceful lifestyle. 

Additionally, its dedicated following and influential partnerships continue to be a delightful resource for individuals seeking to infuse their lives with a touch of effortless charm and sophistication.

Example 17: The Confused Millennial – Empowering life advice for millennials

Topics covered: Career advice, personal development, relationships, and mental health.

Inspiring features: Providing actionable advice and encouragement.

Main source of income: Sponsored content, affiliate marketing, online courses, and book sales.

The Confused Millennial Lifestyle Blog Website

Covering an array of essential subjects, The Confused Millennial is a supportive companion for the modern millennial. From career advice and personal development to relationships and mental health, lifestyle blog examples like this help us see the challenges young adults commonly encounter on their journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.

By offering vulnerability and authenticity, the blog creates a safe space for readers to connect, relate, and grow together.

Example 18: Brooklyn, I’m Trying – A journey of self-discovery and creativity

Topics covered: Social plans and recommendations, travel guides, personal reflections, and creative endeavors.

Inspiring features: Move readers on an emotional level. The blog’s authentic and heartfelt writing evokes a sense of connection and belonging.

Main source of income: Affiliate marketing, own shop, and collaborations.

Brooklyn, I'm Trying Lifestyle Blog Website

Brooklyn, I’m Trying is a passion project that began as a weekly email to a select group of individuals outlining social plans for the weekend. However, as the email started to gain traction and attract a wider audience, the creator realized the potential of sharing his experiences and recommendations on a larger scale.

Driven by the desire to move and inspire others, Brooklyn, I’m Trying seeks to uncover hidden gems within the city, showcasing its lesser-known wonders to readers.

The author’s journey is intertwined with the blog’s evolution. Late nights spent writing, moments of reflection from fashion houses, and deciding to quit a job to pursue writing and bartending all contributed to creating this best lifestyle blog.

Example 19: Momtrends – Empowering moms, inspiring lives topics

Topics covered: Fashion, travel, motherhood, living, and home.

Inspiring feature: Lifting new moms up.

Main source of income: Brand partnerships, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and own shop. 

Momtrends Lifestyle Blog Website

Next on our list of lifestyle blog examples is Momtrends, which stands as an empowering example for modern moms. By covering an array of topics, including fashion, travel, motherhood, living, and home, Momtrends offers a comprehensive resource that inspires and supports moms in their journey of motherhood.

This blog aims to help women lead fulfilling lives while embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood.

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Example 20: Style By Emily Henderson – Design, style, and home inspiration

Topics covered: Design inspiration, style tips, and home decor ideas.

Inspiring feature: Transform homes with practical design tips and stunning before-and-after makeovers.

Main source of income: Sponsored collaborations with brands, design consultations, and product endorsements. 

Style by Emily Henderson Lifestyle Blog Website

Style by Emily Henderson is another example of a lifestyle blog that invites readers into the world of design, style, and home inspiration. The blog showcases Emily’s impeccable taste and design expertise, providing readers with practical tips and creative ideas to transform their homes. 

The blog features stunning before-and-after makeovers, insightful design guides, and a behind-the-scenes look at Emily’s design process, inspiring readers to unleash their creativity.

Example 21: Art Of Living – Stress reliever and personal developer

Topics covered:  Breathwork, meditation, stress relief, personal development, and holistic well-being.

Inspiring feature: Transforming lives through breathwork and meditation.

Main source of income: Course fees and donations.

Art of Living Lifestyle Blog Website

Last on our list of lifestyle blog examples is Art of Living, founded by Gurudev, which offers a transformative journey of ancient wisdom and modern science, empowering individuals to celebrate life through the power of breathwork and meditation. 

With evidence-based practices like SKY Breath Meditation and a wealth of independent studies showcasing its benefits, such lifestyle blog examples provide a path to relieve stress, boost energy, and cultivate inner peace.


In 2023, lifestyle blogging witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity, with inspiring lifestyle blogs captivating audiences worldwide. These examples of lifestyle blogs served as an oasis of authentic storytelling, expert insights, and a diverse array of topics that resonated with readers across the globe.

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