SiteGround Alternative: 10 Reasons to Choose 10Web

Are you looking for an alternative for SiteGround’s managed WordPress hosting services? Then you’ve hit the jackpot because we have the perfect one for you. This SiteGround alternative not only offers a similar level of quality but even outperforms SiteGround when it comes to certain qualities.

And as if this weren’t enough, our SiteGround alternative also comes at a much cheaper price.

As a WordPress hosting provider, SiteGround offers amazing services, there’s absolutely no arguing about that. But when it comes to SiteGround’s hosting infrastructure, website performance, elasticity, website design options and pricing, you’ll find that there’s definitely some room for improvement.

That’s where 10Web comes into play.

10Web, as a Google technology partner, provides a magnificent range of state-of-the-art features. Starting from our high-class security to our website speed optimization services, we’ve got all your needs covered, even when you yourself are not aware of them.

So without further ado, this is what’s coming at you.

  1. Infrastructure
  2. +95 PageSpeed Score
  3. One-Click Automated Migration
  4. Elastic Scaling
  5. Real-time Differential Backup
  6. Pricing
  7. Security Services
  8. All-in-One Website Builder
  9. Image Optimizer
  10. SEO Services

Let’s get right to it!


When it comes to choosing the right hosting provider, it all starts with the infrastructure.

In this department, 10Web shines as the better SiteGround alternative with its automated WordPress hosting that’s powered by Google cloud.

Cloud computing has been such a game changer for the website hosting world, based on the countless advantages it offers. Here are a few examples:

  • Higher speed performance and scalability through load balancing,
  • Security and administrative flexibility and independence thanks to containerization,
  • Better connectivity thanks to the distribution of several data centers around the globe, taking the world wide web onto a whole different level.

The list goes on and on. Not to put this rave to an end, but rather to paint a clearer picture, let’s take a look at how being powered by Google cloud hosting has benefited 10Web:

  • To ensure a state-of-the-art infrastructure, we’re using the latest generation of Google Cloud’s servers. So, with us, you never have to worry about lagging behind.
  • Additionally, using Google Cloud’s SSD storage allows us to keep latency down to a minimum, while keeping the performance level high at all times.
  • By providing our users with an LXD container, we basically offer operating system-level virtualization. Translation: You’ll be isolated from other users that share the same servers, i.e. resources with you. This way we ensure higher security levels, more flexibility and independence when it comes to managing your resources, protect you from bad neighborhood effects, and consequently enhance your performance.
  • With Nginx and FastCGI caching we ensure low memory usage and a high concurrency level. We’re perfectly equipped to ensure a high performance under high traffic!
  • We’re further pushing the performance of our users by using the latest version of PHP (currently, it’s 7.4).

As for SiteGround, while the hosting provider has announced that they’re planning a move towards Google Cloud as well, the fact they’ve waited so long to make this move speaks for itself.

This being said, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and carefully watch when and how this plan is put into motion.

To end this section on a positive note: SiteGround offers data centers on 4 continents and provides 100% renewable energy match. So does 10Web, by the way, but as avid advocates for environmental protection, we’re always happy to observe and support environmentally friendly approaches within our industry.

90+ PageSpeed Score

Another thing to look for in a SiteGround alternative is website speed optimization.

Don’t worry, though, we’ll spare you a lecture about how crucial website speed is for your website, especially in terms of enhancing your SERP ranking, which in turn will impact your conversion rates.

Mostly because we feel that, by now, most website owners have understood the message. And partially, because I, the refreshingly humble writer of this article, have far more important information to share with you.

For example, did you know that every user that migrates his or her website to 10Web automatically receives a 90+ PageSpeed score? It’s not just an empty promise, we, at 10Web, are men and women of our words.

But just in case there are some skeptics reading this and questioning the integrity of our services, we’d like to warmly welcome you to check our platform yourself. That’s what our free trial without any credit card requirement is for. Use it and if you’re not convinced, you’re free to leave it.

For those who already have a website, here’s what to do:

  • Go to our WordPress Speed Optimization page and enter your website’s URL. That way you can see how your website is doing. A PageSpeed score of 90-100 means that you’re doing great and don’t need our help. But to those who score beneath 90: you can do better! Here’s how:
  • Sign up for 10Web and install our 10Web Manager plugin. We’ll create a copy of your website, optimize the copy, and send it back to you. As you see, the original version of your website will stay in its original form. The changes we’ll make is on the website copy we’ve created. So don’t hesitate making use of this opportunity.

In a nutshell, it’s the combination of this website speed optimization service and our top-notch infrastructure that make it possible for us to not only guarantee a 90+ PageSpeed score but to also uphold this promise.

In comparison, SiteGround has a software stack optimized for speed, but lacks the website optimization service that to this day remains a feature that’s unique to 10Web and 10Web only. This, inevitably, makes us the best SiteGround alternative.

One-Click Automated Migration

2 browsers, arrows going from one to the other

In order to be able to explore the option of a SiteGround alternative, an easy and affordable migration service is of great value.

We, at 10Web, can fully understand that the decision to change hosts isn’t always easy. There’s really no need for the added burden of a complex and pricey migration process. It would definitely make you think twice about changing hosts and exploring your options.

That’s why 10Web offers their customers two things:

  • Free migration
  • Automated 1-click migration

This way you won’t have to put any kind of effort into taking care of the technical aspects of this process. The only thing you have to do is copy and paste your current website’s URL and select a data center location. In a matter of minutes your site will be connected to 10Web. An added bonus is that you won’t have to worry about increased expenditure.

Elastic Scaling

cloud getting bigger in size

Scaling, scalability, elasticity or whatever people see fit to call it, refers to a hosting provider’s ability to scale the resources available to you according to your current demand.

The purpose of scaling is to ensure that a website isn’t negatively affected when it experiences an unexpected surge in traffic.

When it comes to scalability, SiteGround could do better. Currently, they have a so-called “CPU seconds per account”, alias a monthly allowance. What it does is it puts a limit on the resources your website is allowed per month.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, should you happen to exceed this limit regularly, you run the risk of getting your site put on hold until you reach the next month and your monthly allowance resets.

10Web, on the other hand, has great scalability, which makes it a great alternative to SiteGround. With 10Web, there’s no need to worry about potential spikes in traffic, because we will always meet your current demand for resources.

Should your site experience a traffic increase within the range of 2K to 200K visitors, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we ensure that your site doesn’t go down, we also guarantee that it will not lose performance.

And don’t worry, just because we’ll meet your demand doesn’t mean that we’ll automatically upgrade your plan without your permission. Those are two different things.

Increasing the amount of resources available to you means that for extra 10K visitors and for extra 5GB SSD storage use, you’ll be charged an extra $2 at the end of the billing month.

Should you, however, come to the conclusion that you’re having traffic spikes because your business is growing, then feel free to contact us and ask for an upgrade. We’ll automatically adjust your tariff for you.

Real-time Differential Backup

10web dashboard displaying backup feature

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the digital age it’s the importance of a good backup system. Whether it’s seminar papers for your studies, vacation pictures, home videos, work-related documents or website content, you always have to make sure to backup. Otherwise you risk losing valuable data. There’s no way around that!

People tend to underestimate this aspect because they overestimate the control they have over technical processes that can lead to system failure, whether because of simple human error or a hacker or third-party code.

Of course, you can always roughly estimate the likelihood of certain incidents occurring.


Likelihood isn’t a known fact. For that reason you shouldn’t leave the state of your valuable data to chance.

When it comes to backups, SiteGround allows its users to keep their data stored for up to 30 days. You have the option of storing your whole website or just certain parts of it, like files, databases or emails.

You will also have this option with our designated SiteGround alternative, 10Web. But what 10Web offers and SiteGround doesn’t is a real-time differential backup service. By real-time we mean that you have the option of scheduling your backups on an hourly basis.

And by differential we mean that only the recent changes made after that last full backup will be saved. Plus, you can always restore data from the last 1000 backup points.

The offer that our customers can schedule automatic backups goes for all our plans. Your data will be stored safely in AWS S3.


For some, choosing the best SiteGround alternative is closely linked to finding a hosting provider that offers a better price-performance ratio. Especially in the hosting industry, this can be a tricky thing.

From one side you’ll hear that shared hosting is the best hosting option because it’s the cheapest option there is. From another you’ll hear that dedicated hosting is better because it allows for more liberties, albeit at a much higher cost.

While we find that low prices shouldn’t be the only advantage a hosting provider has to offer, we do understand the importance of affordability. That’s why we included it in our list of elements to look for in a hosting provider.

When it comes to the pricing structures of the two hosting providers, you’ll find that higher prices don’t necessarily mean higher quality. Let’s have a look.

The StartUp plan starts at $11.95 per month and includes the following: 1 website, 10GB cloud storage, 10K monthly visits, free WP migrator, free SSL, free CDN, 100% renewable energy match.

Not let’s contrast this with the SiteGround alternative of our choice: 10Web’s Personal plan targets small businesses or blogs and costs $10 a month. This price can go as low as $6, depending on how many websites you manage on 10Web. This is what this plan includes:

1 hosted website, 10GB SSD and 20GB cloud storage, 25K monthly visitors, free automatic migration, free SSL, website builder based on Elementor, 30+ premium widgets, 50+ premium plugins as well as 100% renewable energy match.

So, as you see, with 10Web, you’ll pay less for more. And this is only a small fraction of what we offer. Again we highly encourage you to take a look and see for yourself if 10Web is truly the most suitable SiteGround alternative for you. That’s what the non-binding free trial, with no credit card requirement is for!

Security Services

security logo

Of course, you don’t need us to tell you how important security is for running a successful and profitable website. A lack of proper website protection is hands down the easiest and fastest way to lose your good reputation. So let us tell you what the two hosting providers offer.

SiteGround’s security efforts are based on the 4 following elements:

  • Real-time server health checks,
  • Smart WAF to protect your website from exploits,
  • AI anti-bot against malicious traffic,
  • A 24/7 system administration team.

Here’s what 10Web’s security service has to offer:

  • Built-in login number limitation,
  • DDoS protection,
  • Vulnerabilities and file change scans,
  • Constant installation of the newest patches and updates,
  • Fast and full restoration of hacked websites,
  • 24/7 customer support.

As you can see, your website’s security is a priority for us, which not only makes us a great alternative to SiteGround but also a safe one. We are always thinking about new ways to minimize and hopefully eliminate the risk of a security threat.

All-in-One Website Builder

Now here’s something that you most probably won’t find elsewhere that coincidentally makes us the ultimate SiteGround alternative: our website builder based on Elementor.

Newcomers to the tech world, listen up, because this one’s for you:

You can create, customize and change your website via drag-and-drop, with just a few clicks. This way we spare you the excruciating and time-consuming task of writing code.

On top of this, our 40+ designer-made and mobile-friendly templates will provide you a variety of design options for your site. You don’t have to be a tech expert to have your site look professional.

And the cherry on top of this is that we also provide you with 50+ premium plugins, most of which are free. Those plugins will come in handy if you decide that you

  • need to take additional security measures,
  • want to increase your SEO ranking,
  • want to add features such as a comment section, social media signals, email subscription, etc.

Ultimately, this will allow you to run your website professionally and at the same time save unnecessary expenditure. By having these high-quality items at your disposal you

  • won’t need to hire IT experts to run your site for you, and
  • won’t have any additional or hidden costs that you’ll be facing whenever you decide to make use of extension features.

Having these gems included in our hosting packages especially comes in handy for agencies and freelancers who are making use of our white labeling option. Meaning, they offer 10Web’s services to their clients under their own brand. That way they can offer a wide variety of features that their customers most probably won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Still not sure if we’re the best SiteGround alternative for you? No problem, now let’s see what you think about this:

Image Optimizer

browser displaying original and optimized version of an image

Let’s start this section off by stating the following: in order to professionalize you first need to optimize. Doesn’t make sense to you, does it? Yeah, okay, busted – we were just trying to go for a rhyme.

Moving on from this tragic attempt at comedy, the actual message is that image optimization is a crucial part of ensuring high website performance.

I’m sure most of you can understand how frustrating it can be to visit a website only to wait for a long time for the images to load. This was maybe acceptable in the 90s or early 2000s.

In the day and age of smartphones and Generation Z, we guarantee you that people are merciless when they’re faced with high latency. And not to state the obvious, but losing visitors can have serious consequences for your business.

That’s why 10Web as a worthy SiteGround alternative offers an image optimizer that will automatically enhance the images uploaded to your WordPress through up to 90% image compression without quality loss.

What does that get you? Easy, 10 times lighter images, resulting in a 3 times faster website.

For those of you wondering why this section, like the previous one, lacks a comparison with SiteGroud: we hate to break this to you, but SiteGround doesn’t offer this type of service.

SEO Services

Another feature that SiteGround doesn’t offer is our search engine optimization (SEO) service.

SEO is an important part of running a website for every type of website owner. Whatever website content you’re creating you’ll probably want to share it with a specific group of audience (except for the highly individualistic people out there, who are creating things for the sake of creation or for themselves – but that’s a whole different story).

As a way of reaching your audience, you can rely on some SEO rules to ensure that your website ranks high on the search engine results page.

There are a lot of elements that go into building a solid and efficient SEO strategy. Some companies even hire SEO specialists to take care of this task, which should tell you how important it is.

If you’re not acquainted with the SEO principles, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this article. It will help you create a good SEO strategy.

We, as a viable SiteGround alternative, offer our customers an SEO service that includes custom metadata, XML Sitemap, canonical URLs, search analytics, Redirects, and so on. In addition to that, we offer URL optimization, which will make sure that your URL has the perfect length.

All of this will significantly increase your visibility on search engines and subsequently your conversion rate.

Now that we’ve done our part, we can sit back, relax and kindly throw the ball back into your court. Would you consider 10Web the ideal SiteGround alternative or do you have other recommendations? And if you’ve used or are currently using SiteGround’s hosting services, care to share with us your experiences – the good and the bad? Make yourself heard, share your thoughts, and leave a comment!

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