Nitropack Alternative – 10Web Booster | Features and Pricing Comparison

The success of your website can be decided within seconds, that is, the seconds it takes for your website to load. Websites that take 3 seconds or longer to properly load, lose about 53% of their visitors, while a 100-millisecond delay can reduce conversion by 7 percent – talk about bad first impressions. Website speed speaks lengths about professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness, and edge in the industry, all within seconds; not to mention its direct link to Google ranking, bounce rate, user satisfaction, and conversion rate. Luckily, there are world-class speed optimization solutions that improve site speed, ensuring loading in seconds. Two such services for WordPress websites are Nitropack and Nitropack-alternative 10Web Booster. Let’s explore and compare their features and performance.

What is Nitropack and how does Nitropack work?

Nitropack is an all-in-one, cloud-based performance optimization solution or CDN+Cache plugin, developed for high-volume e-commerce retailers. It works with systems like OpenCart, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. Nitropack stores the entire website assets in the cloud CDN to enhance Pagespeed scores, but it may lower CLS and LCP if used incorrectly.

What are the key NitroPack features for WordPress?

Caching Plugin

Nitropack offers caching mechanism functionality, such as smart cache invalidation, device and cookie-aware caching functionality, session-aware, and browser-aware caching, all of which ensure a high cache hit ratio.

Image Optimization

Nitropack ensures lossy and lossless image compression and provides advanced lazy load, including background images defined in CSS. It also uses preemptive and adaptive image resizing, adjusting image size according to viewport dimensions.

JS, CSS, HTML Minification and Compression

Nitropack compresses and minifies the lengthy code taken up by Javascript, CSS and HTML to ensure a shorter load time.

Other Web Efficiency Features

Nitropack also utilizes aggressive settings to increase the site speed and page speed scores, and comes with a built-in-global CDN, enhancing the website’s efficiency.

What is 10Web Booster and how does 10Web Booster work?

10Web Booster is the leading automated speed optimization, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage plugin for performing frontend and backend optimization for WordPress websites of any difficulty and on any hosting. 10Web Booster is compatible with desktop and mobile versions. It offers free optimization of homepages and five inner pages of any complexity for up to ten websites. Its premium plans offer optimization of an unlimited number of pages. 10Web booster manages all the technical aspects in the background, allowing users to easily and quickly install and configure the plugin. 10Web Booster offers four optimization modes: Standard, Balanced, Strong, and Extreme.

What are the key 10Web Booster features for WordPress?


10Web booster uses page caching to cache everything from pages to feeds to 301-redirects on subdomains, decreasing load time.

Image Optimization

10Web Booster employs lossy compression to reduce image file size and ensures that images fit their containers through its container-specific image resizing. All images are also converted to WebP, reducing image size, while the original format is backed up to safeguard smooth operation within browsers that don’t support WebP.

Images, Videos and iFrames Lazy Loading

Lazy-loading means loading images, videos, and iFrames in real-time. Images, videos, and iFrames are loaded only when about to be in the view of website visitors, helping websites obtain a better LCP value.

Defer JS and CSS Execution

This Nitropack alternative also postpones the loading of non-critical resources and activates them once it detects user interaction. Above the fold content is made visible immediately through file load optimization via prioritization of important styles and scripts, in a non-blocking way.

JS Minification and Compression

10Web Booster utilizes code minification and code compression, meaning it eliminates extra spaces and comments within files, and shortens variable names to reduce load time and achieve speedy execution of JavaScript, one of the biggest speed reducers of websites.

CSS and HTML Minification and Compression

The minification and merger of CSS and HTML, executed by the Booster, means reducing file size, saving valuable resources, and boosting load time.

Critical CSS Generation

10Web Booster uses Critical CSS generation for every page and layout to improve the actual and perceived performance of the website. It separates CSS into critical and uncritical, loading those that are critical first, saving priceless seconds while also avoiding unacceptable Cumulative Layout Shifts.

Other Web Efficiency Features

Lastly, a font swap is used, which reduces and optimizes how web fonts load, giving an extra boost of speed to websites.

Backend Optimization

10Web Booster Pro, the paid speed optimization solution, provides backend optimization to improve overall website speed and performance. Backend optimization begins with a one-click automated migration to 10Web hosting on Google Cloud. 10Web Booster Pro uses Google Cloud Premium Tier Network to deliver GCP traffic over Google’s well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network. It also includes the newest MySQL version for a faster database and provides database optimization to maximize the speed and efficiency with which data returns. The newest version of MySQL also secures fast website speed, and strong security and performance. The backend optimization also uses the TTFB metric to measure the time from a web page’s initial request to the first byte of data returned and ensures a TTFB faster than 200ms, ​​improving overall server response time, user experience, and SEO. Its latest PHP Version improves code execution performance and speed, while 10Web hosting and subsequent features speed up WP Admin and dynamic pages, minimizing wait time and improving the overall experience.

Nitropack vs 10Web Booster: Features and Price Comparison

Product comparisons are made better with visual representation. The table below summarizes the offered features of Nitropack and Nitropack-alternative 10Web Booster.

NitroPack and 10Web Booster host unique speed-boosting features. While NitroPack is solely centered on speed optimization, 10Web Booster focuses on speed and website performance. 10 Web Booster Pro, its paid option, goes beyond the functionality of a plugin into the arena of hostings. Furthermore, Nitropack bases the possibility of websites reaching 90+ PageSpeed Score based on the condition of websites, making no promises on improved speed scores, while 10Web Booster guarantees automatic 90+ PageSpeed score for mobile and desktop once migrated to 10Web.​​

Functionality Nitropack 10Web Booster
CSS & HTML Minification & Compression
JS Minification and Compression
Defer JS and CSS Execution
Image Optimization
Critical CSS Generation
Image Lazyload
Font Swap
Conversion Image Format to WebP
iFrame and Video Lazyload
Container-specific Image Resizing
Delay JS until user-interaction
Cloudflare integration
DNS prefetching, preloading
Backend Optimization
Prevents website breaking

Not fully convinced which plugin is better suited for your website needs? This Pros and Cons list will do the trick.

Cons Pros
  • One website limit
  • Free plan is applicable only for low-traffic websites
  • Missing or defective features may occur due to the removal of source code sections from aggressive optimization
  • Takes longer to display frequently updated changes
  • Not compatible with certain plugins due to overlapping functionalities and/or technical restrictions
  • High cost
  • No agency discount for multiple websites
  • Nitropack free plan adds branding on the footer of websites
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Doesn’t rely on hosting for complex operations
  • 24/7 chat
  • White label CDN
10Web Booster
  • Free plan limited to homepage + 5 pages (no traffic limitations however)
  • Backend optimization works on 10Web hosting only
  • Not compatible with certain plugins due to overlapping functionalities and/or technical restrictions
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Guarantees 90+ PageSpeed score, optimized Core Web Vitals
  • Works on any hosting
  • Free plan has no traffic limitations
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Highly reliable and affordable solution
  • Does not break websites
  • Frontend and backend optimization with 10Web Booster Pro
  • No hidden costs for backend optimization with 10Web Booster Pro
  • 10Web Booster Pro includes all 10Web platform features
  • ​​Agency discount (from 10$ to $6) per site for customers with 10+ websites

NitroPack Vs. NitroPack Alternative 10Web Booster: Pricing Comparison

Nitropack pricing comes in monthly and annual options. A free version is also available for websites with low monthly traffic.

The Business plan, ideal for smaller businesses, is available for a monthly rate of $17.50. The Grow plan is available for a monthly rate of $42.50. It is recommended for sites with more than 100,000 monthly visitors and 100GB per month CDN bandwidth. Lastly, the Scale plan reaches a monthly cost of $146.67 for websites with a million monthly users and 500GB per month in CDN bandwidth. Nitropack pricing is based on one website limit. Management of more than one website from the same account is not possible. A discount is available for those who choose the annual pricing option.

Nitropack Alternative - 10Web | Features and Pricing Comparison
The offers made by 10Web Booster packages are quite different, but by no means at a disadvantage. The 10Web Booster comes in two packages: Free and Pro. The Free 10Web Booster plugin provides frontend optimization of up to 10 website homepages and for each frontend optimization of 5 inner pages. The Free package also guarantees caching that returns a high cache hit ratio for all websites, improved Core Web Vitals, a 90+ PageSpeed score, and 24/7 Customer Care.

The 10Web Booster Pro, on the other hand, provides services for hosting and backend optimization benefits on 10Web’s AI-Powered WordPress Platform with no extra costs, including but not limited to, Google Cloud Premium Tier Network, TTFB faster than 200ms, the newest MySQL version, and the latest PHP Version.

Full website platform features are also provided with The 10Web Booster Pro at no extra cost including AI Website Builder and AI Assistant, User & Team Management services, real-time backups, malware removal program, white labeling, Drag & Drop Editor based on Elementor, and access to more than 30 Pro widgets.

10Web Booster Pro comes with the 10Web platform paid plans. The Personal plan has full optimization of all pages of one website and/or hosting one website for $10/month. The Premium plan offers full optimization of all pages of three websites and/or hosting three websites for $24/month, which comes down to $8 per website. Lastly, the Agency plan provides full optimization of all pages of ten websites and/or hosting ten websites for $60/month, equaling $6 per website.

In comparison to Nitropack which has higher tiers per site, 10Web offers a flat rate of $10 per month per website with savings for customers with subscriptions for multiple sites. Customers with more than 10 sites receive custom pricing with greater savings.

Nitropack Alternative - 10Web | Features and Pricing Comparison

Standard Mode
  • CSS & HTML Minification & Compression
  • Page Cache
  • JS Minification and Compression
  • Image Optimization
  • Image Lazy load
  • Font Swap
  • Conversion Image Format to WebP
  • iFrame and Video Lazy load
  • Container-specific Image Resizing
Balanced Mode
  • Standard Mode
  • + Critical CSS Generation
Strong Mode
  • Standard Mode
  • + All JS Delay
Extreme Mode
  • Standard mode
  • + Critical CSS Generation
  • + All JS Delay
Frontend Speed Optimization Backend Speed Optimization
with 10Web Automated Hosting
  • Page and image optimization for all websites
  • Customized optimization modes for individual pages
  • Access to 24/7 live chat support
  • TTFB faster than 200ms
  • Server performance acceleration
  • WordPress performance booster
  • Up-to-date PHP & MySQL versions
  • Faster WP-Admin & dynamic pages
  • Google Cloud Partner hosting
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Automated real-time backups
  • Automated free SSL certificates

NitroPack Vs. NitroPack Alternative 10Web Booster: UX Comparison

Nitropack and 10Web Booster plugins are developed to improve user experience on websites through speed optimization, but they have also been developed with website creators’ ease-of-use and management in mind. These easy-to-install and easy-to-manage plugins are equally friendly and do not demand any coding skills for setup or configuration. Tutorials and pop-up panels and demos are seconds away to assist with any difficulties. 10Web Booster also offers 24/7 live chat in case an extra human touch is needed.

Nitropack free plan does come with a branding on the footer of the website, which has been another major customer complaint and inconvenience. Furthermore, adding multiple websites to an account proves difficult to achieve through Nitropack. While Nitropack is ideal for WordPress sites, it can degrade some functionality of custom-coded websites. Additionally, Nitropack users have revealed that occasional website glitches may occur due to the plugin.

NitroPack Vs. NitroPack Alternative 10Web Booster: Performance Comparison

Nitropack and 10Web Booster employ powerful features to get the job done. While Nitropack centers around aggressive settings to raise website speed and increase page speed score, 10Web Booster is tailored for A-Z performance optimization, taking sites to the top 1% of the fastest loading sites (90+ PageSpeed scores), and ultimately enhances the visitors’ user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates.

Nitropack and 10Web Booster plugins were also tested for their performance. The settings of each plugin were turned to the highest possible level without breaking the website. The table below illustrates the performance of the plugins hosted on 10Web. 10Web Booster outperformed Nitropack (and WP Rocket) plugin with a mobile score of 93 and desktop score of 100.

NitroPack Vs. NitroPack Alternative 10Web Booster: Support Comparison

Support is an essential component for any plugin, as it can directly translate to functionality and delivery of services. Nitropack hosts a help center primarily with articles, tutorials, and published guides. Customers can also access help through chat messaging to address their questions. Likewise, 10Web Booster offers articles, tutorials, demos, and published guides, but hits the home run with 24/7 live chat support to ensure smooth operation of 10Web Booster and optimization of websites. 10Web also takes pride in its NPS with chat satisfaction of 98% and ticket satisfaction of 82% for June 2022.

Nitropack Alternative - 10Web | Features and Pricing Comparison

Nitropack reviews and ratings on Trustpilot fall slightly below that of 10Web with an overall score of 4.6 compared to a score of 4.9 given to 10Web. 10Web also ranks higher based on the number of reviewers and its “excellent” rate of 93%. Nitropacks reviewers mainly mentioned high price, service support delays or non-responsiveness, and occasional glitches as reasons for lower ratings.

To summarize the comparison, Nitropack and 10Web Booster are both speed optimization plugins with similar techniques of speed optimization. They work with different hostings and differ in features and efficiency and reliability of algorithms. Price differences are stark, while reviews show the strengths and room for improvements. 10Web Booster is part of the 10Web platform for building, optimizing, hosting, and managing sites automatically, and also ensures a wide range of solutions to enhance the overall website performance rather than just providing solutions inside the hosting server.

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