Hostinger AI Website Builder Review

The Hostinger AI Website Builder simplifies website building. It works for users of all skill levels. It uses generative AI to create websites. The websites are not just visually appealing but also tailored to your business or personal brand.

4.4 out of 5 stars
Key features
  • Drag-and-drop Editor
  • AI powered design
  • Responsive templates
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • check150+ Templates
  • checkMany AI Features
  • checkAffordable pricing
  • closeNo Free plan
  • closeLimited Ecommerce
  • closeLimited customization

In this detailed review, we will look at the features, editing capabilities, and pricing of Hostinger AI Website Builder. We will assess how well the Hostinger AI Website Builder works and whether it meets today’s fast-paced digital world.


Is Hostinger website builder free?

No, the Hostinger website builder is not free. They do not offer a free plan, but they provide a range of paid plans that include website building along with web hosting services.

Is Hostinger a good website builder?

Yes, Hostinger is considered a good website builder for those looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. It’s particularly well-suited for beginners and those who want to quickly set up a professional-looking website without extensive technical knowledge.

Which is better, Hostinger Builder or WordPress?

The choice between Hostinger Builder and WordPress depends on your needs and expertise. Hostinger Builder is better for beginners and those looking for a simpler, more streamlined experience. WordPress offers more flexibility and customization options but has a steeper learning curve. If you need ease of use and quick setup, go with Hostinger. If you require extensive customization and control, WordPress is the better choice.

How to switch from Hostinger website builder to WordPress?

According to Hostinger’s official help center, if you’re moving from Hostinger’s website builder to WordPress, the recommended approach is to delete your existing website and start from scratch. However, this doesn’t mean losing all your work. You can use 10Web AI Builder to recreate your website on WordPress without losing any data.

Hostinger Website Builder demo

Generating a website via Hostinger AI Website Builder is a simple and quick process. You need to input a brand name, select a business type, and describe your business. It works for ecommerce, blogs, or professional portfolios. It is beneficial for a wide range of users.


Hostinger AI Website Builder prioritizes mobile responsiveness with automatic mobile optimization, a mobile editing preview for real-time adjustments, and touch-friendly interactions. Additionally, performance optimization includes automatic image compression and code minification to ensure fast loading and optimal performance on various devices, emphasizing a seamless user experience in the mobile-first landscape.

Hostinger Website Builder templates

With Hostinger Website Builder, you have access to an extensive library of over 150 professionally designed templates, covering a variety of industries and purposes.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Hostinger offers the innovative option to generate a custom template via AI based on a prompt you provide. This feature allows you to start with a page that aligns closely with your vision.

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How to use Hostinger Website Builder

Adding elements

The Hostinger AI Website Builder is designed with a drag-and-drop editor. It allows users to edit their web pages by adding various elements such as text boxes, images, videos, buttons, and more. This can be done by simply dragging them from the menu and dropping them into the desired location.

The flexibility of this editor ensures that users can effortlessly customize their site’s layout and content according to their preferences and needs without any coding skills.

Adding sections

Users have the option to enhance their pages by adding new sections. This can be done either by selecting from a range of pre-designed section templates or by generating unique sections using AI prompts. This feature simplifies the process of structuring the website, allowing for quick and effective layout design while ensuring the content remains organized and visually appealing.

Styles and fonts

With the Hostinger AI Website Builder, changing the aesthetic elements of a website is straightforward. Users can easily modify the colors, fonts, button styles, and animations to better align with their brand identity or personal preferences. This level of customization enables a more personalized and distinctive website appearance, ensuring that each site stands out and resonates with its intended audience.



The Hostinger AI Website Builder’s blog feature allows you to create, schedule, and publish blog posts with ease. It comes with a default simple blog post template, which you can customize by adding different sections to make each post unique.

Just like traditional blogging platforms, posts can be kept as drafts, scheduled for later, or published immediately. You have the flexibility to edit the post’s author, slug, title, and description, and you can also set the publication date. Each post can feature an image and be categorized to help organize your content.

The platform offers an additional AI-powered feature for generating blog posts. You can set the tone of voice, choose the length, and provide a prompt to generate a starting point for your content. While the quality of the AI-generated text may not be perfect, it can serve as a helpful start for your blog posts.

Form submission

Hostinger AI Website Builder allows users to integrate subscription and contact forms into their web pages, enhancing engagement and communication with visitors. These elements can be easily added to any part of the website and customized to match the site’s design and user needs.

Users can modify the fields of each form, allowing for the collection of different types of information, depending on the form’s purpose. Once a form is submitted by a visitor, all the information captured is visible in the Form Submission dashboard.


Hostinger AI Website Builder incorporates a built-in analytics tool, providing detailed insights into your website’s visitor demographics. This feature enables you to analyze traffic patterns and customize your content to better suit your audience’s preferences.

Traffic overview becomes available one hour after publication and is updated every 24 hours.

The analytics provides insights about:

  • Traffic over time: Monitor how visitor engagement evolves on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Visitor demographics: Discover the geographic locations of your visitors to tailor your content for a global or local audience.
  • Device usage: Understand whether your audience prefers accessing your site via desktop or mobile, helping you optimize for the best user experience.

The analytics tool provides insights into both total sessions (including those by search engine bots) and unique visitor counts. Hostinger’s Analytics tool gathers data through Cloudflare CDN without relying on cookies or third-party integrations.


The SEO feature provided by Hostinger’s AI Website Builder offers basic yet essential functionalities for optimizing your website for search engines. It allows you to easily add meta titles, descriptions, and keywords to your web pages, which are crucial for improving your site’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The platform includes an SEO checklist to guide you through basic optimization tasks, such as ensuring proper use of headings and checking for SEO-friendly content structure. This checklist acts as a roadmap for implementing foundational SEO practices on your site.

Multilanguage support

The Multilanguage feature in Hostinger’s AI Website Builder empowers you to create a global-friendly website by allowing the addition of multiple languages. It is easy to add another language, you simply select the desired languages from a dropdown menu within the builder interface.

Once selected, the system automatically integrates a language dropdown into your website’s header menu, providing visitors the flexibility to choose their preferred language. It duplicates your existing pages for each new language added, creating separate versions of the same pages. This setup allows you to maintain a consistent layout across different languages while giving you the freedom to customize the content and menu items for each language version.


The Ecommerce feature in Hostinger’s AI Website Builder allows you to create an online store with up to 500 product listings, including product variations. You can integrate more than 20 payment methods, such as PayPal and Stripe, facilitating diverse payment options for your customers. While Hostinger does not charge additional transaction fees, payment processors like Stripe may apply their processing fees.

In terms of customer interaction, the system is equipped to automatically send emails for orders and bookings, ensuring your customers are always informed about their transaction status. This streamlines communication and enhances the customer experience.

The Hostinger AI Website Builder Ecommerce features are limited compared to specialized ecommerce platforms. The platform doesn’t provide a unique ecommerce plan and lacks advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery. Managing your store might require toggling between separate dashboards for website and store management, which can be cumbersome.

Despite these drawbacks, Hostinger is still suitable for small to midsize businesses starting out in ecommerce. The process of adding new products is straightforward, aided by intuitive prompts and forms. If your business requires handling a large inventory or advanced ecommerce capabilities, you might want to explore alternative solutions that better cater to expansive online store needs.


Hostinger’s AI Website Builder might not boast a vast app market or an extensive list of third-party integrations compared to some competitors. However, it effectively covers the essentials, ensuring users have access to the most crucial functionalities needed for a robust online presence.

The platform supports key integrations that cater to analytics, social media, advertising, and customer engagement. These include Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, Messenger Live Chat, Google Tag Manager, WhatsApp, Google AdSense, and Google AdMob. This selection ensures you can track website performance, engage with customers directly, and monetize your site effectively.

Additionally, you to add custom code which provides significant flexibility, particularly for business owners looking to add unique features, track specific user actions, or integrate with systems not natively supported by the platform.


The platform includes a backup feature that allows you to safeguard your website data. This function enables you to create backups of your site and store them securely. You can restore these backups to recover your website’s previous version.


The AI Website Builder from Hostinger comes with hosting that includes unmetered traffic. This means there is no limit on the amount of data your website can transfer, offering unlimited GB of bandwidth. This feature ensures that your website can handle high levels of traffic without facing any restrictions or additional fees, providing a seamless experience for both you and your visitors.

AI features

AI Image Generator

The AI Image Generator feature in Hostinger AI Website Builder allows you to create unique images based on the textual prompts you provide. Simply enter a prompt, choose a style from the available options, and the tool will generate four distinct images.

If the results aren’t quite what you were looking for, you have the option to regenerate the images with the same inputs or start fresh with a new prompt and style. This tool offers a straightforward way to produce custom visuals tailored to your website’s needs.

AI Logo Maker

The AI Logo Maker within the Hostinger AI Website Builder simplifies the process of creating a logo for your brand. By inputting a prompt related to your business, the tool generates four different logo variations. This provides a starting point from which you can choose your favorite design.

Once selected, you have the flexibility to edit the logo further, adjusting fonts and the structure to better match your brand’s identity. With a bit of customization and creativity, you can refine these designs into something unique and fitting for your business.

AI Writer

The AI Writer is a powerful tool designed to streamline content creation for your website. By simply selecting a topic and category, users can generate text tailored to their specific needs.

This functionality is particularly beneficial for quickly filling new websites with starter content or finding inspiration for blog posts and service descriptions. While the AI-generated content provides a solid foundation, users might need to tweak it to perfectly match their brand’s tone and style, ensuring the final output resonates with their target audience.

AI Blog Generator

With AI Blog Writer you can create blog posts in a matter of minutes. Just input a topic, select the tone, and set the word count. This feature generates a base draft for your blog, which you can then refine to match your brand’s voice.

AI Heatmap

The tool shows you where people are likely to look on your website. It helps you decide where to put important stuff like messages or buttons so more people see them. This tool guesses where visitors will look without needing any personal info, making your website better for visitors and helping you get more responses or sales.

AI Page Generator

As already mentioned, the AI Page generator allows you to generate new pages based on the prompt. The generated pages are editable and can be tweaked to meet your needs.


Hostinger does not offer a free plan.
The paid plan combines website building with web hosting and includes essential features like SEO support and a free domain, among others, making it a comprehensive package for users.

Pricing details

The monthly prices for the AI Website Builder and Web Hosting plan are:

Commitment Monthly Price
Monthly 11.99$ / month
12 Months 3.19$ / month
24 Months 3.09$ / month
48 Months 2.99$ / month

Renewal prices

It is important to note that renewal prices in Hostinger AI Website Builder are different than purchase prices. It’s important to be prepared for these price adjustments upon renewal.

Commitment Monthly Price
Monthly 11.99$ / month
12 Months 9.99$ / month
24 Months 7.99$ / month
48 Months 6.99$ / month

Although Hostinger doesn’t offer advanced plans for scaling businesses or a free trial for new users, a 30-day money-back guarantee provides some security. 

Is Hostinger Website Builder good for you?

Business users

For those running a business, Hostinger AI Website Builder offers some compelling features. The AI heatmap, for example, is a standout tool that helps identify where customers spend most time on your site, which can be invaluable for optimizing user experience and conversion rates.

However, it’s important to note that Hostinger’s singular plan and the absence of an extensive app marketplace could pose limitations for scalability. If you’re aiming to grow your online business significantly, Hostinger might serve as a solid starting point but may not be the best long-term solution.

Personal websites

If you’re looking to build a personal website, Hostinger’s affordability, simplicity, and speed make it a strong contender. The platform’s basic editor and minimalist design options are well-suited for sites that aim to present information succinctly or showcase portfolios.

While platforms like Squarespace might offer more advanced features for personal websites, Hostinger is an excellent choice for users who prefer simplicity and cost-effectiveness.


Hostinger offers basic functionalities for blogging, such as creating, scheduling, and reviewing posts. However, it might not match the comprehensive features provided by platforms like WordPress, which is widely regarded as the top choice for dedicated bloggers.

Hostinger could be ideal for websites where blogging is a complementary feature rather than the main focus, offering a simple solution for integrating blog content without the need for extensive blogging tools.

Hostinger Website Builder vs WordPress

When comparing Hostinger Website Builder to WordPress, it’s important to consider your needs and skills. Hostinger offers a more straightforward, user-friendly approach. It’s ideal for beginners or those who want to get a website up and running quickly without dealing with technical details.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a powerful platform known for its flexibility and wide range of features. It’s perfect for users who want full control over their website’s customization and are willing to navigate a steeper learning curve.

Choose Hostinger if you prefer an all-in-one, user-friendly approach. Opt for WordPress if you seek extensive customization and have the technical knowledge or resources to manage a more complex platform.

Hostinger Website Builder vs 10Web AI Builder

When comparing Hostinger Website Builder with 10Web AI Builder, both platforms cater to different user needs, but there are significant advantages to considering 10Web, especially for those who value flexibility without sacrificing ease of use.

Like Hostinger, 10Web AI Builder offers an intuitive, user-friendly approach perfect for beginners. However, 10Web steps ahead by leveraging the power of WordPress, providing users with the ultimate flexibility and an extensive range of features without the typical complexities.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform but don’t want to compromise on the power and flexibility of your website, 10Web AI Builder is an excellent choice.

Get a head start on website creation with AI

Create a custom website tailored to your business needs 10X faster with 10Web AI Website Builder!

No credit card required


Hostinger AI Website Builder is best suited for users looking for an easy and quick way to get started with a personal site, a small online business, or a website that includes a blog as an additional feature. Its ease of use and cost-effectiveness are significant advantages, although potential limitations in scalability and specialized blogging tools suggest it may not be the best fit for everyone.

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